DIRT 5 DLC Coming This Year, With "Free Content for All Players"

Since DIRT 5 launched in November, things have been a little quiet on the post-launch goodies front. Although Codemasters has been hard at work fixing some of the game’s issues,… Read More »

DIRT 5 Major Update to Bring Wheel Support, Tweaks, and Fixes

DIRT 5 8 Dec 4, 2020 by Andrew Evans

It’s just over a month since DIRT 5 launched, but Codemasters has been hard at work refining the title. In fact, the studio has rolled out so many changes that… Read More »

How DIRT 5 Uses PlayStation 5's Next-Gen Features

DIRT 5 8 Nov 6, 2020 by Andrew Evans

Although DIRT 5 has launched this week — indeed today for many of you — on current-gen consoles, the game is coming to next-gen consoles as they also launch over… Read More »

DiRT 5 Review: Rough and Ready

DIRT 5 19 Nov 2, 2020 by Andrew Evans

It’s always exciting when a new racing game comes out, more so when it’s an entry in a long-running, fan-favorite series. Codemasters has been teasing us all through the summer… Read More »

DIRT 5 Multiplayer Modes Revealed: King, Vampire, Transporter

DIRT 5 6 Oct 23, 2020 by Andrew Evans

The information torrent from Codemasters on November’s DIRT 5 continues, with the developer revealing more about the game’s online multiplayer. As you’d expect, there’s a regular online offering, allowing you… Read More »

DIRT 5 Complete Car List Revealed, Post-Launch Vehicle DLC Confirmed

DIRT 5 11 Oct 21, 2020 by Andrew Evans

In addition to revealing that DIRT 5 will be a PlayStation 5 launch title, Codemasters has now also confirmed the full car list. For now, there’s 63 cars, spread across… Read More »

DIRT 5 Confirmed as PlayStation 5 Launch Day Title

DIRT 5 4 Oct 21, 2020 by Andrew Evans

If you’re a racing game fan looking for some next-gen action on your new PlayStation 5 console, then we have some good news. Codemasters has now confirmed that the upcoming… Read More »

DIRT 5 Live Stream Today Includes Career Mode First Look

DIRT 5 6 Oct 13, 2020 by Andrew Evans

We’ve been hearing plenty about DIRT 5‘s content recently. From cars and car classes to event types, game modes, and locations, it’s seemed like there’s a constant stream of information… Read More »

Latest DIRT 5 Preview Shows World Rallycross Cars and Italy Location

DIRT 5 7 Oct 8, 2020 by Andrew Evans

By this time next month we’ll probably be playing DIRT 5 for ourselves. With that November 6 launch date just around the corner, Codemasters is continuing to release new footage… Read More »

DIRT 5 Teaser Video Shows Rally Raid and China Location

DIRT 5 1 Oct 2, 2020 by Andrew Evans

There’s five weeks to go until DIRT 5 launches on current-gen consoles and PC, and the content reveal keeps on coming. We’ve seen several clips of the game over the… Read More »

Latest DIRT 5 Video Features Golden-Age Rally Cars in Ultra Cross Event

DIRT 5 2 Sep 28, 2020 by Andrew Evans

The DIRT 5 hype train continues this week, with another look at some of the content coming to current-gen consoles and PC on November 6. This week’s clip centers on… Read More »

DIRT 5 Details New Vampire Multiplayer Mode

DIRT 5 9 Sep 25, 2020 by Andrew Evans

Codemasters has revealed more information on DIRT 5‘s mysterious “Vampire” teased with last month’s Playgrounds unveiling. It transpires that it’s a new multiplayer mode, based on DIRT 3‘s Outbreak mode.… Read More »

New DIRT 5 Video Shows Dynamic Weather With a Desert Sandstorm

DIRT 5 4 Sep 18, 2020 by Andrew Evans

There’s a new clip available for the upcoming Dirt series title DIRT 5, again revealing more from the events, locations, and car list. We’ve seen these videos periodically throughout the… Read More »

New DIRT 5 Gameplay Video Shows Ice Racing With Group B Classics

DIRT 5 5 Sep 10, 2020 by Andrew Evans

If you’re still reeling a little from the bad news that DIRT 5 will be delayed by around three weeks, here’s something to cheer you up. The newest clip from… Read More »

DIRT 5 Delayed to November 6, With Next-Gen Consoles in Mind

DIRT 5 13 Sep 7, 2020 by Andrew Evans

Update: Following Microsoft’s announcement of the Xbox Series S and Series X launch date of November 10, Codemasters has confirmed that DIRT 5 will now be a day one launch… Read More »

DIRT 5 Playgrounds Lets You Build Custom Off-Road Arena Courses

DIRT 5 24 Aug 27, 2020 by Andrew Evans

We’ve been promised a new-to-series feature will be coming to DIRT 5 when it arrives this October, and today we’ve finally got a glimpse at it. It’s a new mode… Read More »