Do PD have a trojan horse inside sabotaging them?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by NixxxoN, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. NixxxoN

    NixxxoN (Banned)

    Probably thats the main reason for all these bugs appearing, they have zero testers, or almost zero testers
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  2. gambleboyen


    That's my take on it as well. Most of the bugs that have been introduced could be found with simple tests.
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  3. Griffith500


    They'd have to have tested "flipped transmissions" online and offline. As well as everything else they have to test.

    Testers aren't like normal players, by the way; they dont play the games like we do - in fact they don't (all) "play" at all. They follow recipes. Because what matters is reproducibility, and you can't reproduce anything if you don't know what steps you went through. "Just playing the game" introduces far too much noise for serious, methodical testing.

    It might seem trivial in this case, but for the more sinister issues, those steps absolutely must be recorded. Remember the tweet saying they could reproduce this new bug? It'll now be added to the list of recipes to test.

    The large proportion of testers in the credits aren't based at PD, so they may be running on a smaller in-house team for updates.