Do you want Endurance Race in Seasonal Events?

Discussion in 'GT5 Seasonal Events' started by GTdarjan, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. GTdarjan

    Croatia Krapina

    My suggestions are Spa-Francorchamp 6 Hours Endurance Race (there is changed Weather, but no Time) and Daytona 500 miles, A-spec of course!
  2. killer tiller

    Australia Sydney

    No thanks, done enough endurance races and only have the 2 24hr races to go and couldn't be bothered doing them lol
  3. i agree. i haven't done 9hrs either. too long.
  4. mcsimfan


    I haven't done any of the endurance races. They are the worst part of the game for me. I do like the idea of longer races, but around 1 hour is where I would draw the line. Anything over that I really lose interest. Even 1 hour would be too long if the race isn't close.
  5. Magik300


    2 hours mark would be the best for me.
  6. SlyckTires


  7. porthillking

    England England

    Maybe, i would do 500 miles of daytona, but definately not 6 hours of spa.
  8. Phoenix

    Norway Norway

    Endurance in seasonal events? No thanks...

    But new A-spec endurance races? Yes please! :dopey:
    Spa 24 hr. :D
  9. TheCracker

    South Korea North Korea

    Although i'd never bother competing in them, i think Seasonal endurance races would be a good idea. Especially if they were released to coincide with real life endurance events.
  10. TSTestPilot

    Aruba The Beach

    No...'nuff said.
  11. Cowboys965

    United States Connecticut

    Maybe FGT Indy 500? Daytona 500? LeMons?
  12. Rotorist

    Greece Patra

    Of course an endurance in SPA is welcomed. Since they don't integrate A-spec seasonals into GT-Life A-spec...
  13. Dumpy

    United States Austin, Tx, USA

  14. Thetruth28

    United States California

    nope, i dont even bother with the endurance races in A-spec. The shorter ones are fine but 9 hour, 24 hours, no thanks.
  15. JogoAsobi


    Same here.

    Although I would welcome some 20 lap races for the neglected FGTs, and Ferrari F1s on real past and present F1-rated circuits like Fujii, Monaco, Monza, Nurburgring, Suzuka, and Spa (excuse me if I forgot some). Indy Road, Daytona Road, and Nordschleife would be fun too.
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  16. swilso13

    Australia NSW

    No, same as the others, I tried to make it interesting for the 1000k's at Suzuka, but ended up a couple of laps in front and it was boring. Won't be doing the others.
  17. cbarbosa

    Portugal Lost...

    :tdown: Honestly no...

    But events like the B-Spec Sarthe/Spa with big payouts and Exp would be nice...
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  18. Patrick

    United States California

    Yes! That would be awesome!
  19. Emptyone

    United Kingdom Exeter

    Maybe if there were races from around the 45 minute to hour mark or perhaps and hour and a half, these providing they were close would provide something missing in A-Spec. Not really endurance races, but 20-30 lap races that are the intermediate between the short ones in normal seasonals and endurances in A-Spec. I would like to see these implemented. Maybe you could put a poll up to see what people want ?
  20. Dazmeister22

    Ireland Dublin

    I agree. 20-30 laps is just right. Not too short, not too long. The AI would have to be good though, to keep it interesting.
  21. Emptyone

    United Kingdom Exeter

    Maybe with the arcade mode pro difficulty with full aggression, that could be possible, one can but hope
  22. BlueGT

    Canada Québec

    Yes, yes and yes:tup:

    Would love too. I've completed the last 3 races A-Spec event in 15min endurance would last a lill longer:sly:

    I would have said no back then when I just did the endurances in GT mode but that's a looong time ago. I'd say: "Bring it on"!
  23. VTiRoj

    United Kingdom Barrow in Furness

    I agree with the guys suggesting it to be 45 mins to an hour maximum. I like endurance races but I don't like to be bored. 45 minutes is a nice amount of time for a seasonal endurance race I feel. In that time you could probably do 5 or 6 laps of the Nurburgring (depending on speed), 25 laps of Spa, or whatever track you like.
  24. TankAss95

    Scotland United Kingdom

    Yeah, I really don't see the point in really long races in Gran Turismo. There's no real point to them - only the hardcore gamers do them and they usually just do them not for fun but to complete the game.
    I would maybe attempt a longer race if there was a sweet prize to be won, but Gran Turismo has always seemed too consistent for endurance races to me - it all feels to similar. Changing weather and degrading fuel/tires isn't enough, we need more variables to keep it interesting in my opinion.
  25. CanadianFroggy

    Canada Grande Prairie

    Forty minutes to 90 minute races... but no so much for a 24 hour race...
    The races in the rain were good.

    Some rally seasonal races would be nice too... And historic cars... etc.
  26. crowhop

    United States Upstate SC, USA

    There are only nine A-Spec events in the entire game where tire wear and fuel economy are even a factor. Nine is a pathetically low number.
    Any event which incorporates pit strategy would be welcomed by me.
    B-Spec has 18 events plus the Seasonals.
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  27. billers


    45 mins to an hour is probably the best compromise for most. I like to see also a change in pp rating like 575 and 625 or something different. I wish there was a way to have gt3+4 class races only in gt5, the thought of an hour at spa with vipers and vettes is amazing!!
  28. Derock17

    Finland Turku

    If the prize would be close to insanity :p
  29. SlyckTires


    What we really need is an event creator, so you can make your own.

    1. Set a time or lap count
    2. Set the pp/tyre range for AI
    3. Set max pp/tyres for player
    4. Rewards determined automatically by difficulty (plus bonus for using an under pp car)
    5. Ability to share with friends
  30. cbarbosa

    Portugal Lost...

    :tup: Excellent.
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