Does anyone knows some glitches in GT3

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i found this out just today while completing the apricot hill race for the polyphony digital cup i think it was. Right when i was abotu to the the finish line with the nissan z conecpt behind me about a lap, i purposely spun out and ended going through the finish line at like 1 mile per hor backwards so i was slow and when i hit the finish line the cpu took over and i drove forward to turn around and went through the finish line the wrong way and then it said i was in second place and when the cpu drove through it the right way i was 1st again and like, out of nowhere in the stat screen showing times, my car was represented by a gold nissan z concept car!!!! i was like what?!! so i took a pic with this lame digital camera i have, but you can see that i was driving the jaguar xj220 and that for the lil pic of my car is the nissan. strange huh?

sorry the pic is all like cropped, i had to cut off some so it would fit cause the size was too big, but you can clearly see it was the jag, and im in first as a Z...


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i just did it for the 9th race, grand valley speedway 2 and i think all you have to do is back in very slowly cause this time it flashed me as 6th place and for the Race Results i am again a nissan z concept. interesting...
One glitch that sucks is when you are picking a car in arcade mode from your garage. First of all, it only tells the stock hp etc. and it has all the dimensions, like they matter, they dont even have the weight of the car. Also, those circular Acceleration Speed Handling charts are only accurate for speed. The Acceleration and Handling bars are the same for every car you choose.

I also dont like how if you get a displacement upgrade and you look at the spec of your car it still says the stock displacement, mind you it does say the new weight and hp/torque.

Why cant they just make a glitch free game.
:D On Tokyo Rte 246 after checking out the NSX & Robot I turned & went down Pit Lane for no reason at all. As I passed the last (or First going in the proper direction) pit stall there were safety personel standing near Semi Transport Trucks. As I passed them I looked in the rearview mirror & they were nowhere to be seen!! Stopped, backed up & turned my car so it was facing the wall separating the pit lane from the course. The Semis & even the Pit Stalls are gone as well!!! Looking thru the windshield they're all there but thru the mirror they're all MIA:confused: ...UB57
I can get the USDM ITR on 2 wheels if taken perfectly at the corner driving the opposite way at the hill on Laguna seca.. Or I can get the s2000 to fly (2ft) going the correct way down the hill
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Anyway, I have this bug where, on the list of endurance races in simulation mode (gran turismo mode for the PAL region like me), the first race has the name slightly offset from its presumably intended position. This probably is just a defective disk, but I still have a need to share this, so, here.
Grand Valley Speedway - the draw distance bothers me somewhat. When you are driving near the bit where you are next to the lake you can actually see AI cars ahead where the lake is, but they are driving on an invisible road. There should be a mountain behind the lake and before you see... them. When you are doing the reverse course and driving over the bridge there should be mountains to the left where you drive next once passing the tunnel but there isn't. Again... Draw distance.
The AI takes a really screwy line in the reverse version of Midfiend Raceway, on one of the last corners of the track they will almost certainly drive into the wall.

Kinda reminds me of the Grindleward reverse AI pathing error in GT2.