Driveclub Photo Thread *Read OP*

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DRIVECLUB™_20151227174223 by Jim diGriz, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151227174551 by Jim diGriz, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151227174804 by Jim diGriz, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151227175238 by Jim diGriz, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151227175548 by Jim diGriz, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151227180145 by Jim diGriz, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151227180642 by Jim diGriz, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151227180845 by Jim diGriz, on Flickr

Now that we have so many livery slots to chose from, I'm able to recreate and keep a good few of my favourites so far.
DRIVECLUB™_20151227182649 by Jim diGriz, on Flickr
Here are some of my random shots. Any feedback is welcome




@cosme Great shots look forward to more ;) Welcome to :gtpflag:👍👍
Thank you very much! You shots are also great, and i like that Ferrari livery :)
Looks like my pictures were compressed, I should probably start a flickr account as most of you did to provide some truly hight-res shots
@cosme You're welcome 👍 You may need to adjust the contrast/highlights on your PC once uploaded which helps a little to darken/light the image or in ps4 screenshot settings you can now save screenshots as .png format rather than .jpeg which helps also but over time you will find the easiest way between the two as the filters in game offer a lot of adjustment with out the need for editing. Flickr is good as you can upload the full image there and link the 800x450 (medium) image here etc.

A few more ;)

DRIVECLUB™_20151227090311 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151227090958 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151227091740 by torque99, on Flickr

DRIVECLUB™_20151227091445 by torque99, on Flickr
So far I was posting old shots taken before Christmas thanks to incredible :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: The Walking Dead: Season One 👍👍👍 Now in a little break during my second playthrough (after that Season Two third playthrough) it's time to post my new pics from same car, track, weather etc. thread:

d6992.png d6993.png d6994.png d6995.png d6996.png
I put this over on the Brends thread/twitter but for those of you who don't frequent either and only check this thread out then Happy New Year !!!! :gtpflag::cheers::cheers:(not sure what time zones you are all on) but done this little collage of my best pics of 2015..What are your favourites you have taken?

collage NYE Driveclub torque99 by torque99, on Flickr

Hot hatches for a nice change

DRIVECLUB™_20151231111937 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151231111730 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151231113741 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151231112510 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151231112348 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151231112822 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151231114346 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151231112622 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151231113221 by torque99, on Flickr

Few more FXXK (my fave Hyper)
DRIVECLUB™_20151230185237 by torque99, on Flickr
DRIVECLUB™_20151230184833 by torque99, on Flickr