Driveclub Photo Thread *Read OP*

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Hi Ho Silver...and AWAY!

Great shot @RL_23 đź‘Ť

I've received three games for my birthday :bowdown: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Limited Edition, No Man's Sky Limited Edition and The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine DLC with real cards for Gwent, so now I will post less Driveclub pictures, no bikes/Wombats for some time, only one post with unused cars shots :)

Time for powerful duel đź‘Ť

d9157.jpg d9158.jpg d9159.jpg d9160.jpg
Oldies but goodies.

what I find interesting in this game it is this impression which it is infinite although the project was abandoned
Infinite in the direction of the pleasure which it gets and even sometimes the irritations of the multiplayer are intense
Or when I see certain photos (unfortunately I lost my password flickr I can't post nothing there) one feels the pleasure that each one of you takes there because knowing time that it is necessary to devote to it only the pleasure makes it possible to last and continue to find angles still today the good filter adapted to the good photo with the good light I surprise myself in full race multi to think of the photo which could to give such or such situation
To finish I would say that the world of Art is a world in perpetual movement which carries us in a swirl without limits... Enjoy in it !!