Driveclub Photo Thread *Read OP*

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I forgot about this thread tucked away in the archives :sly: From having only Forza, GT and Drive Club photo modes back in 2014 compared to now! There are soooo many great games all arriving with photo modes threads/GTonline/forums/flickrs/twitters timelines/likes to follow :lol:

I am officially getting overloaded to the point I can't keep up following everything then having time to take photos......

Amazed, looking back at the level of details in this great photo mode that got me back in to photography.

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I just forgot how awesome this game is after so many other racing games these past few years, coming back to it is like finding an old slipper! I just went back in to it, amazing quick loading times, awesome long road tracks and circuits, just enough great cars to choose from, audio is outstanding (closed interior and exterior options) and sound like the real cars. To top it off the photo mode and graphics on post processing are so clear and sharp on my 4K TV compared to any other racer (Inc GT Sport where the aperture seems to give too many stars/blur). It is fun in between all the sand box games for a nice quick blast. This was never made for the PS4 Pro but it could hold its own as enhanced even today. I wonder what Evo could be doing with DC2. (I did dream 💡 after Onrush they announced Codies let them work on a similar Road Car game all in 4K glory with 100's more cars and graphics like this!) I might ask Rushy for this..See if there is a reply.:P

@Chikane ^^^ ;)

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It's a real shame we never got to see driveclub 2. One of the best and most enjoyable racing games in a long time, and it most certainly is still top three racing games on the ps4, imo. I am actually a little suprised by how good it is in every single way when i play it now, i mean a 4 year old game as good or better than the newsest games is crazy.
Totally agree @Dairyworker I always half expect to log on/off and just take a few photos when I load it up but end up being on it for hours at a time trying out all the cars and tracks again. It still beats any game for loading times, scenery - i.e mountains in Norway look stunning on a cloudy day, interior cockpit ambience and sound, and rain / storms and the biggest thing is ..It still has a great 'FUN' factor..Just one more go .....
@torque99 Your amazing p1 gtr were just to much for me to resist not returning to dc :)

I came across these old photos. The side mirrors are so clear and the detail compared to all racers in the last 5 years. Still Tops!
Nice serie :bowdown:
what do you think in terms of graphics compared to the last games out of the genre Forza horizon 4 or GT sports? ;)
Nice serie :bowdown:
what do you think in terms of graphics compared to the last games out of the genre Forza horizon 4 or GT sports? ;)

This is still one of the tops and holds it's own. If only they were able to stick with it and make DC2 in 4K! Lets hope Rushy brings his experience and games engine ideas and makes a great SMS 4K car game 👍