Engine swap wishlist

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Toyota SPORTS 800 '65 - 4AG Tuned (AE86 S. Shigeno version)
Autobianchi A112 Abarth '85 - B16B (Honda Civic Type R EK9)
Fiat 500 1.2 8V Lounge SS '08 - 199AB (Alfa Romeo MiTo)
Mazda Demio - SH-VPTR (Mazda Atenza) or 1.5 Skyactiv-G (Mazda MX-5 ND)

I know it'll never happen, but I'd rather see a modest swap than a crazy swap.
I think these are engines that don't disrupt the balance of the base model too much and give modest power for use at higher levels of PP.
I'd actually like to see the 500 1.2 engine in the old non-Abarth 500.
It 's been mentioned before, though not directly, but an LS V8 into an RX-7 FD, as has been done quite frequently Stateside.

Also V6 into an MX5 mk 1 to make a Rocketeer.
Can't be done in the game unfortunately, because Rocketeer use the Jaguar V6 which is not available in GT7 (not the Metro unit in the XJ220). Ford would be closest (the correct Jaguar X-Type unit was basically a Ford engine) but I'm not actually sure if there are any suitable normally aspirated road based V6s in the game, including the Ford one.

I still think Mazda missed a trick by not dropping their own, very sweet 2.5 V6 into an MX5.
This game is mainly a host for the straight-six contingent.
I think it would be awesome if we had some shorter tracks and a bunch of straight six muscle cars. I had a Nova with a 250 straight six. It was no slouch. My friend always thought it was a 350 that was a little bagged out. Nope it’s a 250 with a lot of miles! Haha. Blown muffler… haha hence the reason he thought it was a V8

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And why not? We have the six cylinder e type, not the v12!!
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I am intrigued. What car do you have in mind?


Thanks for that. I had no idea!