Engine swap wishlist

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I would like to see many swaps we currently have for more cars and suited ones, but would like to see new special parts to becouse i love those special parts,
Adding like computer racing s engine balancing tuning s would be so dope, but i doubt we see anything new besides the ones we have but i hope i am wrong
I want this engine swap list
Porsche 991 RSR engine into VW Sambabus Type 2👍
Porsche 962C engine into VW Sambabus Type 2👍
RUF CTR3 engine into VW Beetle 1200 '66👍
Please Kaz
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First upload, but one I think is interesting since the new 787b swapped Mazda3; I think if the 4 cylinder mazda3 engine bay is capable of a 4 rotor, then I think that that another car could handle the same power. I believe the 1998 honda civic or, if a newer version of the ek-series releases, the 4 rotor would be absolutely be an insane swap. Everyone wanted the k20 swap, but now I think a 1k civic would just shock the community due to PD have been releasing wacky and wild swaps each month. I have tweeted this idea months ago to see if it could work and it would be something I know can be accepted for the future of GT7.
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What do you need this for!
I don't know if this has been mentioned, but I want to see the 962 engine in the 911 GT1. That way we could recreate the amazing GT1-98. Also want to see the RSR engine available for the 996 GT3.