Ex-F1 Stars Invest in Esports Company Behind World's Fastest Gamer

Haha, all these racing game eSports competition series is getting a bit confusing for me. So many parties involved, let alone games, haha! Say, I think it'd help if GTP proper made an Excel-like document where it could show various eSports leagues involving racing games, and you could even get into on stuff like the rulesets for a given event, or how a given tournament had worked as far as scoring/elimination/qualifying went, or the prizes that were given for certain positions, as well as other stuff like where events were streamed, and maybe even include hyperlinks to the archived streams of listed races. It could even include mobile games like that Street Kart Racing game that has Rosberg's involvement or Gear.Club. The whole thing could be called the "GTP eMotorSports Archive."

Didn't Gran Turismo 3 have a competition, too?
I am hoping as Darren Cox said they will do regular competitions with big prizes going forward, that we start seeing more events this year. You never know, I could fluke a win.
Mikail said he can’t make it cos of university commitments ..... it would of been good too see him there. I dunno if situation changed for him since yesterday!!