EXCLUSIVE GT5:P Spec II - NINTH update (NEW DFGT Wheel Hands-On, April 18)

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Oops, I did it again :D Many thanx to my friends who gave me another opportunity to do this, as many times before.

You get the content of this thread from the title, I've just announced it, and now I have something important to do for the next hour or so :), so please expect first update around 18:00 my local time (17:00 CET).

Until then, just few muggy shots of the box and start-screen - I couldn't use flash since the damn surfaces reflects all :)

More updates soon, thank God it's Friday.

Notice I'll be adding all new info in this first post.

Second Update is available after the first one :)

FIRST UPDATE 14-03-2008

OK - so let's start :D

Opening sequence of the game is totally new, with some of the most gorgeous visuals ever seen. I guess PD outdid themselves one more time and I'm scared how the GT5 will look one day if this is Prologue. At the end there is a sweet glance of an F1 car - as I already posted - and about which I'll talk later. I do not want to record it or youtube it, since I find that move questionable and I don't want to ruin the surprise for nobody or hurt any copyrights.

Also, I will not take pictures of all the cars, all new outdoor locations and such because of the same reasons described above. I hope you'll be satisfied with all other info. Please, understand.

Game takes 13 minutes to install on HDD, and game file is 5880MB big. In GT:TV I couldn't access any content besides opening sequence, not even the new feature movie that should have been there. Maybe it opens at later point, when online will be revealed, or at the end of the Career mode. I'll inform about that later on.

Notice that I've been told that Online service will start it's work on 27th March, but it's still officially unconfirmed. That of course means that no online features can be accessed (NEWS/GTTV/ONLINE) and no connection to online services can't be established at this point.

New things in Game Options are:

•*adjustable number of laps for Arcade and 2P Battles - 2 to 99 laps (great :D)
•*unit converter is here, for all our Imperial friends in GB and Downunder (my best to my cousins in Sydney)
•*new Driving Force GT wheel is the only wheel that can have new "Live-Dynamics" on-wheel, however
•*"Live-Dynamics" can be mapped to controller buttons for usage with other supported wheels
•*FF can be adjusted in 1-10 strength (as in JP game)
•*G25 is not on the supported list (so was not in JP game, and I'll try it later on for second update) but I guess it works

Now about Dealerships and Cars, Ferrari and Unexpected Surprise of All Times (or "What actually happened with Sony's F1 license and how they obviously found a new way to breed life into somehow deceasing genre of F1 games:

You know the car list from the previous thread (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=96425) so I won't loose any time in repeating it.

Just notice that 5 cars that were excluded from SCEE's list for PAL when compared to SCEA's list for USA are NOT in the rooster. So, maybe those 5 cars (Lexus IS F Tuned Car, Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) Tuned Car, Peugeot 207GTI '07, Peugeot 307cc Premium AVN '04 and RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7) will become available after US games comes out via some update.

Tuner's Cars have their separate Showrooms (Amuse, Blitz, Mine's and Morrisson), while "Tuned Cars" (notice the difference) are listed in their special dealership called "Concept Cars by Gran Turismo". There lies Ford GT LM (which actually IS a race-car specified, so there ARE race-cars in GT5:P), Viper SRT10 Tuned Car and others.

Everybody is crazy about Ferrari, so there are 5 cars there. F430, 599, F40 and 512BB. And - as you've guessed well on later pages of this thread - 2007 F1 car with both "5" and "6" numbers and both color - light red and rich red. So, there maybe lies a hint of the future of F1 games and maybe we can expect that whole F1 Championship could end up as a separate venue in Gran Turismo 5, with all teams and circuits. It's a greatest-speculation-of-them-all at this point, but it could skyrocket the Gran Turismo series sales, skyrocket it's market-impact and finally resolve the somehow crazy situation that F1 games were very low at sales when sold separately while overall interest for sport was rising. We'll see that in near future. I attached few caps of F1 car below, as well as F40 cap from the Dealership. In future updates I'll give the interiors for both cars.

Notice that Ferrari F12007 costs enormous 2,000,000 credits, and it has do with something I'll write below. For compare, F40 is "just" 450,000 credits, while F599 (most expensive car in japanese version of the game) is bargained at 275,000 or something. There will be lots of driving I guess.

Garage can get a hold of up to 146 cars in total.

About Money, Events and Arcade:

You start the game with 35,000 credits.

I had a hard time choosing which car to start with (couldn't enter Events without buying the car, so I didn't know have they had changed anything in structure), and finally I went with Integra Type-R over Focus ST and Golf GTi Series 5. Of course, Events are radically changed - for now, there are 10 of them per venue. As for now, I can't enter at B or A venue (only C), but I'll give you their content in next updates.

Now, events are listed, and resembles ones seen in Online (pic attached). There are 3 types so far: Race, Time-Trial and Mission, with their recognizable icons. I'll get on that after I finish writing this update.

Arcade Mode offers 3 types of races: Race, Time-Trial and Drift. Strange thing is that I couldn't change tire-type on my Integra in Time-Trial mode, which I find somewhat intriguing and have no idea what's the case there.

Also, there was NO PLACE where I could find new "Quick Tune-Up" screen, which is BTW a host of a brand new feature which went totally unnoticed, although it was in front of our faces - do you notice the "Performance Points" number?


PTS are something we saw before in "Forza" game series for example, and they're some kind of calculation of the overall performance of the car (as says the in-game Manual). Changing the different values can increase/decrease your PSI, making your car competitive to other cars (like Lotus to BMW). My rough guess is that both "Quick Tune Facility" and PSI will become available when Online Service starts, and it could be a real glimpse of Private Lobbies, since I do not see any other reason for that being in the game. Which makes me even more excited.

2 Player races are classic split-screen though, and there are just 2 views-on-the-car available - over the car and classic-bonnet. No interiors in 2P, but I didn't expect them to be there in any case.

GT5:Prologue also supports Dual Shock 3 controller, and as I have one, I can tell that rumble is present, and in line with feeling known from GT4 game.

This concludes the first update. Enjoy the first ever F1 pictures and other few snaps I've done.

And now excuse me, I have to go driving - I want to feel the F12007 as soon as possible.


SECOND UPDATE 15-03-2008

So, let's start.

First - I do not have no money yet for nor F40, nor F2007 :D But, there is surprise among the new pictures.

Way to earn them is sooo damn long, and at this point I'm stucked with just 120,000 Credits in my stash, got only 2 events done in "S" Event Series and have no damn idea how long will it take me to earn 2 millions. Notice there is one tester who already has it (probably is a tester, since there is no God damn way he could opened it in just one or two days, so he must have a full-open game save), which automatically leads us to subject #1:

Online is up as today afternoon :D
However, it's just a test-online (as you can noticed from attached pictures) and at this point just 12 people make their times on test Time Trial list. I drove a race (Daytona Oval) against one player and I can say it is somehow smoother then JP online. At this point, I have no idea how will online work with more players, I'll try it tomorrow and make a update on it. Notice there is no download of update needed, online component is integrated on the disc already. I find that matchmaking is somewhat faster, but not significantly then JP.

Now to the other things.

Yesterday I wrote I couldn't find Quick Tune Setup (QTS) screen anywhere. Today I found it :). It opens after you finish C,B and A Event venues. So, some more info about it - since I find it most intriguing thing of the whole Prologue experience.

QTS is VERY SERIOUS thing, it's not just a "quick setup". It allows you to adjust almost everything we know from "big" games to almost any car in almost any race.

You can adjust Power, Weight, Tires, Aerodynamics (on tuned cars only and F2007 I guess), Ride Height, Spring Rate, Damper, Toe, Camber Angle, Brake Balance, F/R Torque Distribution (I presume for 4WD cars), TCS, ABS and Transmission (all gears + Final Gear Ratio). Also, you can adjust Max Turning Angle for wheel, which is aimed at drifters at the first place. In short, QTS allows you to think and mess about your car as fully-modified-car from "big" GT games. It also sets the ground for all newcomers, who will thisway get the basics for car-setting once when full-game is out.

Depending of the type of the race, you can adjust your car only to the LIMITED amount of PSI points (I find it as a more sophisticated "HP restriction" system from GT2 game, and I like it a lot), while PSI points are only determined with your messing with Power/Weight/Tires/Aerodinamycs - not settings-value adjustment. In races where no PSI-adjustments are allowed you can still make adjustments and settings of the parts. Only excerption are Time-Trials in events where no messing with the car is allowed. In short, bringing back the restriction in races - and all races in "S" class venue are restricted by PSI - is something I really welcome in the series.

You can save 3 settings per car and game saves them for good. QTS was allowed in both test Online Race and test Time-Trials, but only drawback I find is lack of screen which would show you the PSI of other cars on the track. However, I guess that both Online Races and Online Time-Trials will be PSI-limited in the final release, so no real problem there. Thisway, the whole world of settings will enter the online and I see it as a great achievement for PD.

I notice a small bug - or it is deliberate, but I didn't really tend to test it. My white SRT-10 become red when extreme QTS was applied. After I bring back values to normal, car was white again. Then I tried the same with F430 and it remained white. So, I have no idea what it was but it happened. Whatever.

There is also a small homage to the "Traditional Values" of the GT series - once you entered QTS, TCS and ABS values become non-existing on basic "Race Setting" list. From there on, you have to manually turn-off both TCS and ABS for every car. I find that as a nice showcase of keeping with the tradition of the series in order to make the driver to pay the attention of every detail of car set-up :).

I've counted 11 locations so far in total, and now all of them have their real-life names shown on screen. You'll probably be amazed to hear that day-park with trees from JP Prologue is called Lennenpark and it's located in Bad Neuenhar in Germany. Also, all locations from both JP and EU(US) Prologue are located only in Japan and Germany - so I guess we can expect a plethora of locations from other countries once when full-game goes out. However, my favorite from new set of locations is not beautiful Zen-Garden in Shorenoin (Tokyo), nor Shirakawa Park (also Tokyo) - but Streets of Bonn (Germany), where car simply stand-out as a true sculpture.

No sign of where 2-cars-per-location (as shown on pre-release screens) will be - I guess we'll have to wait until the full game for that one to be revealed.

As for various other bits, this is a quick rundown of small things I've noticed that may also answer some of the questions raised in this thread:

- G25 is fully supported, while clutch must be activated every time with triangle (as in JP game). Of course, some cars can't use H-Shift, so nothing new there. Notice that you can also configure new Live-Dynamics options to the D-Pad and buttons at the shifter-console,
- My JP game-setting didn't influence PAL game at all,
- sound of game is simply fantastic when sound-setting "Big Theatre" is applied. Notice it will properly work only for those with true surround system, but then GT40's engine sounds like AC/DC in Donnington on Monsters of Rock in 1991 (thanx for the tip Venturetto ;),
- I'm not sure about that, but now the rear-view-of-the-car in-cockpit is actually moving in-race. I can't remember was that the case in JP game, but I somehow can't remember I saw it. Of course, I didn't bother to check that, since there is no way that PAL game will leave my console in the time being,
- which also applies to next bit - there is a race with 12 cars on Eiger Nordwand. If I remember well, max number on JP game was 8. Or was it?,
- New location setting of High Speed Ring pictures it as being built above the lake or something. However, the water is not actually moving, but who cares really.
- Now there is basic info listed next to every car shown on garage-column, depending of the view: Order Obtained, Manufacturer, Power and Performance Points value. Nice touch.
- Manual states that "In this point of the game you can only have up to 2,000,000 credits in the bank". Any credits above that value won't be added to the bank. I understand it as - when you finally earn 2 mill, go and buy a damn F2007, and then start again. However, Manual also says that that "could change in the future", so maybe it's a hint of some updates.
- Still no backfire or backlight or sparks or anything like that :(

Now about the races and such:
- More races now are unbeatable on Professional setting, at least as my driving is concerned. However, as I was able to beat all "beatable" Pro races in JP game (and like to think about myself as a pretty damn good driver though), I guess only aliens as Trek450 or Holl01 will be able to cope with them. But, some of them are really not made to be won at Pro setting, even with serious QTS applied.
- Much more races in events now come with "R" tires as default. "S" or "N" tires are very rare in events now,
- No races at C, B or A venue in events have penalties. Penalties comes in S venue, and they're applied in two levels - 2 and 3, last being extremely sensitive about contacts. However, I find that system was polished, since I have no "objections on race control decisions" as I had in JP game. Or I've just learned my lesson well? Who knows. Oh, and I love "Barrier Impact Penalty" - it will make online racing a totally different place for all bashers :)
- However, Penalty Level 2 is almost a rule at Dealership Venues, but notice that still not all Dealers have their respective events (as it was expected)
- Earning a money is a painstaking process. After I finally have beaten C,B and A venues I had exactly 7,500 credits in the bank, because I spent all my earnings to buy cars needed for car-dedicated races (Time-Trails and Missions). So, as my present goal is to earn 200,000 for Mine's GT-R for one race in S class (and then I'll be at zero credits again), I guess I'll wait to grab the F2007 wheel for some time now.


As you've already seen in the attached pictures, that same guy I was talking about before already drove it at Time-Trial race, so I watched a replay and took this one shoot. His driving was not so great (he used S3 tires, which somewhat intrigued me, but as F1 tires are not full-slick, maybe game does not see them as R-class), but I can say that sound of car is OK. Unfortunately, those of us who were used to gritty and shaky feel of F1 cars from F1: CE game will be maybe disappointed - from what I've witnessed from his replay, even F1 cars in Gran Turismo games will be clinicaly-clean ride.

This one concludes my second update, I'll update again probably tomorrow in evening. Until then, do not forget to tune for a fist race of F1 season in Melbourne today, while my wishes for victory goes to Kovalainen in McLaren.


THIRD UPDATE 16-03-2008

First to say there were no more great surprises in later stages of the game, but I still have to clear "S" Events to see what will happen there. Probably nothing, but you never know. For this third update I'll write down some information you all may find useful when you pick up your copy of the game. However, someone could say that what follows is "spoiling", so if you feel that way just roll down below the next few paragraphs.


I'll not waste time on writing down all details - instead I'll concentrate on money-making-process, insuring you from not committing the same mistakes I did because I just couldn't know what lies ahead of me. This way, you'll not be spending your hard-earned money on unnecessary cars before reaching the main goal of the first phase of the game - and that is Ferrari F40.

cars needed:
- Suzuki Capuccino
- Honda Integra Type R
You can finish all events in C class with just these two cars. Prize car is Daihatsu OFC-1. For really quick-start go with Integra first since you can enter many events with it.

cars needed:
- Honda Integra Type R (already have it from C class)
- Mitsubushi Lancer Evolution IX GSR
- Nissan GT-R '07
Prize car: BMW Concept 1 Series tii '07

cars needed:
- BMW M3 Coupe
- Ferrari F430
- Ford GT (for "American Muscle Series" races, and you'll need it for one race in S Class)
- any Japanese "300 HP" car for "Japanese 300HP Series" races (I bought NSX Type-R and I didn't regret it :))
Prize car: Nissan Skyline Coupe Concept 'p7

cars needed:
- Mine's Skyline R34
- Ferrari F40
- Ford GT (you have it from A class)
Prize Car: Nissan GT-R Proto '05

Important Money-Making Strategy Tips:
Money-making in this Prologue is painstaking process. So, you have to save as much as you can. When you reach A Class events, be sure that your first shopping is Ferarri F430 and dedicate all your racing just for that 240,000 credits. You'll need it for A8 race at Daytona, which is "Gold Cow" event - every win there gets you 20,000 credits in just 2 minutes. A8 event is very similar to Daytona one-lap-magic event in JP game, but I find it somewhat more difficult. Also, that event is a true showcase of progress made in event-designing: you'll just love the rhapsody you have to do in order to got the checkered flag. Of course, it's achievable only in Standard physics mode (at least for mortals, maybe Trek could do it on professional). Notice that 3rd place (you'll get that often due to design of the opponent AI) is worth also nice amount of 10,000 credits for just 2 minutes.

Once you beat the A class, S class is opening - and only thing you have to save your money for is F40. It's the same story here - one-lap-magic race - where 3rd place will get you 20,000 credits, and second 22,500 credits. Because I still didn't find a way to beat GT-R Black Mask, 1st place prize is still unknown :) This time, track is Suzuka GP, and you can make fast money in 2:30 minutes, also in Standard mode. With F430 and F40 you got your way to make easier amounts of credits with repeating those respected events.

Also, notice this - with opening the S class, QTS (Quick-Tune Setup) becomes available for most races. Although you won't be able to mess up with Power and Weight for your cars in one-lap-magic events, you'll be allowed to make mechanical adjustments - and gearing become an imperative. For example, F40's 1st gear limits at 120 km/h, while 2nd is limited at 198 km/h on default setting. Max speed at default setting is extended all the way up to 449 km/h. Reducing gear-ratios makes F40 a true beast (default gearing just kills the rear wheels with the torque), and that's the most important aspect of opening the S class events ASAYC.

After you bought both F430 and F40, you can dedicate yourself for earning the money for other cars. My last purchase was Ford GT LM Test Car II, and below you can find some pictures of it, together with interiors (somebody asked for it if I remember, so there they are).

QTS Importance for Prologue
After two days, I find QTS most important thing for whole new Prologue, more important than F2007 :D Reason is simple - QTS actually allows all advanced players to drive events they couldn't beat on Professional physics "before QTS" - on Professional physics (once they finish A class, and QTS become available of course). I know there are many drivers who don't like the fact that some events just can't be finished on Pro setting (myself included), so thisway they'll have their respectful satisfaction.

Also, with QTS you can literally adjust everything on your car up to "big" game standards, thus making all Prologue extremely serious when compared to JP release. It makes many cars actually drivable on S and N compound on Pro setting (Corvette or Viper for example), so it opens a whole new universe for online racing one day - for those who are looking challenges of course, not for those who are using R3 tires and mourn about physics being forgiving :).

As I'm never using any driving-assists whatsoever, importance of QTS is even greater in my book.

About F40 and GT40 LM Test Car II
As this two cars are probably most attractive besides F2007, here's word or two about them. They rock. Period :D Especially after QTS being applied to gearing, suspension and brake-bias.

Full carbon-body of GT40LM looks so evil in HD, while front-window sticker makes in-car view so damn claustrophobic - something we've been waiting for too-long I guess. Also, since it's basically a first race-car ever available in new Professional physics, I find it both very impressive and demanding to drive. It literally eats pavement on straights (and sounds as just as great), while you have to be very careful through turns, especially in first laps when tires are still cold. I find it as an extraordinary driving experience, more sophisticated than any similar seen so far on consoles (Forza 2 included), because it doesn't feel like you're driving something glued to the track (which is always the case with racing-classes so far). It's a great step forward for simulation aspects of the series and right now I just can't wait for some true-breed race-cars of GT5.

As I just bought GT40LM, my bank is totally empty. My next goal is Amuse GT1 (I just have no patience to drive and drive and drive around same races all-over-again in order to reach 2 mill for F2007 - I guess I'll wait online to start on 26th and then start collecting money for it), and I hope it will be good as I'm hoping.

This concludes my third update, while below you can find some pictures of F40 and GT40LM with their respectful interiors in both front and rear views.


FOURTH UPDATE 17-03-2008

This will be a short one, just few bits I found out or realised yesterday:

- London Track is now almost completly gone from all Events. Thus it was intresting track - and good technical track nonetheless - driving it in Events was pretty much bounce-crash-festival. So, moving it away from Events was a good move IMHO. Of course, all who love London are still able to race it in both Arcade or Time-Trial events, and I presume it will play important part in online events as well. Also woth noticing is that lighting-gamma for in-car view was changed - now you can actually see the track better and I find new gamma being much better off-settted than in JP game for cokpit view. London was respecfully replaced with HSR in all events, and I find whole experience now more intresting and demanding.

- HDR lighting works greater now. You'll notice that especially on High Speed Ring when entering / exiting the tunnel. For a brief moment the whole screen gets darker / brighter (I'm talking about the cockpit view though), therefore more realistic in mimicing the eye behaviour. Since there are so many tunnels in GT's Original Track rooster (Trial Mounitan, Deep Forest or Grand Valley for example), it will be a great experience one day. Not even to mention the sweet Monaco GP track, the jewel in the crown of all track-tunnels.

- Have bought a sweet Amuse GT1 Turbo yesterday and the baby has 7 gears. Just have to love that one. However, H-Shifters will be dissapointed since they'll have to shift the last gear manually :)

- Finger movement when shifting has been added, but unfortuantely I saw it only in F2007 replay (since I don't have the car myself). However, since it's just a small movement of the finger, maybe it's on all cars but just can't bee seen.

- All starts in events are rolling-starts.

That's it for this fourth update, have a nice Monday.

FIFTH UPDATE 18-03-2008

This fifth update will cover just few bits, since I had no true time to drive drift nor earn enough money for F2007 :) To be honest, I got my copy of Everybody's Golf: Hot Shots today and that baby took some serious amount of time this afternoon. I have to say - that game is beautiful.

When speaking of other games - and I know there are loads of people who'll be reading this - System 3 has finally set "the final of them all" release date for their officially licenced Ferrari Challenge game. Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli should hit european shelves on May 23 2008 and I have a high hopes from that game in many aspects. For further info about FC:TP head to Kekke2000's thread in PS3 section and check all the available info we've collected through past few months of delaying it's release, together with this sweet final box-art.



As far as GT5:P is concerned, it is obvious that some serious update for owners of JP game is on the way, and I'm also astonished by those new F2007 renders. Hope that download of new content will go faster than previous updates for JP game.

As for GT5:P I have only two cups to finish, but I guess I'll do them tomorrow, finishing the S venue as well and pretty much clearing the game. From there on, all my efforts will go in collecting all cars except F2007, because somehow I found myself stupid for few times now when driving same-and-same-events-over-and-over-again in effort to collect precious 2 million credits. Instead, I bought some other cars for that money, and right now I'm a proud owner of few tuned exoticas - while on new pictures below you can see respectful interior of my brand-new Elise 111R Tuned Car with sweet GT logo on the wheel.

That Tuned 111R is important because it's a car you'll actually need to beat 2 races in S class where PP points are limited at 630 (in Professional setting and no aids). I tried with other cars (Mine's R34 and Spoon S2000 GT1) but they didn't do justice. So, save your money for this little b'stard - you're going to love it. Also, I've purchased Clio V6 Tuned and that kid also rock big time. It damn fun to drive and makes me want private lobbies even more. In other words, there are plethora of cars here which should come in your garage prior to F2007. I know many will just head for it nonetheless, but there are more intresting things along the way. At least, I think so :).

While reading majority of those 1000 replies at this thread (:)), one thing caught my eye. Some were asking about mentioning "tire heating" in my previous updates, thus implying tire wear actually being in GT5:P. Some are aware that tire heating was already present in JP game, but I can't really confirm was there any further tire-wear beyond fact that tires get better grip after 1st lap. Since I never did drive more than 20 laps on one track, I can't say does the tires ever get fully wore-out. That one remains to be answered, since there are no indicators of tire temperature in tis build.

I'll conclude this update with few photos of QTS screens (especially for Scaff there), for all interested for that details (some data-lines are overlapping, but you'll get the picture). As I'm aware that more and more people are getting GT5:P early, I'll do some effort tomorrow in writing down some kind of Q&A that will cover all details I've come across while playing this build. I hope it'll do some help once that game goes on sale.


SIXTH UPDATE 20-03-2008

Two more days has passed and I didn't have much time playing. However, yesterday I did some drifting, as well found out some other very useful information.

Drifting is available in Arcade modes. I really didn't remember to check out is it also available for 2P, but I'll do it later. Drifting is made MUCH MORE interesting then in GT:HD, just because of few details. First, track is now divided into 5-or-more sections which are shown through numbers. At the end, you see separate point-details for every section, together with final points. Section starts-ends are more visible now, while the audience gives one damn good "Everybody's Golf Special Touch" :) - when you drive section bad they "boooooo" you, when you drive it OK they clap, but when you make a section-perfect drift they go completely mad :D I find that extremely nice touch, you'll witness it for yourself and soon and see what I'm rally talking about.

More about F2007
This one is important :D Since there are many people here who will try to get their fingers on that sweet (is it still Momo?) wheel, I have one bad news for them - you'll have to wait :D You actually can't buy F2007 before finishing all S class venue races. Now it's clear what is behind the logic of not being able to cash-in more then 2 million in the bank in one moment - thisway game forces you to play all venues before getting your foot on that baby-engine. So dear ladies and gentleman, GT5:P wants you to spend all your money first on other cars, before giving you the opportunity to drive The Car. Sorry if this news disappointed anyone.

As I have finished all races now, there's nothing else to open in-game besides above mentioned purchase-option. And I also realized something that didn't caught my eye before - great S8 test from JP game (as-known-as "Team Work Test") is not existent any more, which I find bad for all people who didn't play JP game - it was one damn nice test.

Worth mentioning is tire-chooser in Time Trial mode. I have pretty much jump on conclusion what could be the point behind above-mentioned (in my first update I think) non-ability to choose other tire-component besides S2 in Time-Trial. Thisway, all Time-Trial races will be run on the same compound for all cars (which explains why the even F2007 uses S2 compound), thus making the Time-Trial Online Rankings more competitive for showing the true TOP100 drivers in the World. Since Rankings didn't work in both times when test-online was up, I still can't confirm this 100%, but somehow I think it could be the case. Of course, JP system with all compounds and both physics-modes was more detailed (and I liked it more to be honest), but thisway there will be more competition I guess.

Also, from the reasons above I can't confirm are the Drift-Trials also part of Online Rankings, but somehow I think they will have to be.

This concludes my sixth update. I'll try to prepare new video soon - this time my F40 drive of the S6 mission-race, the greatest Gold Cow race of the whole game. In S6 you have to do one-lap-magic on Suzuka GP circuit with F40 and climb from 16th to the 1st position. Yesterday I finally did it, and it's a damn fun race to drive (it can't be beaten in Professional physics mode though), and it gives you big 35,000 credits for 1st place. However, it's also very hard to beat, since you have to overpass 13 cars before the hairpin, leaving you R8 and GT-R Black Mask for second part of the track. It's not the cleanest race, but since the penalties are mandatory you also need lots of finesse and knowledge of coping with the track.

Oh, and the Prize Car for "S" Event sVenue is GT-R Proto '05.



I guess lots of you viewed F40 video, so there you have it. Notice it sounds greater then here, and actual feeling of driving is astonishing.

As for that race, I have few notions to make. Even if it doesn't seems so, this particular drive is one of the most demanding drives in GT5:P. I drove it on Standard mode, without any assists (it can't be beaten on Pro because of the tire-grip limit), and the AI has to be respected in S6 test because they're trying to make your climb to the 1st place a nightmare. And they almost always succeed. More aggressive pass on yellow Viper was a must, due to a fact you have to overtake a TVR on the hairpin. Fail to do so, and you'll never make a clean overpass on GT-R because the Penalty Zone on final chicane is very restricitional.

Some of you noticed a very slight delay between the sound and picture in F40 video - it was because of my editing program. I had to import audio-track separately and somehow it messed with the time-code for about 0,100 seconds. I thought nobody's going to notice it, but obviously I was wrong :) In game, everything is on spot 100%, so no fear there.

Now to some bits regarding questions from past two days. And all of them are somehow bad news.

There are no 2P replay AT ALL. I really couldn't believe it, but it's like that. This is my single greatest disappointment so far with this game, and I just can't understand how they decided to leave it out. I understand why there is no replay of Online races, why there is no cockpit view in 2P, but lack of 2P replay makes me very sad.

There is no 2P Drift Trials either. You can only drift alone. Fortunately, there IS a replay of Drift trials.

Still no other tire-compound than S2 is available for Time-Trials, and there is no Free Race mode to make-out-for-it either. I still do not understand this move, and I'm still hoping that we'll be able to choose different compounds in Time-Trials. So, KSaiyu I have to disappoint you - and me, and lots of other people I guess - on this subject.

Red Baron said following later in this thread: "But comparing with JP version, this has lower framerate in replays and it's really noticeable. I think the framerate is about 20 fps and that's little low for me. And physics appear slightly tuned to basic level even in professional mode. Rev limiter now sounds weird, it's like engine volume on 30% and no rev counter style bouncing. " I can't fully agree on this - replays are solid 25 fps (as they were in JP game, but now there's no slowdowns), and Pro physics is still very demanding. But since many races on first 3 venues locks tire-compound on Rx or S3, I guess you find it "slightly tuned down" because of the enhanced grip-level of those compounds. However, you've intrigued me with that assumption, so I'll make a comparation because now I'm interested too :)

Question regarding Viper color scheme - there are more colors the you've expected for "old" Viper. There is even a white, and even for both SRT-10 and STR-10 Tuned - and they look beautiful in my garage :)

That's it for this update. I've noticed that for past few days I was writing the word "tire" as a "tyre" - sorry for that, but it happens :) Also, I invite you to light a candle for 2P replay, I still can't believe it isn't in the game.


EIGHTH UPDATE 25-03-2008

PAL version of Prologue will prompt the download of new update which will give the game a new title - Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Spec II. Notice that this update (400MB approx) will clear all your previous QTS settings for all cars (in case you had PAL game earlier and opened S venue in order to get QTS) - so you'll have to tune them all again.

There are plethora of details in the update, while single most important is the terminal absence of ABS for the first time ever in the series if ABS is set to "zero" in QTS menu. It's drastic difference compared to all other previous games, as well as all other GT5:P releases. ABS-0 makes drastic lock-out of wheels if brakes are applied too hard in both physics modes - Standard and especially Professional - thus making a car control a brand new challenge for GT series.

I'm so delighted by this that I've even created a special thread for it. So, if you think you can say word or two about it, pop-by and spill it :).


As for other news, there are 35 Events now available in the Online section, Races and Time-Trials.

Notice that races are 70-30% Standard/Professional - while all Time-Trials are Professional. Also notice that all Online Time-Trials are limited only by handling model and PP points. In other words, you can participate with ANY car and any Tire-compound, as long as their respectful menage gives obliged amount of PP's. I find that great, because now there will be enourmous amount of combination for every Event.

Also, pre-race menu has changed, and now you can access to QTS menu prior to the race. Also, clock is now displayed in Pre-race menu.

Match-making is so far working good, while the lag is almost non-existant. However, so far I've been racing with only small filed of drivers, it has to been seen what will happen in 16 players races. Notice that game encourages you not to participate in large-field races if you don't have good connection.

There is Free-Race mode as a part of both Online Race and Time-Trials, where you can drive any car on any track with any tire-compound. However, results are not added into Online Rankings - which leads us to another detail:

Time-Trial races for Online Rankings (available through Arcade mode) will obviously have only S2 tire-compound available, making Online Rankings focused on showing TOP100 drivers all the time. I still find out JP system better, but I guess that competition will get more fearsome as the time will go by. Also worth noticing is that all Time Trial races (where you can't mess with both QTS or tire-compounds) are obviously driven with ABS1, because there is no drastic lock-up that can be experienced now with setting as "0".

Notice that Drift Trials are added in Online Rankings menu, together with Time-Trials.

Another handy addition is that Garage-menu is now available in pre-race menus through all modes - so now you don't have to go back in Garage in order to change the car every time.

Also, Museum is working now, while there is still no glympse of "Behind the Apex" movie in GT:TV - and all other 4 movies that were previously available during Online-Test phase (Evo X and GT-R documentaries) are not available.

That's it for this, now I'm heading to enjoy in fact that ABS is finally dead :). This is a whole new universe now for all old-core Gran Turismo players.

Notice that you'll need to make some port-forwarding if connecting your PS3 to the internet via router. Although game gives you details in News page (now with just some basic news, while there are no News in Dealership section), you can find all info online here (together with glympse of future official Forum):


EDITED: and 2P replay is now available, sadly still on split screen, and sadly - non-recordable. But it's here, so thet's very nice.


NINTH UPDATE 18-04-2008

Driving Force GT and GTPrologue

With some little help of my friends, I got a great chance to test European edition of Logitech's DFGT wheel, new official Gran Turismo and PS3 wheel.

It's basically the same as US DFGT, but it will arrive in shops later this month, or during May. Only visible difference is power-supply due to differences in electricity standards.

Since I have G25 wheel - and before I had DFP - I made comparations with both of them.

Wheel is the same size as G25, with the same "thin" grip - moulded to give better grip than DFP. Wheel is moulded from quality-plastic (rubber), while I had a feel that base is not metal (as in G25), but also made of plastic. However, when driving, you have a better feel than with DFP due to better plastic used. Plastic "flappers" are the same as on DFP, with two big buttons on the rear side of the wheel.

Wheelbase is exactly the same as in DFP - I have a feeling they've even used the same mould. Side gearstick is also the same and works the same. However, since it was well done in DFP, it's also good on DFGT.

Pedals are almost the same as on DFP, while brake-pedal gives slightly better resistance. I was impressed with built-in software for GT5:P support when I tested driving with ABS-off. Although I was expecting serious lock-up of the wheels due to low pedal-stifness - which is not even close to superior feeling that G25 pedals are providing - results are really impressive. You can drive without ABS with no problem, and i have no doubt that infamous pedal-mod (sticking a piece of hard sponge under brake pedal) would provide final results au-paire with G25's - if not even better (since one can use really hard sponge and make the damn pedal stiff as hell).

Central Horn-button with GT logo is illuminated when game starts, and it looks nice. Wheel is auto-calibrated and the noise is much lower than DFP's. I really didn't bother to try the horn, so I don't know is it working or not at all :). New small Live Dynamics wheel/button are great though, because right wheel (red one) allows to be used in menus, making navigating through various game-menus extremely fast. Their function in game is flawless. They work in real-time, and you "learn" how to use them in very moment. They're nice addition to overall "felling" of the wheel, while presumable adding of new functions in the game - such as tyre-wear - will provide their full-usability. At this point, they're no more than visual threat and time-saver :).

PS button is also there, but it only does basic function of "PS menu".

D-pad is precise, while PS buttons (sq, tr, crc and x) have good feel under the fingers. L3 and R3 butons are now made in resemblance to PSP-analogue stick, but I guess people with short fingers could have trouble reaching them while driving. Nice evolution is position of L2 and R2 buttons, which are now on the top side of the wheel. Since game allows to reassign any button to any function, they can be used for various things, even for gearing - which can come handy when wheel is turned for more than 100 degrees making backside-flappers become hardly reachable.

As for steering feel, it's better than DFP, but not as good as G25's. However, that's understandable, because this DFGT is evolution of DFP - not made to compete with superb G25's built.

Force feedback strength is something that needs to be explained. DFP users could say that FF is not as strong as on DFP, but one have to take into consideration that overall FF effect was also pretty much changed from GT4 game. DFGT's force feedback is good, precise and very informative. You get the same "level" of information as you get with G25, and steering is very fast and smooth. However, since the wheel is not made of metal, overall FF feel is somewhat weaker than on G25 - but adjusting FF-effect in option solves the problem.

DFP users should notice that even G25 does not provide extreme amount of FF effect that DFP has - but the reason is different technology and FF software used in GT5:P game.

With DFGT there is no oversteer-effect and loss of grip as DFP is "providing" in GT5:Prologue's physics. Apart from feeling that comes as a result of build-quality, steering with DFGT can be compared with the precission and feel of G25. Which is pretty much impressive. Also, the self-centering is not fast as on G25, but it's better than on DFP which has none :).

When everything is taken in concern, I have to admit I was impressed with DFGT. It's a evolution from DFP in many ways, most noticable in steering and FF department. If the DFP is considered as hand-made machette, and G25 as surgeons scalpel, DFGT coulb be viewed as katana :)

I have to say that my personal movement from DFP to G25 was a quantum leap in terms of mastering the new GT5:P's physics and driving model. DFGT perfectly fills the price-gap between those two opposits, and I guess it's a fair-priced for what it gives. After all, it's GT5:P official wheel, and overall support of the game - in both navigation and driving - is great.

If any future updates - and full GT5 game especially - will give us tyre-wear, changable weather or brake-wear - than the full functionality of DFGT's Live Dynamic buttons will go even more in the focus.

Untill then, DFGT remains a great piece of hardware for all users who does not have enough funds to jump on G25 train, or who does not need hard-core built wheel for extreme usage - as G25 is. It's well made, it feels reliable, and it works better than I was expecting.

In conclusion, it's a great succesor to Driving Force Pro model in mainstream/consumer venue.

I also made some pictures to compare it with G25 and will post them later afternoon.



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United States
Sweeeeet, let us know if there are any significant differences from the current GT5P to this newer release, obviously more cars and extra track, but kinda like improvements from GTHD to GT5P.


Get the F40 - NOOOOOW :-)

Amar - You rock too hard dude - 1 billion invisible +reps !....
and now I have something important to do for the next hour or so :)

By that i assume you mean play GT5P in PAL?!

So very jealous right now that words don't do it justice..

Anyone else tempted to fly out to Croatia now?? I am!:dopey:

Amar, can i ask 2 questions:

1.How did you get it early?

2. Can we get a pic with you and the game in it please?!

Touring Mars

ツーリング マルス
Glasgow, Scotland
1 billion invisible +reps !....
Make that 1 billion and 1 :eek: Can't wait to see what you make of it. Great work to you and the guys who helped you get your mits on the game so early! 👍


Wohoo, sweet :) Be sure to take a lot pictures on the F40 ;)

I am glad they kept the cover the same cover as NTSC (JPN), the R35 is so beautiful!
At least we will have first hand impressions, no more doubts.

Please one photo of the F40 on the circuit. External View and cockpit view. Whenever you have time.


Some guy
At least we will have first hand impressions, no more doubts.

Please one photo of the F40 on the circuit. External View and cockpit view. Whenever you have time.

And the 512BB.


United States
Would PD really let you drive the F40 with out earning it. That car has 'all gold' or '100%' written all over it. Unless it's in an arcade mode I just don't see you getting to take it for a spin right off the bat.

Touring Mars

ツーリング マルス
Glasgow, Scotland
If the PAL version is anything like the JP version, these cars won't be instantly available to drive... plus, Amar is more likely to spend his time finding out about the new features of the game rather than concentrating on unlocking one or two purdy cars! Still, one thing's for sure - he's going to be driving that 512BB or the F40 a LONG time before any of us are :lol:

edit: tree'd!
"And now I have something important to do for the next hour or so".........Lets just hope he can tear himself away from it to come and give us all the good news, that "hour or so" could quite easily turn into 3 hours or so LOL
Photo mode?
Private game lobby?
invite friends?
all tuneing options?
any frame rate or tearing issues?
any additional stuff over the JPN version?
fuel or tire ware?
we need pics of the F40! LOL
Think that covers my FIRST list of questions!

the Interceptor

If you don't mind amar, I'm going to transfer this in (kind of) real time to the german GTRP forum (naming you as the one who made this, obviously). 👍
Give it time he has to install it first . Then be blown away, pick himself off the floor and stop his hands shaking


I just have to post this here because now I'm excited as hell.

Very last second of gorgeous NEW intro movie gave a hint that will keep me awake untile I finish the whole game - today.

And I guess you'll understand my excitement because we all know what this is:


  • DSC05223.jpg
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United States
Midwest, USA
The quick tune screen.. would you be so kind as to capture all of it? I've seen a preview of it here, but there's a scroll bar on the right and I'd love to see what's there. Thanks in advance.
please tell me the intro video will be on youtube in 15 minutes :D

or a screenshot of this clue will do just fine
This will be the biggest thread yet! No seriously LOL This is the bit were we all sit hiting the refresh button for an hour LOL


Muse Fan
United Kingdom
Don't give too much away in this...after all I still want some surprises for when everyone else recieves the game.

But I sooo want to be you at this current moment in time.