Expectations for Forza 7 going from FM6.

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 7' started by SimTourist, Mar 29, 2016.

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    Given that the blueprint feature was one of the most well-recieved features in Horizon 3, there's really no reason they can't implement it in FM7. Giving people the ability to recreate real-world championships with specific cars, tracks and rules and allowing them to share these setups would be killer. Especially with fully customizable experiences being a huge selling point in video games in general these days.
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    I haven't heard of Blueprint mentioned by name, but we do have confirmation that you can adjust the length of races in Career, and have a lot of freedom in terms of car choice for events.
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    They've also said there will be an open championship along with the set championship events where you can use any car you want. They haven't gone into detail what options there will be, but hopefully it's more like Blueprint and less like FM6's Free Play.

    I just hope they raised the lap limit as 50 laps isn't that much on some tracks.
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    I imagine it'll be sort of like blueprint in that you'll be able to choose the locations of the championship, the weather conditions, number of laps and most importantly the car type/championship, which hopefully means they've rectified the issue of FM6 where not all cars had car types available leaving a tonne of cars unusable in career. Whether we'll be able to set up custom car restrictions like in FH3 is doubtful, but I'd love to be proven wrong.