F1 2020 Photo-mode thread


Wymondham, Norfolk
Heres a place for all your photomode needs and postings.

I don’t remember the photomode in F1 2019 being quite this good.





It does look better! Very clear shots! 👍

I will be sure to share some shots! Just need to wait for knocking off my shift at work at 4pm and then getting home and installing the game!
Well hopefully I'll get some pictures in the thread soon, still waiting on the game arriving but hopefully it's here tonight!
Some great shots guys. May i ask what platform you are all using? Going to spend some quality time with the game this weekend and hope to grab a few shots myself (Xbox One S).
Some great shots guys. May i ask what platform you are all using? Going to spend some quality time with the game this weekend and hope to grab a few shots myself (Xbox One S).

Xbox One X here.

First race start

Bahrain under the lights
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Blue Horizons Equinox - Renault F1 Team
2020 Mid-Season Report

F1® 2020_20200708201747.jpg

R&D being carried out on the team's first chassis prior to the 2020 season, the 11th team's chassis has been dubbed the BH101. The debut livery from the team bears a striking resemblance to Benetton's 2001 effort, also coincidentally using Renault power.

F1® 2020_20200708211638.jpg

Owner/driver Jack Johnston fights for position towards the back of the pack during the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix. He would bring home a respectable 17th place after a weekend to forget at the team's debut in Australia.

F1® 2020_20200708212400.jpg

Second Driver Tatiana Calderon during practice in Bahrain. The team were determined to have their record book cake and eat it too, not only being the first owner-driver team on the modern F1 grid, also signing the first female driver in modern F1.

F1® 2020_20200708233842.jpg

The BH101 proved rather unimpressive in dry conditions, mostly competing with Alfa Romeo and Williams, but the car came alive during wet races. Here, Johnston carries the BH101 to a 10th place finish during a hectic Chinese Grand Prix, securing the team's first points.

F1® 2020_20200709002402.jpg

Pieces of bodywork fly after a massive shunt between Johnston and Grosjean results in a DNF for the Canadian driver at the revived Dutch Grand Prix.

F1® 2020_20200709235456.jpg

Tatiana Calderon driving for Blue Horizons in Baku, here she would record her best finish thus far of 17th place. By this point in the season, additional sponsorships have been added to the car.

F1® 2020_20200709235305.jpg

Johnston again comes out on top in a scrap between Alpha Tauri and Haas, finishing the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in 13th place.

F1® 2020_20200714002545.jpg

After another eventful wet-to-dry race at Paul Ricard, Johnston again brings the BH101 to a 10th place finish, beating out Sergio Perez.

F1® 2020_20200714002836.jpg

Calderon again scrapping with the Williams drivers. Here she would best them and bring the car home to a respectable 19th place finish at Paul Ricard.

F1® 2020_20200715202843.jpg

During what looked like a promising weekend at another wet Grand Prix in the United Kingdom, Giovinazzi spins Johnston, resulting in the Canadian finishing the race in dead last.

As the team looks ahead to the future, they hope to fulfill their dream of finishing at least 10th in the constructor's championship in their first year active. Currently they hope to stay ahead of their most direct competition, Haas and Williams, until the end of the year. Development continues on the car, although the team still relies heavily on wet conditions and other team's misfortunes to get ahead rather than the chassis' sheer speed. Further investments will need to be made in the team's facilities before they can hope to climb further up the midfield.
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Absolutely lairy move by Bottas, passing me round the outside of turn 1 at Mexico, locking up while doing so.


Couple more from that same race



Amazing detail!


And finally for today, my new livery for Season 3. Changed the name of the team around from M-Sport ABR1 to ABR1 M-Sport F1 Team and signed Lando Norris to replace Jack Aitken (who in turn went to Mclaren).
Some really great pictures again guys and girls. I really need to grab some and post as I’ve had some good looking shots.

Similar to Magpies Baku race above. Wet Monaco race in my teams. I’m the green car. Was a 50% race which was hell and everyone had multiple penalties lol.



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