F1 2020: Vietnam Hanoi Circuit First LookF1 2020 

I think, the racing might be quite good there, just like in Baku. But man, this country has no history in motorsport and city tracks in general don't have the same appeal to me as real race tracks. They often look boring (apart from Singapore which looks awesome).
Very little run off areas and no contours kinda bland, looks like there are couple of areas for overtakes so not as bad as monaco but it lacks the character of other street circuits...
looks and feels boring, i'm not a fan of those "flat" tracks. F1 should hire the folks responsible for the tracks that we have in gran turismo.

The new Grand Prix track in the Algarve has elevation and is great to drive it even had an F1 test there. Its also near the tourist area of the alargave and algarve airport so its an ideal race venue. But due to money it's being totally overlooked by F1. They choose Hanoi as they think it will generate more cash in Asia, having lived in Hanoi there is no good area for a great track and the poeple are only talking about F1 because the track is being dumped right into the city in their faces.
Turns 15-19 are what really throw things off. The entry to this section isn't that great and you can lose a lot of time if you're not lined up just right, since it's wholly dependent on being able to take the 16-18 section straight on instead of moving away from the wall that sticks out on the right hand side, it feels very cramped and unnatural. Pretty much every time trial session I've done, this is where I end up losing so much time and it's extremely difficult to gauge it correctly.

I'm also not a fan of the pit road entry, I get that there are only limited options for how that could be arranged but I feel like it could have been done a little more elegantly. As it is, it's like Canada's pit entry but much more squashed up and easier to cause an incident at.

It's far from the worst track (at least this one isn't built in a casino parking lot), but I'd be surprised if it lasted more than three or four years on the calendar.
I hate this track with a passion, zero flow to the circuit, completely flat and very few overtaking opportunities. Don't get me started on the last sector, makes Sochi look like spa in comparison.
New to F1 2020 this week, just did 14 laps for the Red River trophy, it's the most mind numbing 14 laps of my life, how on earth did the FIA green light that for the delayed 2020 season.
Given the news coming out concerning future races (read: likely not happening thanks to politics shenanigans), I’ll buy F1 2021 for the sole reason that it won’t have this track in it. I recently went there for S2 of my Brabham MyTeam career, by the Gods, I hate that track with a visceral passion, it doesn’t lend itself to getting into a rhythm and I can’t get the drive out of the slow corners that the AI does at all.