F1 2020: Circuit Zandvoort First LookF1 2020 

We’ll see, but it looks like an awful track for overtaking, your nose is just going be to sliced off with the sharp corners when getting a run on the straights, imo

Let's face it, there's only a race there due to Max being in F1, another money making exercise, and to hell with the fans and good racing....

That last banked corner looks awful! :dopey: :confused: :lol:
I can see some serious safety car action there with the wall being so close to the track on the exit of the banked corner... A new wall of champions methinks lol

Yes mate, to me it looks too dangerous for modern F1....The track isn't big enough in terms of run off....

The fast right that swoops, and is quite banked, half around the lap looks terrifying....the banked gravel trap will surely launch an F1 car as soon as it digs in, especially in the wet, which is highly possible with the often inclement weather on the Dutch coast. :drool:

Oh wow, the Codies F1 team have been busy this year. Not content with squeezing their resources to put two new tracks in, they've even managed to find the time to change the font used in the "in car" MFD.

Yes Slapped, 2 tracks, a few little changes here and there, but not worth buying, seeing next gen is about to appear. The Schumacher stuff has taken up most of CMs time, boring.

I'll stick with 2019, a very decent game now it's been patched...Something that of course 2020 will need as always, as there's never been a Codies F1 game that's launched without many issues.
I'm looking forward to this version myself, surprised it's not Vettel dressed up as a banana! :dopey: :lol:


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