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Heading towards the conclusion of the 2019 season in real life and with that will mark the ramping up to not only the next campaign in March but also the next game in Codemasters F1 series. If they keep to last years release cycle then we should see the game fairly early in the season. So here’s a thread to pitch what you would (realistically if possible) would like to see from the title.

1. More F2 integration into career mode.
I, like many others, love the F2 cars in 2019. But also like many others, was slightly disappointed that in career mode it consisted of 3 scenarios, only one of which was a full race. Now I’m not going to say I think a full season should be forced on you from the get go. But at least the option to select from perhaps a 3 race scenario, a reduced championship (I.e just sprint races), or a full championship with the scenarios playing out at the relevant points. I think it would create a tighter bond to any potential characters that get implemented again.

From this I would then like to see the driver transfers in F1 start to include F2 drivers being promoted into F1 through the career. This would add even more immersion to the career.

2. More story elements and more off track scenarios.

Now again I don’t think this should be overdone, but more elements of off track goings on like the continuation of certain scenarios, at least rolling into the F1 season if they do it like 2019. But also the press stuff. More intense post race conferences when on the podium with more media to influence your rep, pre race conferences, particularly if you had an incident in the race before like the DIA seem to enjoy doing to put you on the spot.

3. More classic content
Easy one to want. But the game felt like it was heading towards the inclusion of al the title winning cars of modern F1. And if they don’t go that way then just more iconic, if not always successful, cars would be amazing. And maybe a track or 2? We saw this back in 2013 so would be nice to see a return. 90s Silverstone and Hockenheim perhaps?
Surprised this isn't more active seeing as a lot of people like to bash on the series.

In all seriousness, I have a few ideas.

Driver Contracts
I'd like drivers to have contracts that they generally stick to. For example, Hamilton has a multi-year contract at Mercedes so he'll not be likely to move.

Career Driver Reputation
I'd like to see NPC drivers having reputation with teams. For example, Vettel would have the highest reputation with teams like Ferrari, Red Bull and Toro Rosso which would influence his decisions.

Test Drivers
To increase the pool of drivers in the game, I'd like to see the introduction of test drivers. That way, in 2019 as an example, we'd see drivers such as Vandoorne and Ocon looking for a drive.

Driver Attributes Changing
To increase the variability in career, I'd like to see driver attributes changing throughout the course of their career based on form and age. For example, a young driver progresses quickly which makes him a good F2 driver but drivers nearing the end of their careers can often worsen which leads to them being replaced. Also, if a driver is in good form, their attributes increase more quickly.

F2 and F3 Drivers Progressing
For the same reason as Test Drivers, I'd like to see the F1 grid continuously evolving with a larger pool of drivers. I feel this is a weaker area of the 2019 career as you have, at most, 3 drivers not on the grid.

Team Attributes and Traits
I'd like to see teams having attributes and traits which gives logic as to why they have improved throughout a career. For example, Haas may have increased their income through prize money so would have the money to invest in new Chassis staff which raises the Haas potential for the Chassis.

Prize Money

As touched on in the previous part, prize money would have an effect on a team's performance. If Haas have a good season, their money would increase thus giving the opportunity to invest. If Mercedes had a bad season, they'd lose out on prize money and not be able to spend as much.

The development tree we have now is a decent measure to develop upgrades. However, I feel there should be more factors in the effectiveness of it. For example, your team could hire more staff which increases the effectiveness of an upgrade much like the cost and quality control aspects we have now.

Own Your Own Team

Ideally, I'd love to see a story mode where you'd start with a team in 2018 GP3, progress into 2019 F2 and 2020 F1 as an additional team. Your two drivers would be story drivers and you have to choose between one of them for your F2 team before setting up your team on the grid in Australia 2020 with anybody you like. You'd have the same aspects to manage as well as the ability to hire drivers whether they're Mahaveer Raghunathan or Lewis Hamilton depending on the success and financial ability of your team.

Improved AI Strategy
I'd like to see the AI being smarter and more variable strategically. Instead of constantly putting around the same time, starting in the same tyres etc, I'd like to see some variability. For example, teams such as Mercedes prefer a one stop and sometimes do Q2 on the Medium. I'd like to see this replicated. Also, under SCs and VSCs, I'd like to see them react with drivers choosing to pit based on the loss or potential gain.

AI's On-Track Behaviour
A lot of people point out the AI apoear as if they drive in rails and I'd agree. In the wet, they don't make mistakes we often see. We don't see the spins from the white lines. Also, we often see trains when cars have damage at tight circuits such as Baku. I'd like to see them attempt overtakes more often.

ERS Deployment
There's been a lot of discussion regarding the deployment of ERS. Although I haven't driven AC's system, it is spoken well. Hopefully, this area is improved with less driver input for 2020.

Race Director in Online
This is mainly an idea for leagues and esports series. However, the race director would have the ability to call an SC and apply penalties during the race or a black and white flag.

Editable Values
The Football Manager games are popular in this regard. Allowing players to make experiments based on value changes or how a worst/best team does. Although not a huge thing, it might allow us to balance OP drivers such as Perez.
Mix this game or make it compatible with PC3 so you can drive all the cars and tracks anytime on any track. Add more car levels starting with Gocarts that people actually race before getting into F1-------add older F1 historic cars
DAS wheel sorted.

My desire, more like wishful thinking, an actual season to base a game on. (Though I understand the reasoning behind the cancellations and postponements of GP’s).
I wish they could do a proper multi season. Why not take advantage of the regulation changes and do a 2017 to 2020 career where you start back in 2016 in the Formula 2? That would be awesome!

Chances of it actually happening? Zero. But it would be awesome nonetheless.

Oh and mouse support and VR. At least mouse support.
I wish they could do a proper multi season. Why not take advantage of the regulation changes and do a 2017 to 2020 career where you start back in 2016 in the Formula 2? That would be awesome!

Chances of it actually happening? Zero. But it would be awesome nonetheless.

Oh and mouse support and VR. At least mouse support.

I completely agree with the multi-season career. It's something even EA managed to do, back around 2002 (it's called something like f1 career challenge.)

The only thing I would change is I would have it start in 2009 and go through 2020, as CodeMasters has had the exclusive license since 2009 (they made a terrible wii/portable 2009 game.)
It would mean they would have to program in multiple rule changes, most of which they already have games using. Refueling for 2009 would be new for the CM f1 games.
They already have every car from 2010 -2019 modeled, they would have to update a bunch them.
They already have every track from 2010 - 2019 modeled, and I cant think of any tracks from 2009 that weren't used at some point between 2010 and 2019. Some of these would probably take more work to update than the cars.
Going to try to keep it to a realistic list of things CM could achieve. I would hope that given the game will likely be delayed before they can assess the relative performance of the cars, they will hopefully be focusing on the game elements themselves... My list is a bit career focused though given that is what I spend most of my time doing!

1. F3 Championship added - It is 1 car to model, but it does add quite a lot of livery design work.
2. A more structured career - I think this is common already, but as others have said it would be good to see the F2 and F3 drivers move up the ladder to F1 and replacing the F1 drivers as they age.
3. Creating a new career team - I've created a custom car livery on F1 2019, but I have never used it... And it does seem that the race drivers get a lot of managerial decisions placed on them anyway! :D
4. Improved highlights videos - It was nice to see in F1 2019, but unfortunately it always seems to miss every single race highlight for some artistic shots, or just not a lot! It will even show the build up to a pass, but not the pass itself... It seems simple as well to timestamp the moment an overtake happens, and then show 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after?
For me, I really just have to say...

- F2 drivers being able to move into F1 after a year or two in Career Mode. This was severely lacking in F1. Imagine Calderon dominating the season in a Mercedes and becoming the first female F1 World Champion. Let Kimi retire already.

- Some proper sponsorship packages for your fictional team. I’m talking real-world F1 sponsors like Rolex, Pirelli, Richard Mille, etc. so your 11th team doesn’t look like dollar store garbage. It would be pretty funny though if you could put some “your name could be here” decals on your sidepods HRT-style.

- Having the full F2 season available before you move into a F1 junior team, or even just allowing you to stay in F2 forever, season after season if that’s your thing.

- Having a decent library of livery templates for your fictional team. Basically all of the ones from F1 2019’s multiplayer mode, minus the garbage fake sponsors.

- Allow choosing your teammate after changing seats in F1. I switched to Ferrari from Alfa in 2019 and I got paired with Leclerc when I’d rather have been paired with Vettel. He did go back to Red Bull and gave us some stiff competition, so that was cool though.

- Some pre-set names for your fake F1 team so they actually get acknowledged by the announcers in career mode.