Fanatic Clubsport V3 Pedals to Thrustmaster adapter by Symdeck

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Road Grime, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Road Grime

    Road Grime

    I've been meaning to post a review of this for a while, but what can you really say about a small black box that just works...?

    If you're like me and own a Thrustmaster setup (for PS4), T-GT in my case, then you're probably not too happy with the pedals. I was on the upgrade path, trying brake mods and grudgingly getting really close to just ordering a load cell. But, I really didn't want to keep dumping money into them when in the back of my mind what I really wanted, someday, was to upgrade to some inverted Fanatec pedals...but nobody made such a thing! Now before buying any Fanatic gear I had tried using a Drivehub to adapt my old-already-upgraded Logitech pedal set to use with my T-GT, and immediately found out that I lost a couple of features. One was my "real brake" upgrade no longer worked (so it was already out at this point)...and two, the rumble feature of the T-GT is lost when running through the Drivehub! I love that rumble effect!

    Well after a LOT of searching I came across a product that SAID it would do exactly what I wanted but I just couldn't find a single review from anyone! And for an adapter it's not exactly cheap...roughly the price of just upgrading to a load cell brake. Now, I REALLY wanted those Fanatec inverted pedals, so I did the dumb thing and ordered it and those pedals.

    Enter, the Symdeck Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals to Thrustmaster adapter.
    Luckily for me, it worked! I mean like totally invisible worked. you just plug it in and you're racing. It's never faulted , there's no firmware to update, truly a plug and play ordeal. I believe these are hand made to order, so they take a week or two, but I have NEVER dealt with a company that kept me so updated on the progress of building, testing, and shipping times. Kudos to whoever you are there at Symdeck but for me you're this console simracer's lifesaver! :bowdown:
    So honestly that's about all there is for my review, I'm a man of few words. :lol:

    I will leave you with a few more pics for reference.
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  2. Goonie75


    It's strange that the drivehub didn't work, how did you have it configured, if you had the T-GT connected to the controller port it should be recognised as a T-GT.
  3. Road Grime

    Road Grime

    Sadly, Drivehub can't pass two signals through the usb connection, meaning the wheel works but the bass transducer attached to the wheelbase won't work. Kind of a big deal for me as I love that feature and only play GT on this rig.
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  4. AlexRacing


    I also thought transducer should work through DriveHub if I plug T-GT into controller port. T-GT is official PS4 controller and it's no needed to connect DualShock for digital signature. I thought T-GT could work like in pass through mode.
  5. Road Grime

    Road Grime

    I wish it had too, I also thought the same as you. But in the end, I'm much happier now.