Fastest road car in GT6 so far?

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  1. djslofstra

    Netherlands Friesland

    My GT-R Black edition goes 457 kph without using Nitrous oxide, with it goes up to 500 Kph.
    Here a video:
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  2. Flogzya

    Australia Perth

    I can only get my black edition GTR upto 457 with NOS before it hits limiter. Id love to know whaf set up the GTR in the video is runnig.
  3. Besides the Veyron?

    Pagani Huayra
    Ferrari FXX
    Alfa Romeo Stradale
    Aston Martin One 77
  4. djslofstra

    Netherlands Friesland

    I changed top speed in 460, then I set the diffential reduction on a lower value. This will make revs lower so the car is able to go faster before it hits its rpm limit, just like a real car. ;)
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  5. thestig11


    the lcc rocket has over 350 bhp when fully tuned, and with 1.10kg per hp it is a monster track car when set up
  6. sparkytooth

    Venezuela Ruining your franchise

    The FXX isn't a road car ;)
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  8. TP3


    That is the only road legal Ferrari FXX in existence. Joe Macari in the UK did the conversion. Ferrari has never produced an FXX for road going, public use.
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  9. Nonetheless, its a great car.
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  10. ionstriker


    My fully tuned huayra is doing 492kmph without nos.
  11. jbaum


    redbull x1 2011 got it up to 570 kph

    edit: misread the road car part haha
  12. vass0131


    308 mph Pagani Huayra 15th Anniversary Editoin.
  13. 24kartracer42


    I bought a Veyron and fully tuned it to 1300~hp and with nitrous I hit 370mph with no draft.
  14. FastGT23

    United States Texas

    He said no nos
  15. FastGT23

    United States Texas

    My huayra is doing 303mph at the moment no draft no nos. Still tweaking. The suspension setups are way different than gt5 imo

    United Kingdom UK

    My Audi V16 has lost 5mph of top speed overnight. Thanks for the 'update' Polyphony :(
  17. banu_aussie


    redbull's are amazing
  18. banu_aussie


    i got my GTR black edition up to 562 km/h in a slip stream
  19. Rene Langoen


    I know it isnt that fast, but im just in the start-up face of the game (National A) i had my first fully tunet car, a Skyline R33 v-spec 97' at 438 without nos, and with "the wrong" turbo. I had bought the high rev turbo, that gives u like 20 hp less then the mid rrev. But anyway 438 km/h in a 50.000 cr car isnt bad, this was no slipstream no nos, not anything
  20. Nice thread. My Aston 177 goes to 298mph fully modded and with no draft or nitrous. I haven't messed with the gearing yet so I'm thinking I can get more.

    Btw how are you guys getting 1400 hp with the Viper??? Mine won't go past 1087hp.
  21. suv139

    United States US, Kentucky

    I believe the update changed the SRT Viper hp to that amount
  22. I have the latest update and my Vipers are all stuck at 1087 hp. I just bought another one Max tuned it and it won't go beyond 1087hp. I seem to be having lots of trouble with a few cars of mine. I think I'm going to have to do another reinstall.

    Edit: Nevermind. I just realized how old this Whirlpeas post was. I knew I tuned my Viper to 1300hp when I first got the game. I thought I was nuts after seeing only 1087hp lately.

    After the update it can only go to 1087hp now. PD is lost on these cars. Real world Turbo Vipers have been doing 1500hp since 15+ years ago. You were right on track with the 1300-1400hp Vipers PD. Why did you go backwards with the update? Makes no sense. They fixed something that didnt need to be fixed but they haven't fixed the turbo problems on a few of the cars like the Anniversary HSV. sigh.
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  23. Huston189


  24. Huston189


    I got my Toyota supra to go 300 no N2O and no slipstream. Probably the biggest high speed bang for your buck.
  25. All Your Base

    North Korea With Kim Jong Un

    I've gotten my Lotus Esprit Sport 350 up to 305 mph (286 without NOS). I'm unsure if that is the fastest my Esprit can do yet.
  26. How do you get the top speed displayed like this in-game?
  27. BobbyBRAKEaNek

    United States Carrollton, GA

    Left side of GT6's main screen, go to stats and then scroll down. Plenty of info there.
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  28. BionicDerp

    Canada PE

    It's nowhere near the fastest car, but the E Type can go 380 km/h with n2o.
  29. Even the Ferrari 288 GTO can go over 300 mph, used it to win all the Like the Wind races. LCC Rocket can also go over 300 mph even with low BHP.

    United Kingdom UK

    Kind of a weird one but, the Chaparral 2J does 290 mph in reverse :D
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