Favorite Gta 4 activity

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto' started by Chikane, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Chikane

    United States Home

    My would be killing holes at night with the M4 .. i just never get tired of it.
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  2. lpb-nissan-gt-r

    PSN:lpb-gt-r-is-cool or GTP_ParisPeach

    Killing hookers and getting a refund:)
  3. boiltheocean

    Tahiti Tahiti Maze

    Driving around like a law-abiding member of society.
  4. Worst_Driver

    Canada Canada

    Put C4 on a scooter and enter any of Tony's clubs and make it blow. :D

    You can have so much fun with explosives. ;)
  5. Spacegoat

    Australia Upside Down

    I enjoy jacking a cab and just cruising round checking out the sights.

    Edit: Oh and getting in a couple of 4 star police chases here and there.:D
  6. Create a taxi riot.
    Go to a road with a lot of taxis (like Star junction).
    Go around and kick or hit the taxis, the taxi drivers will exit and start chasing you.
    Once you got a few angry taxi drivers chasing you around, jump on top of the taxis and keep on kicking to add even more angry taxi drivers to the mix (the WTF taxis are the easiest, - as you can easily kick the WTF sign).
    Since the drivers can't effectively hit you when you're standing on a car, they'll invariably end up up hitting each other and it will soon turn into a huge brawl :lol:

    Once you're tired of watching that, it's time to add a sticky or grenade to the large pile of abandoned taxis :mischievous:
  7. oalithgow


    kill averyone wiht molotov grenade :D
  8. Sleek Stratos

    Costa Rica Costa Rica

    The swingset of death. On a boat. Oh yes I did.
  9. Wiegert

    United Kingdom Salopia

    I once drove an Infernus into that swingset. It threw me across to the other side of Dukes, where I ended up landing on a fire escape. What a fluke!
  10. Sleek Stratos

    Costa Rica Costa Rica

    I've landed on a rooftop next to the Russian theater twice using an Infernus. They're great because they ramp up and get parallel with the center pole if you hammer the throttle just enough. If you do that, you get some insane air. Also, go online and try making the swing set glitch, then have your guy hang on the crossbar. Just don't start moving from side to side, it'll more than likely freeze the game and the PS3 with it.

    Some friends and I used the one in Alderney though, marked here. We ramped up a Dinghy onto land somewhere close to Honkers, then pushed it from there to that swing set I'm talking about. It violently throws you into the ocean, almost as far as Algonquin, usually we'd do it in a car and drown in it so we wouldn't have to swim back to shore, luckily with the boat we landed on the right side and we were able to navigate our way back. :D The second time it launched us we got wedged on the Sprunk billboard walkway just north of the set. I'll see if I can upload a video we took of it.
  11. Crooooooow

    United States MD

    Get into high speed crashes down the Broker straight. Also, pushing people into the swingset of death until the swings launch them, and leave behind a major majority of blood. It's like a serial killer has struck. What? I've played GTA 4 for two years now. Still trying to think of what else to do, until a new scenery comes along in GTA 5.
  12. lukey2985

    PSN:1.luke2985 2.stu2985

    i like setting cars on fire then leaving them in the middle of a busy road boom!!!
  13. DK

    Ireland Ireland

    I can't believe no one's mentioned drink driving yet.
  14. fbccars924

    United States Alton, Illinois

    I like getting a mr. whoopee and acting like sweet tooth. Demented truck music- check Psycho behind the wheel- check Guns and kool melee weapons- check
  15. VXR

    Online Now!
    United Kingdom Plymouth, UK

    This, and walking around like a tourist.
  16. Thecla246


    Rallying the Sultan RS near the beach!
  17. Akmuq

    Ireland Galway, Ireland

    Jumping out of a car just as oncoming traffic comes. It's really funny because the camera follows where you would land if there wasn't a cr in your way.
  18. Liquid

    Slovakia Bratvegas

    Plus riding the Subway.

    "I'm on Windmill, and I need to get to Schottler. So I'll change at Frankfort for Vauxite. But I also need to go to Chinatown.. so I'll change for Vauxite and stop off at Emerald before carrying on through Easton"

    There's something so inexplicably rewarding about being a noble citizen. But what illegal stuff is fun?

    Sticky Bomb combos; Mowing down crowds of people in slo-mo cinematic; Beating my best time on 6 stars; Pretending I'm a corrupt undercover policeman; Target practice with guns (e.g. Free aim only); pushing people infront of the Subway

    It's a very fun game for beating out any pent up frustration.
  19. TommyWizard

    United Kingdom N. Ireland

    In multiplayer jumping onto a moped and wheeling it up and down the runways at the air port.

    There is also a skate park somewhere, were you can "backflip" it. Good times :)
  20. Pendulum


    Doing front flips with NRJ, so cool.

    United States Michigan

    I didnt care for the campaign so most of my time was doing the free roam mode with friends. Driving around just doing whatever we wanted. I also spent quite a bit of time in the "GTA race" mode. That was until people figured out the perfect spot to block off cars and respawn kill you over and over again. After that started happening, I quit playing the game and traded it in. The free roam up to 16 players was the highlight of the game for sure.
  22. ZDUPH

    United States Massachusetts

    Me and a few friends hit the streets of Liberty City online with traffic parked, fully decked out in racing attire (helmets firesuit, etc.). It's fun to do stuff like drifting, offroading, rock climbing, drag racing, circuit racing around custom courses, and last but not least, cat and mouse (one person driving an Airtug tries to outdrive pursuing Annihilators and attempts to make it from point A to point B without dieing).

    Every now and then we do Rally events. Here's how it works:
    4 players, 2 in one color, 2 in another color (2 red vs 2 green)
    One drives, the other rides in the passenger seat, acting like a co-driver
    Pick a random car (limited accordingly, for example, FWD only)
    Race from Airport beach to truck stop where a Phantom spawns, staying ONLY on the dirt paths
    The co-driver will tell you what the upcoming turn is (i.e. 7 left, 2 right long, etc.)
    For the next round, the driver and co-driver switch roles. Rinse and repeat
    If you're interested, shoot me a friend request on PSN. :sly:
  23. deadcell96

    United States somewhere in PA

    Lets see... Going into Maisonette and dancing/drinking, exploring, high speed driving just to name a few.
  24. gogatrs

    United States I Hate Stalkers

    Don't actually own GTA but I've enjoyed going hobo hunting in the subways at a friends. :)
  25. Liquid

    Slovakia Bratvegas

    Pushing people infront of the subway is a hobby of mine. But going exploring in Liberty is so much fun too. Urban Caving is the way forward.
  26. Spacegoat

    Australia Upside Down

    It never gets old pushing people in front of trains and downstairs.

    Also getting two hobo's to fight each other is always hilarious. :lol:
  27. Liquid

    Slovakia Bratvegas

    What is it about watching a policeman come up the steps at a Subway station then pushing him back down them that's so damn hilarious?

    I actually enjoy darts too. Big darts fan, even if it is far too easy in the game...
  28. Spacegoat

    Australia Upside Down

    I find the simple things are always the most fun.

    Like kicking a cab and having the cab driver get out and chase you down the street.
  29. Liquid

    Slovakia Bratvegas

    And leaving the internet cafe, and hearing "There's a tip jar, jerk", slowly walking back in and beating 7 shades out of him.
  30. Rossticles

    United States Houston, TX

    Driving around Middle Park in an SUV is very entertaining. I find the Cavalcade works best at mowing people down without losing too much speed.
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