Ferrari F8 Tributo is a 710hp Replacement for the 488 GTB

Am I the only one who sees the rear was influenced a bit from the NSX? O.o
Ferrari actually cites the rear as inspired by its first mid-V8 sports car, the 308:
The spoiler wraps around the tail lights, visually lowering the car’s centre of gravity and allowing a return to the classic twin light cluster and body-coloured tail, another signature of the early 8-cylinder berlinettas like the very first in the legendary series, the 1975 308 GTB.
That rear end looks cool...but otherwise its essentially just a mass production version of the Pista. Come on Ferrari, you guys could have been more original than that.
Buying a Ferrari these days is a bit like buying a smartphone.

If you wait a couple of months there'll be a new model out.
Yup just wait for the track version a 770hp F8 Liguizo or whatever they plan to call it. It will be out before 2020 :lol:
Too bad it is not called the F5. It would be nice to refresh the car ones in a while.

This Ferrari in combination with ISA must be a blast to drive on public roads.
I Love it.

Beauty and passion design evolution are always welcome.

First times I see a new Ferrari in the streets is always amazing to me, even when is a evolution of a previous designs as it if for 911s.

The only Ferrari I disliked in real life was the F50. F40 was so perfect ! But I enjoy both a lot in GTS in any case :)
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Meanwhile GT Sport is still waiting for the old 488 to be added, especially a Gr3 version but they add old cars instead because apparently we all love nostalgia.

I do love nostalgia, but i do also agree that they could've added more modern cars

As for the car, i first read the name as Triturbo and was confused on why article states it has "twin turbo V8" :lol:
Wow! Ferrari seems to be trending back towards the classic Pininfarina style. I very much like! I may be out in the woods on this, but the 458 and 488 were, well, ugly...
I Agree. Besides the LaFerrari, this is the first good looking Ferrari in more than a decade.

Also, I think the 'Tributo' may be the last of its kind, with Hybrids and EVs now overtaking in the segment. So, it seems logical it's an evolution of 458 and 488, and named as a tribute of its era.
Looks nice. Better than the Pista (and the 812 Superfast), but not as nice as the 458 or Portofino, although I’ll admit that it looks more stylish than the 458 in modern-day terms. I think if somebody showed my 10-year old self a picture of it, I’d go meh, which is actually pretty good, because I’d have gone ‘Eww!’ for most cars released from 2017 onwards if younger me saw them. :lol:

Somehow I’m also reminded of the Veyron when I see the rear. It’s probably those quad taillights though.
You can kind of tell Ferrari is feeling the pressure from Mclaren. The 720s is a monster compared to the 488.

I will say this looks far better than either the 458 or the 488. Probably the best looking model in this line since the F355.
Hasn't the 488 only been out for like, 2 years or something?
2016. So technically 3 years now ( which is still not enough time for a generation of a car in my opinion) but really 2 full years. I think this year is the year Ferrari should have came out with the Pista then in 2020 work on this F8. Too soon
The front end looks like a mesh of the 488 Pista and LaFerrari, but I do like the rear end design. Especially that glass rear window design. It feels like a nice nod back to Ferraris from the 80s and 90s.