Ferrari VGT

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Completely, utterly unrealistic but oh-my-god so much fun. Goes like a turpentined cat out of ANY corner, eats Veyrons alive, and is glued to the asphalt as an LMP1. 1:34s at Monza without even trying in the 5-laps new Supercars parade.
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Can't fit it into Sardegna... awesome!

Glad I didn't pay for it as I'll never touch it again. Really hoping they bring a Gr. 1 version when it actually launches.
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Painted in Rosso Corsa, as it should have been from the start!



A Le Mans prototype is further from the future of a brand than a Vision concept - I can't see any cars derived from the 919 or R18 coming from Porsche or Audi, nor anything remotely resembling the GR010 from Toyota.
That said, I agree this doesn't look very "Ferrari". But maybe that's what they wanted: to hint at a change in Ferrari styling?
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I hadn't seen that! Then again, that's basically a road car version of the hypercar, like they did for the Nissan R390, Porsche 911 GT1, Mercedes CLK-GTR. But these are more of a way to get around the rules than to inspire the future direction of the brand, which was what I was getting at. When they preview a new Le Mans hypercar, it's not a hint at what the brand intends to do with it's core product line, whereas a VGT concept is much more in line with where they intend to go, or at least a design direction they'd like to explore. Aside from some obvious exceptions like that ridiculous Chaparral...
I used this car in the Deep Forest reverse 7-lap 850 pp race today. I like that race and like to compare the characteristics of the VGT's there. I had to pull the power way down and add some ballast, and in that regard it drives pretty much exactly like the McLaren, which is good. It still loses at that PP to the Lambo, which is the fastest of them all, and the Peugeot (my favorite), but it's close. It probably does really well in the higher PP races.
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Haven’t seen info on this but easily could’ve missed it somewhere: What’s the red light/line/windshield artifact in cockpit view supposed to be?
The colour choices in Brand Central are nice. The dual colour gradient is particularly nice and I wish that was available when I unlocked the car early.

Haven’t seen info on this but easily could’ve missed it somewhere: What’s the red light/line/windshield artifact in cockpit view supposed to be?
That red line is a reflection of a the top of the steering column shroud.
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Everything is getting larger and not smaller according to the design trend of automobiles. Why everything is getting larger is a mystery. I am not sure if it's consumer demand or the styling aspect that make these latest cars desirable to consumers.

As you can see from these example pictures below, the older SUVs have smaller front intake versus the 2022 SUV models. And the wheels are smaller (15") from the older SUVs compare to the 2022 SUV models with larger wheels (21"):

Lexus 2000

Lexus 2022

All things considered, those current Lexus grills are nothing short of hideous, not sure why Lexus did that.
I think the Ferarri VGT looks fantastic. More than anything I look at the VGT's as kind of a concept car, manufacturers do them all the time to get an idea of how the public is going like the direction that the manufacturer may head.


Deadlights with Pennywise and the Balloons
and yet the OP is still correct - the Ferrari is better

Regardless, i refuse to ever drive those damn tomahawks ever again.. the idea sends shivers down my spine :D. Think I only attempted them a couple of times, although rinsed afk script 1st few months...
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and yet the OP is still correct - the Ferrari is better
Can't see it... in any way really.


The Tomahawk has it beat in all of these 3 aspects. When I say Tomahawk, I'm mostly refering to the S or the GTS-R, since the X is quite clearly just fanfic... ... But then again, so is this Ferrari lol.
So, what is the deal with the absurd small battery or is it the lack of a charging? The only positive take from this is that the car is much easier to drive when the battery is flat :)