FITT M Power Challenge - Mystery Solved - Congratulations to the Winners

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    I felt a little left out because I had the only M4 performance edition in the field and, although the conventional belief is that it's the same as the regular M4, I found it to be stiffer. Like everyone in the test pointed out, it's fast when it's on line but not so fast off line.

    So, as far as changes, this is what I did in the new app (I'll post the tune later today).

    - Inverse rake - I had found that the cars would rotate more under braking with regular rake, because the rear would lose grip and rotate, but it was just too uncontrollable. Inverse rake also provides better acceleration and top speed. Why? I think it has something to do with grip transferred to the rear.
    - Positive front toe - When the weight transfers on the front, the outside tire really makes the nose dive for the apex. I had negative toe in there still as a remnant from early versions of the calculation and it dawned on me that I had completely neglected to review that.

    With the new tune, I posted a best time (so far) of 2:07:030. I'm anxious to see what the others can do.
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    As promised, here is the new M4 Performance tune. This is just the suspension changes. I should have gone for shorter gears in my tune for that track, but I think it was still a decent all around set up.

    I didn't need as much ballast to make it turn, so I dialed back the weight.

    Ballast - 44 @ 40% for a 50/50 weight distribution

    RIDE HEIGHT - 110 / 100
    SPRINGS - 5.85 / 9.65
    COMP - 4 / 2
    EXT - 2 / 4
    ARB - 2 / 2
    CAMBER - 0.6 / 0.5
    TOE - 0.10 / -0.15
    BRAKES - 2 / 2

    I highlighted the changes with bold. I think the biggest change is the positive toe and the negative rake. I did a best of 2:07:030 with this set up and the same conditions as this challenge. (SM Tires, real grip, etc)

    Thanks to everyone for the lessons learned. I am reaping the benefits in every race.
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    That is awesome to hear. Maybe see you in the next one then?
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    Will try and give this a run later in the week. I'll let you know how it goes.