Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2024 (Saturday race)Formula 1 

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MBS is just cancer. Which seems to be a common theme for those three letters.
It’s pretty terrible for the FIA to drag the drivers into this mess and just makes more drama for media and sponsors.

This is why most corporations would have fired Horner already if this got out.
This will be the most exciting boring season, we know who wins but the fight for second place is the real championship.

Let's just hope the TV producers understand this.
Shame nobody gives a damn about who comes second, not even the drivers unless it affects their bonuses.
well.. if you remove Ferrari and Mercedes, the rest is fighting very hard for every point.

Points that will probably be limited to only the top 5 teams unless someone drop the ball and/or severely underperform. If things stay the way they are, this is not about top 3 anymore. It's the top 5 and I think the breakdown is like this:

1 team that has a guarantee P1 and P2
3 teams more or less fighting over P3 to P8
1 team that is sure to get P9 and P10.

If nothing happens, the bottom 5 teams will have a lot of trouble to even score 1 point this season if they don't significantly improve improve their performance cause they seem to be way off the mark.
They are so close in the midfield. Very bold assumptions after one race on a unusual track with tire-shredding asphalt and only 2 highspeed corners after having 3 full test days before the race finding your setup.
F.e. Ocon would've made P11 in 2023 with the time percentage behind Verstappen in Q2 2024 while beeing 19th now. So even that unhappily handling Alpine got closer.
There will be lots of ups and downs (most times probably only behind Red Bull) in the field. A bad weekend and you're 3-5 tenth off can and probably will cost you 10 or more places in qualifying.
I know it's a bold assumption and I say that after watching Stroll go from last to P10. I know he was helped by undercutting most of them but didn't change the fact that in order to do that, he had to have had better race pace than all of them.
Kick Stake Sauber Mc Whatever it's called on TwXtter

Comparing yourself to the green pitcrew from Cars is incredibly apt, following their 52s pitstop in Bahrain :lol: