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The European season is over, and Formula 1 begins its ever-lengthening section of flyaways to finish the season. We begin at Singapore, the street circuit hosted in the oppressive heat and humidity of an equatorial climate. The event is the biggest endurance event Formula 1 has to survive, as driver fitness is put to the test. The circuit has gone through a temporary change, as construction work on the grandstand cars usually driver under has led to the removal of two chicanes at the end of the lap. Despite being perhaps the most iconic section of the circuit, will the changes improve the chances of overtaking around the track? We will only find out at the SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX!

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I like how they’re making the flow of the tracks a little better instead of having these mickey mouse sections where no one can pass anyway.
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Are those changes to the track permanent?
From what I’ve seen the reason why it’s changed is because they’re doing some construction in that area. So that section might be back next year.
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McLaren have gone for a "Stealth Mode" livery for the next two races.

This is code for "Paint was too heavy, so we decided to take some off to make the car even harder to spot in a night race".

It's awful. The FIA need to mandate areas of paint the cars must be covered in for next season because these bare-carbon monstrosities this season are terrible. Bring back bright grids like 2020, 2012 and 2000.
From what I’ve seen the reason why it’s changed is because they’re doing some construction in that area. So that section might be back next year.
Could be an interesting test then. Say the racing is better with that straight, perhaps they might just leave it as is with the new layout!
I've always hated the "crashgate" section of the track so thank god it's gone.
It will be interesting to see pecking order at this race with so many teams bringing sizeable upgrades and also if the new directive has any effect. With the track changes, it should make it easier on the tyres too so great news for cars that are more heavy on them. If AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo upgrades work then could really open up the battle for 7th place in constructor's championship. Red Bull seem like they are bringing a smaller upgrade, McLaren, Alpine and Aston Martin look to be bringing larger upgrades. Hopefully Lando can get a great result, sneak his first career F1 win stealthily! Anyway, it will be great if Sergio can confirm his resurgence at this track being the king of these streets last year, he seems to have found that step he needed last race in setup direction a bit like Max in Baku with the car settings.
The first half of FP1 at Singapore is always great fun, as it's the only time we get to see the track I'm daytime, and therefore scenery that is usually hidden by the dark
This is the worst practice sessions I've seen so far this season for the Red Bulls...both drivers complaining and saying "we've got a lot of work to do with the balance tonight"....that's been a trademarked saying for the Mercs and the Ferrari drivers all season long 😆. Interesting to hear that from Max and Checo especially looking at their body language cause, Max looked really annoyed and frustrated which I don't think we've seen either all season.

Could this really be where red bull winning streak and dominance will stop? Do I dare to hope on such an outcome? I really would like to see that even if I know they will just start it again in Japan LOL 😆
Is Red Bull's lack of pace just going to affect them in practise, or will it be a race issue for them?
Gotta wonder if this ban on flexible wings has been extremely effective at screwing Red Bull over.

When there’s a mid season rule change with one team dominating, I always wonder if that’s the motivation. Although even without that, they have said that this track is maybe likely to be their weak one I think.

Maybe this is our one weekend of 2023 where we can sit back and enjoy a non-Red Bull win, the race sims etc from today certainly suggest they’re not going into this on the front foot. Thing is, this season has been such a whitewash that I was kinda starting to hope they might achieve the clean sweep, this late into the season. Much as I’m no great fan of Red Bull and completely hate one-team domination.
Is Red Bull's lack of pace just going to affect them in practise, or will it be a race issue for them?
Rumor has it that the lack of pace in the red bull is because they had to raise the ride height of the car. The track is so bumpy, they can't run the car as low as they normally run it and that's causing massive imbalance in the car and loss of downforce. So far this season it's usually "arrive and drive" for red bull. They may make some tweaks here and there to improve certain aspects of the car from track to track but I imagine it's all about small gains/margins considering their dominance. However here, they might have more work to do to get things to work well. That said though, looking at their long run pace simulations, they were still quick (if not quickest I think) so it's not like they are completely out of the picture.
Is Red Bull's lack of pace just going to affect them in practise, or will it be a race issue for them?
Sergio was more or less fastest in terms of race pace. Max seemed behind by a few tenths so in the pack, but he did say they tried things that worked and also didn't work so if they fix that up, then they should be competitive again. Hopefully others can make a decent step and it still remains a five team battle for the win.
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It would be very Mercedes of Red Bull to suddenly have the Sunday pace after sandbagging to make the contest seem interesting.
This makes me wonder how Las Vegas is going to go for RB.
It will be like Monza round 2 but this time I think both Ferrari and Mercedes should have their final upgrades installed by then so should be a lot more competitive fight. Red Bull said they will only try and bring more upgrades if they feel they need to but plan was not to. They might push for more upgrades if they struggle this race. Qualifying looks like it will be most interesting one yet.
I thought I was making a really hilarious pun about RB having a problem with race... 🤷‍♂️
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Just as the excitement was building for the end of Q1, Stroll crashes the party.
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