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Country Cabs has expanded into........ The Pick Up Cab (we spent our image and advertising budget on painting the car). 3 different events that require you to drive recklessly across Mexico as fast as possible to deliver your passenger on time.

Just search for the events in Super 7 using Edax 76 as creator. Enjoy.


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The Rally Mini Minor. It's light but very nippy. It slides around corners beautifully. Once you've got use to it's handling it's fantastic fun. Marry it up with a rally livery and it'll look as good as it goes.

X Country Coast.

3 laps starting at Los Jardines. Race down into Playa Azul and then up the beach and through the woods at Playa Tranquila. Head out towards the boulder canyon and back to the start.

It's open to all vehicles but bring good tyres. The circuit is a mixture of tarmac, sand and mud and it's raining heavily.


Share code - 105 470 603
Ladies and Gents it's here..... Barbie's Badlands. It's the Badlands Goliath track but you can only race it in Barbie's Cadillac. Enjoy.

The new 2023 Formula Drift #64 Forsberg Racing Nissan Z tuned as a 1982 HP racer......


Take it over the Danger Sign at the main festival and it has forward firing machine guns......try it, you'll see what I mean.
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X Country Night Racing.

Race from the top of the volcano through Mexico over tarmac and dirt until you reach the east coast. Use any vehicle you want but make sure it's got good tyres it's been raining all night.....

Got a fast tune for the trial this week. Got me first in both races, even with "overly motivated" team mates who ram you into the barriers... :irked: It's fast in a straight line, sorta ok in corners. Slow down before the corners and get a fast exit.

Sharecode: 140 308 715

BRZ Tune.jpg
131 197 962

A 10.7 KM slow speed technical point to point race. It sets the brand new added Toyota GR86 vs The 2016 MX5. (You need to slightly upgrade the MX otherwise the CPU won't select the GR86.)

There are some fun sections of corners in this route in my opinion. It takes about 5 minutes to complete.
I've commited sacrilege I know, but I've turned the 1965 Giulia Stradale into a rally beast. It's A800 AWD with great acceleration and very good grip on dirt. It's got no aero but if you respect the accelerator pedal you'll be fine.

The share code is below.

I present to you all what is quite possibly the most powerful D Class car in the game. I've been playing with the Fiat 124 Spider today and discovered that it can go to 1270 HP in D Class. Below is a Super 7 card and the tune and share code for it. It's completely uncontrollable, far too much power but it makes me giggle. Hope you enjoy if you give it a go.

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Let's get this Lancia party started with something easy... But stay tuned, more replicas are surely to come.

Share code for the livery is 161 255 198. I also have an A-class rally build, which you can find with share code 184 261 016.
As I've figured out a way to acquire FH5 despite any limitations, might as well share the first livery here I've made on here. Found out the 4C has access to aero sirens, but people have already made the obvious Polizia or Carabinieri liveries before I could get the 4C in the first place. Therefore, I've instead opted for Italy's less-famous, militarized Financial Guard to make a livery of(and not the first time making a livery relating to it in any game...). While I doubt the GdF is of much interest to anyone here, the share code is 178 855 065




Although the Guardia di Finanza does not field a 4C as far as I'm aware, the livery is otherwise based off of the ones they use for the Giulia
I've never spent much time messing around with liveries until recently, and don't have any of the accolades as a result. If anybody still takes the time to go like photos, my gamertag is DonkeyWhistle.

Alfa 4C
Livery share code: 136 182 863
Alfa 4C GTE.png

Audi R8
Livery share code: 466 956 017
Audi R8 GTE.png
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I've never spent much time messing around with liveries until recently, and don't have any of the accolades as a result. If anybody still takes the time to go like photos, my gamertag is DonkeyWhistle.

Alfa 4C
Livery share code: 136 182 863
View attachment 1285528

Audi R8
Livery share code: 466 956 017
View attachment 1285530
I'll definitely have a look at your stuff bud, I'll check your photos, tunes etc. It may not be until the weekend but I will.
I'll definitely have a look at your stuff bud, I'll check your photos, tunes etc. It may not be until the weekend but I will.
I don't have much yet, especially not in the way of tunes, but I'm sure I'll keep making liveries.
I have created a map with a supermarket and a car park in front of it, at the moment it is more suitable for photos but in the future I intend to enlarge the car park and make a drift track. I will be improving this in my spare time.
This is my first touch of map making so please be understand.

Share code: 123 377 932

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Sorry for post after post but today I managed to improve the map a bit so I would like to share version 1.1 for you.

Main changes:
  • Changed shop design
  • More parking spaces
  • Improved horizontal markings (they do not float above the ground)
  • Night version

Day: 178 394 910
Night: 150 002 537


As I said this is my first time making a map and I have questions for those with more experience:
How do I map the new start point??
Can I edit an already released version without changing the share code?
I've shared an S1 tune for the Jaguar XJR-15 that I used to get top 100 on Colossus. Share code is 106 381 364.

colossus xjr15 2.png
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I've been playing with new Elemental RP1 in game. This thing is a grip monster and accelerates very quickly. I flew around the Goliath in it on my very first attempt in it.



These are my eight most popular liveries. I have done hundreds of liveries over the past couple years...original (like the M3), adapted from other cars (like the Corrado), blatant copies (like the Mosler), famous liveries (like the John Player Special livery on the XJR15, Alitalia, Advan, Falken, and others), and even things like alternate trim levels (1969 Z28 Camaro), dealer-offered modified cars (1970 Baldwin Motion Camaro, Yenko Camaros, Chevelles, and Novas), cars from TV, movies, and games, JGTC, and others. When I'm copying a car, I try to get the design as close as possible, but that doesn't always work; same deal with vinyls, of which I have also made hundreds, most of which are shared.

HKS RX7 (RX7 Spirit R) - 752 742 455

Corrado Rally (VW Corrado) - 110 049 399

M3 Monochrome (BMW M3 2008) - 764 433 397

JPS XJR15 (Jaguar XJR15) - 208 035 870

Mosler Race Car (Mosler MT900S) - 117 971 399

M5 Race Car (BMW M5 2018) - 168 094 361

RX8 Race Car (Mazda RX8) - 125 370 560

Evo 8 Race Car (Mitsubishi Evo VIII 2004) - 384 461 887


The Corrado is the first livery I did that seemed to catch on and currently has 40+ likes, and I'm honestly a little confused by that. The HKS RX7 is much newer, but shot to the top of my downloads within a day or two of sharing it; both the Corrado and the RX7 are still getting occasional downloads, so that's nice.
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