Garage data transfer GT5 to 6

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Do you want to transfer your GT5 garage to GT6?

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  1. Yes

    179 vote(s)
  2. No

    213 vote(s)
  3. whatever

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  1. How important will being able to transfer the hard earned and lovingly tweaked and personalised carriages from your GT5 garage to GT6 be for you?

    Greed and laziness are strong motivators here, but so is a clean slate..
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  2. dr_slump

    Switzerland Switzerland
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    If they give us the option, I'll maybe do it, just not for sure.
    If not... well, it wouldn't hurt me.

    But perhaps a little money boost at the beginning just as it was the case in GT4 for having a GT3 save?
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  3. Youngun

    United Kingdom The Track

    I've got every car, some twice over and a full bank. Most fully tuned and tweaked. Why would i want to buy GT6 if I'm gonna start at 80%..................... With some of the best cars to start with, no fun in that. Plus with the new physics with tyres and suspension, most tunes would need major changes anyway.
  4. novcze

    Czech Republic CZE

    Very important, I want to go straigt into online racing with my friends, no grinding as in GT5.
  5. dr_slump

    Switzerland Switzerland
    PSN:the_dr_slump / GTP_dr_slump

    It's a little like the question if cheating 100% progression, using others savegames, unlock everything cheats are an smart thing to do or not.

    I'd most likely start from 0, as I do with every other game if we had the option.
  6. novcze

    Czech Republic CZE

    anyway, why not give people options they want ... it is very easy to please both groups.
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  7. VBR

    United Kingdom London England

    Part of the fun in a new GT game is starting off with a basic car & working your way up, winning & collecting cars as you go. So, I voted no.
  8. KiroKai


    I want to race for the sake of fun, and play online doing whatever I like with friends for the sake of having fun. I want to play the game for the sake of enjoying it.

    I have neither fun nor enjoy the game when I grind. We had enough of that in GT5, I've built myself a collection 1,700 cars, starting over would be a motivation killer. It's on the same console and PD says all cars will transfer over, so let us transfer them if we want to already.
  9. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    Is it so fun collecting the exact same cars you did three years ago though, all 1000 of them again? Transferring could and should be an option.
  10. dr_slump

    Switzerland Switzerland
    PSN:the_dr_slump / GTP_dr_slump

    Dude, if he likes to start from 0 what's the problem then?
    He doesn't say they shouldn't give the option, he only says that he wouldn't do it. If it's fun in his eyes, then so be it. You really want to tell him what he's allowed to like and what not?

    The poll is not about having the option, it's about what one would do.
  11. PletdeKoe


    Buying my first car in a GT game is always a memorable moment. Then getting ti know the car, the new physics, slowly upgrading your car is almost essential GT.

    I am not transfering my cars no matter how hard I worked to get some of them (2d 2j).
  12. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    Calm down, I wasn't telling him what to do, I was only speaking generally as he clearly was.
  13. GMHV8

    Australia Australia

    Well I would like to transfer some of my cars that I've spent ages tuning but not all.

    I guess it's not a huge deal breaker as I've learned how to tune a car right (for me) over the years in GT5.

    The only thing I can see that would mess up the transfer is that GT6's new physics etc.. could mean you may have to fiddle with your setup a bit.

    Given a choice I'd rather transfer some money instead. Starting a brand new GT game with a second hand 4 banger and entering the Sunday Cup for the very first time is always a fun thing to do, building your way up from the bottom.
  14. finnracer

    United Kingdom Brighton

    Nope, defeats the point of a GT game.
  15. jimipitbull

    Australia Brisbane

    It should be allowed, but only after you complete career mode
  16. dr_slump

    Switzerland Switzerland
    PSN:the_dr_slump / GTP_dr_slump

    My pulse didn't even raise by 0.1. You were questionating what he likes although the thread is not about this (arguing), that's it.

  17. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    I didn't, I was speaking generally for any person, maybe that wasn't clear though. The "you" wasn't him, it was anyone.
  18. dr_slump

    Switzerland Switzerland
    PSN:the_dr_slump / GTP_dr_slump

    Thus the quote, gotcha...

  19. Rob192005

    Online Now!
    England Backstreets of Paisley

    I would possibly import the tickets I have saved up,but as I have voted,I'm not too bothered if we don't get the option.
  20. nealcropper


    Nah, maybe, as it has already been suggested, give us, I don't know, 100,000 cr boost to start with.

    I personally like the whole episode of buying your first car. You don't have many options, although the 100,000 cr would significantly change that, and you always remember your fist car.
  21. hol


    Whilst the option would be nice, I'd rather not. Maybe a couple of free cars as a loyalty reward for having a GT5 save on your PS3 :)
  22. rallymorten

    Online Now!
    Denmark Places

    Money boost: ok

    Special cars (e.g. a GT5 Loyalty [model name]) : indifferent, as long as their specs are similar to the normal ones

    Full transfer of all GT5 cars: :yuck:

    I'll cast my vote at "Whatever" because that's basically an "Indifferent" option. I've been starting all GT games from scratch even if I could get some cash from previous GT's, but transferring cars is just too much imo.

    Edit: an idea COULD be to have it a bit like what it was with GT PSP/GT5 car transfer: you can use the GT5 transferred cars in Arcade and Online, but they can't access any of the options (upgrades and livery editor, for examples) as they're not from GT6 :idea:
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  23. Shirrako

    United Kingdom London, UK

    Money boost or Decrease the Car prices by 5%-10% for having GT5 save.
    Transferring 1000 cars would make the single experience really boring, GT6 will have a lot more A-spec races than GT5 and that is confirmed, Winning half of the cars you already own would feel like a time waste, unless you want to jump in and play online straight away, i don't see any other reason people would want this option. it's like a cheat to unlock 70% of the game's prices.
  24. AleksandarSRB

    Serbia Belgrade

  25. m8h3r

    England East Midlands

    Whatever was as close as I could get to my vote. I'm undecided. Whereas going from 1300 cars to 1 will suck, having access to a car like the 458 or Aston V12 will make early challenges too easy.
  26. Exorcet


    Necessary. Collecting cars is a boring and pointless chore. It took long enough in GT5, to force someone to do it again would be crazy.

    Racing is the point of the game, I don't understand why players must be prevented from enjoying it.

    As is often the case.

    Then don't import. Don't have the feature taken out.

    It's trivial. Even more so after having to bother with this nonsense after over a decade.

    Wales Newport

    How about you have to buy your cars from GT5 (albeit at a discounted price, e.g for sale price in GT5). If 6 keeps the level system, then you can only purchase those cars once you reach that level. If the licence system is used properly, then you'd need to reach a certain licence to buy them.
  28. bigspleen


    No this would ruin the point of the game. Most of the fun of GT games is winning races and buying new cars.
  29. Gejabo

    Netherlands Arnhem

    New game, new start
  30. bigspleen


    So you think you can dictate what the point of the game is for everyone? LMAO. Collecting cars is a lot of fun for me and many just by looking at this thread. Don't be so arrogant.
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