General Tuning Guide (Updated 1.09)

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If you haven't go read @F1Racer68

Yes @Otaliema, I read @Motor City Hami guide for tuning and all his thread, he even helped me in my early days. Maybe I have to re-read his guide.

I'm still around on the site, but have not touched GT6 in almost 2 years. I have moved back to my sim racing roots on the PC side with Project CARS and iRacing. As such, I tend to not pay much attention to the GT6 areas of the site anymore.

With that said, I will try and answer your questions and give you some hopefully helpful information about dampers.

Thank you @F1Racer68, professional but easy to comprehend.

I feel unconfortable continue posting in this thread, if you don't mind, I'd prefer to move to this one:

I hope see you there. Thank you very much.