Got a copy of GT6, ask questions here



-I will try to answer quickly, please be patient.

-Also, please ask only realistic questions as I've still haven't progressed much in the game.

-Can't post videos at the moment.

-At the moment the game doesn't allow you to get connected online, so questions about it will not be answered at the moment sorry.

1- Is there a livery editor ?

- Unless it gets unlocked later in the game, no there isn't at the moment.

2- How long does the game install take ?
- The game uses an Auto-Install Function so the game installs while you are playing the game.

3- Is the DeltaWing in the dealership?
- No.

5- How do the standard cars look ?
With a second look, they look more refined I guess. Maybe a little bit better from before.
Here is an example
, but you can't use the "gallery view" option.

6- How is the photomode different from the previous game?
- Photomode is basically the same. The only thing added are some filters which are cross processing 2 and 3.

7- Some examples of the base model cars

8- Standing or rolling starts?
Rolling, at the moment.

9- What about Phototravel?
- Phototravel is locked at the moment.

10- Special events?
also locked.

11- Is there stage 4/5 turbo upgrade?
There are only 3 as in GT5

12- How much Cr did you get in the first couple of races?
Approximately 4,000 for 1st place in each of the first 5 races I finished.

13- What is the gallery view option in the dealership?
It gives you a whole view of the car in different angles much like in GT5. It can't be used with standard cars because it would look ugly to be fair.

14- What is the extent of the career mode?
At the moment I can't say much because most of the higher levels in the career mode are locked.

15- Can you change the diameter size of a wheel?
- Yes, it depends on the car you're using.

14-Besides larger diameter wheels, I'm right in thinking we can also fit wider tires?
The option for it is not given in-game.

15- Is there any adjustments for the cockpit view?
If what you mean is looking right or left/up or down in the cockpit view, then no.

16- Is the Acura NSX concept 13' in the dealership?
No. Went to check in the Honda dealership, and I didn't find it there also.

17- How are the sounds in the game?
- Can't tell much about it as I didn't try a big variety of cars. The only cars I could drive are in the arcade besides the career, and there aren't much.

18- Confirmation on the inclusion of KW Suspension's 7-post Suspension rig ?
I haven't seen it in the suspension tuning section. There is Racing suspension soft/hard, Rally suspension, and the Fully-customisable suspension.

19- does it support Arabic?

20-Are game saves locked, or can you transfer them to USB?
They're not locked. By that I mean you can transfer them to a USB. However, when you try to load it on another account it overwrites it with a new save data, so no use of it.

21-Do the PP change after you upgrade suspension or tires?

22- Are The damage/dirt permanent ?
From what I've seen at the moment, no.

23- Is the Racing mod option available?
No, can't seem to find it in the Tuning section.

24- Can you toggle the High/Low beam in standard cars at night?

25- Can you swap engines?

26-Can you lower your car more than in GT5?

Random screenshots











LFA Nurburgring Package

60MPH head-on collision

For more GT6 photos, check out my Flickr account

Here is a thread by
BHRxRacer he has videos of the dealerships and other cool stuff, be sure to check it out before asking a question here because he may have already answered it.
Link to thread
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How are the engine sounds? Is the damage improved? Is the sauber mercedes premium? can you post a video of Circuit
de la sarthe 2013? Thanks.


At the moment I'm interested in available tracks. Matterhorn especially.

- How many Matterhorn variations can be selected in Arcade mode?
- How are those variations called exactly?
- Could you make a photo of the track layouts from the selection screen?

Besides Matterhorn, are there any tracks or new variations that the GT community didn't know about before?

Thanks in advance! :)
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- Pictures of some car dealerships like Peugeot : (RCZ), Renault (Clio) please?
- Did they kept the old photomode locations? Is there more photomode locations than announced?
- I have no idea to ask more :ouch:

mister dog

Hi Boabdul; all I would like to know is the career mode better (has qualifying returned and are the types of races more interesting and challenging than in GT5), do the AI robots challenge you more or are they still as slow, and do you always start with a rolling start and have to chase the first bot from the back, or do you have fixed starts from a standstill again).

Thanks in advance for answering my good man.
O. Lawdy
- Pictures of some car dealerships like Peugeot : (RCZ), Renault (Clio) please?
- Did they kept the old photomode locations? Is there more photomode locations than announced?
- I have no idea to ask more :banghead:

I'd be interested to see the RUF garage as well
Tuning options for former "standard" cars?
Can you tell or show more about GT Auto and the Tuning shop? :3
Ok so basically GT auto is divided into 5 sections,

Tuning parts: (Tyres - Suspension - Drivetrain - Power - Body) the tuning parts are the same as GT5 just add the nitrous ( which is sold for 100,000 CR!)

Custom parts: External Parts - Wheels
external parts include aero kits, flat floors, rear wings, and other. The variety of them depends on the car
and wheels include an enormous variety and you could widen the wheels by an inch or more depending on the car.

Paint: you could paint the body or the wheels, the same as GT5

Racing gear: This time you could purchase racing gears from a variety of options, there are also special outfits to choose from like Jeff Gordon's 2013 racing outfit.

Pit service: Basically the same as GT5 ( although now you can improve body rigidity not only restore like before, the option is there for you.
Thanks for proposing to answer our questions:
1/ Have you seen any track that had not been announced ?
2/ Is there a "long" version of Matherhorn track ? (Longer than the layout used for public demos)
3/ How is night racing ? Is visibility better than in GT5 ?
4/ How is kart driving ? Compared to GT5 ?
5/ Do you have access to all cars in arcade mode or are you limited to a selection ?