Gran Turismo 3 Retexture MOD v1.0 by Gtafan

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Hey there,

Some of you might know me as one of the creators of retexture mod to Gran Turismo 4. Following the success of the mod I decided to post a video of retexture concept but this time for Gran Turismo 3. The video has got lot of positive feedback, thus I made a full version of retexture pack to GT3. To make this possible PCSX2 texture replacement function and Esrgan AI were used.


1. UI and HUD upscailing isn't possible due to duplicates generated by PCSX2 and PS2 nature.
2. This mod will work with All versions of Gran Turismo 3 and Gran Turismo Concept (including special dealership discs).
3. Unlike Gran Turismo 4, Gran Turismo 3 shouldn't have any VRAM related problems. Feel free to use the newest emulator version for the best graphics enhancements.
4. Since it's first release glitches are expected to be found. You can report them
5. I plan to release 2 big updates that will cover all the vehicles from Gran Turismo 3. My next goal will be concept cars from Gran Turismo Concept (probably 1 update only due to amount of cars).
5.1 Autumn Ring and Raybrig NSX (exlusive GT:C content) is included in the pack so they will work there.

Version 1.0 Features retexture of all tracks (incl Autumn Ring) and All Rally and S class cars (incl Raybrig NSX).

Issue report form.

Main showcase Video.

Download Links
1. Full pack
2. Full pack alt link
Password: cNEfz4vC37lNjCXLel72

1. Download the pack from the link above
2. Unpack .7z file with 7zip / winrar or any other archiver.
3. Go to your emulator folder -> textures -> SCUS-97102 (this one will be different if you use other version of the game) -> replacements. Screenshot with the path.
3.1 If you don't see SCUS-97102 folder start a race, dump textures by going to advanced graphics settings then turn it off. Needed subfolders should appear in texture folder.
4. Drag and replace replacements folder.
5. Go to advanced settings and check "Load textures" option.

If you prefer video form (yes I know it's GT4 tutorial but the method works for GT3 as well) - Link.

gs_20220728003345_Gran Turismo 3 - A-Spec_SCUS-97102.png

gs_20220728004150_Gran Turismo 3 - A-Spec_SCUS-97102.png

gs_20220728004152_Gran Turismo 3 - A-Spec_SCUS-97102.png

gs_20220727174452_Gran Turismo 3 - A-Spec _NTSC-U__SCUS-97102.png
I'm not sure why it's not loading for you, but your PCSX2 settings aren't correct in general. Only use OpenGL or Vulkan, not DX11 and deinterlacing should be disabled alongside using a no-interlace code instead.
Thank you very much for the MOD.

But the game Crashes. I set to Vulkan all config are correct. Im using NTSC-J version.
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Decrease your internal resolution. Probably you don't have enough VRAM to handle super high resolutions.
It didn't work either.

CPU: i7 4770.
VGA: GTX 1060 3GB.

The textures works only with version "SCUS-97102"? Because was the only one that i didn't tested. I tested US version and JP version and the result is the same: or crash and/or seems dosen't have any difference from vanilla version.

I watched a YT video that have textures (looks great) unfortunately I couldn't apply in this game..
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