Gran Turismo 3 - List of all known Special Builds/Demos

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Hey guys,

some of you have probably seen my Gran Turismo Concept Special Builds thread. I was thinking about whether I would also create separate threads for the other main Gran Turismo games to show you the development of the games.

Here I show you the all known GT3 demo/prototype builds. @Nenkai also created an extra page for it. There are also download links to the builds, which is why unfortunately I cannot link the page here. Just search for “nenkai game builds” and you’ll find the page. There you can find more information about the respective GT3 builds and the builds of all other Gran Turismo games are listed on the page too!

I collect Gran Turismo proto/demo builds and have dumped/published the GT3 Store Demo Vol.1 (PCPX-96311), GT5 UK 1609 Build, GT2 PAL Preview, GTC Copen Special Edition (SCED-51352), GTC 350Z PAL (SCED-51097) and the GT Sport EU Closed Beta (CUSA-07836). I spent several hundred euros on the builds so that these builds were preserved. I also captured these builds on real hardware and publish the videos on Youtube. I want to create some sort of archive of Gran Turismo builds on Youtube.

The aim of this thread is also to encourage some collectors to provide undumped builds. If you have an undumped build and would like to be a part of preserving GT builds and give new possibilities for GT modding, please send Nenkai (on X/Twitter) or me a PM

I would like to present these builds to you with all Informations I found. The thread will be continually updated with new information in the future. If I miss a build, you are also welcome to write information about new, undiscovered builds here!

DUMPED DEMO BUILDS (Publicly available)
Gran Turismo 2000 | PAPX-90203 | Feb 13, 2000

Gran Turismo 3 Replay Theater Autobacs Seven | PAPX-90207 | Sep 26, 2000

Gran Turismo 3 Replay Theater | PAPX-90208 | Oct 5, 2000

Gran Turismo 3 Replay Theater Netz Toyota | PAPX-90209 | Oct 9, 2000

Video Coming soon!

Gran Turismo 3 Netz Toyota Dealership Demo | PCPX-96309 | Oct 9, 2000

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec Store Demo Vol.1 | PCPX-96311 | Oct 10, 2000

Gran Turismo 3 NTSC Demo | SCUS-97115 | Oct 30, 2000

PurePure 2 Volume 0: 2001 February | PCPX-96606 | Nov 19, 2000

Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Demo 5 | SCED-50140 | Nov 19, 2000

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec Store Demo Vol.2 | PCPX-96609 | Dec 29, 2000

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec Preview Version NTSC | SCPS-15009 | Apr 18, 2001
A build of GT3 A-Spec dated a day before the final NTSC-J retail. While it has different mastering, contentwise it appears to be identical to release.

UNDUMPED DEMO BUILDS (Not publicly available)
Gran Turismo 2000 Tokyo Games Show 1999 Version | ??? | ~Sep ??, 1999

Gran Turismo 2000 E3 Build | ??? | ~May ??, 2000

Gran Turismo 2000 Tokyo Games Show 2000 Autumn Build | ??? | ~Sep, 2000

Gran Turismo 3 Store Trial Disk Autobacs | PCPX-96312 | Oct 3, 2000


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I found a scan and some weird Screenshots of the Gran Turismo 3 Store Trial Disk Autobacs [PCPX-96312] disc. Unfortunately, the build was not dumped and is therefore still "lost". I will edit my first post with the image accordingly


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