Gran Turismo 4 Prologue lesson guide (PAL version)

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    I use a Dual–shock 2 pad and wrote this guide after I completed the game using automatic gear changes, all gold times can be achieved using this setup. Getting better times will usually require manual transmission. Most really fast times as can be seen at Lesson Database were done using a Logitec Force Pro steering wheel. But even if I had a wheel I do not think I could even approach those times, still I managed all gold in the GT4P game and how I did it can be read in this guide. Some tips included in this guide I found either at Prologue forum and here at GT Planet.

    A little about me: I started playing Gran Turismo 3 after buying a PS2 with this game some years back. It took me over two years to finish GT3 100%. Since then I finished GT3 100% twice and only after starting a third time over I have all license gold medals (48-0-0), 3 years after buying the game ;) I still do not consider myself a good driver. The gold times in GT4P are easier to achieve than those in GT3 and being able to improve on those times makes it much more fun for me. I hope the points system (each lesson awards you points) remains in GT4.

    I will give some cheats but remember if you send times that were done cheating to any of the GT times databases on the net they are not valid! So use the cheat to improve your points scored in the game but do not submit those times as legal.

    If no time is stated for the bronze medal in a test you just need to drive the test without failing. A bronze suffices to win the prize car (the car you drove the test in) that can than be used in arcade mode.

    Gold: if your time is faster or equal to the required gold time you will be rewarded with the gold cup for that lesson.

    There are 5 color sections, green, orange, blue, red and purple. By getting all gold medals in a section you win:
    Green : Toyota Motor Triathlon Race Car
    Orange : BMW Concept M5
    Blue : Mitsubishi i (2003)
    Red : Suzuki Concept S2 (2003)
    Purple : Honda Sports Concept (HSC, 37th Tokyo motor show concept car 2003)

    Note: There is no prize car for winning all gold medals in the coffee breaks.

    Tip: before you start chasing the gold times just pass all licenses in bronze first, to get to know the different lessons. After that select the tests you like first and work your way down.

    There are some different versions of GT4 Prologue, three Asian versions (Japanese, Korean and Chinese) and a PAL version (Europe and Oceania). Some required times in the Asian versions are set faster but the cars are either geared differently, plain faster or positioned differently. The differences between the PAL and Chinese version are:
    Lesson 11 0.31.000 (PAL 0.31.400)
    Lesson 13 3.13.000 (PAL 3.14.500)
    Lesson 29 1.21.000 (PAL 1.32.000)
    Lesson 30 1.38.000 (PAL 1.42.000)
    Lesson 31 2.40.000 (PAL 2.48.000)
    Lesson 36 1.30.500 (PAL 1.32.000)
    Lesson 37 1.06.700 (PAL 1.07.000)
    Lesson 38 1.23.500 (PAL 1.24.000)
    Lesson 39 1.30.700 (PAL 1.31.000)
    Lesson 40 2.28.500 (PAL 2.30.000)
    Lesson 41 1.37.000 (PAL 1.38.000)

    Tip: your ghost can be seen in the lesson demonstration. When the lesson starts press the select button and the ghost will appear (if you already did a run or loaded a saved run). The select button will also toggle the ghost on or off in the lesson.

    Tip: In the PAL version the right analog stick also operates the throttle. Changing to this way of controlling the throttle might make it easier for you. I have tried this but I am used to the x button too much to change to the right analog stick, but it might work for you.
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    Green section

    LESSON 01: Learning the basics of steering 1 – Driving Park I – 2003 Mazda 2
    Gold 1.47.600 Silver 1.48.000 Bronze –
    Two laps on the speedway with the car’s speed limited at 50 km/h. The trick for this test is to drive the shortest distance possible. So use the corner curbs to the fullest, keep your left (outside) tires on the rumble strip in the corner. Before a corner keep two wheels in the grass. Also keep the steering to a minimum: only use the directional buttons on the pad instead of the left analog stick. If you keep two wheels on the grass on the straight (watch the cones) your speed will be 51 km/h instead of 50.

    Using manual and staying in first gear will further reduce your time. A time below 1.46.000 can be achieved this way.

    LESSON 02: Learning the basics of steering 2 – Fuji Speedway – 2001 Honda Jazz
    Gold 0.12.180 Silver 0.12.200 Bronze 0.13.000
    The aim is to steer as little as possible and drive the smallest distance possible. So stay as close to the cones as you can. For steering, only use the directional buttons, using the left analogue stick will result in slower times. Just start at full throttle and try it a couple of times and you will be awarded a gold cup for this test.

    Tip: Press reverse (triangle) before the timer starts and floor (gas) it when the timer does start. This will give you a boost and a time below 12.120 is possible ! Thanks to Edmar Jager :tup:

    LESSON 03: Braking for beginners – Fuji Speedway – 2003 Nissan Micra 12c 5door
    Gold 0.36.600 Silver 0.36.800 Bronze 0.37.500
    The ideal line gives a good indication of where to start breaking, use it to determine the perfect breaking spot. The further down the finish area you will come to a full stop the slower your time will be, so try to stop with the back wheels just over the finish line. At the start you can take a shorter line than the ideal line, so stay inside the ideal line through the first (long) corner.

    Tip 1: Use manual and full throttle in 1st gear before the start, as soon as the timer starts change to 2nd gear. This will give a further advantage starting. Change to 3rd at 83 kmh and to 4th at 125 kmh.Thanks to Dragonmaster :tup:

    Tip 2: You can shorten the break distance by sliding the car sideways into the finish area. This is a tricky technique though.

    Tip 3: When breaking, change down to first gear.

    Cheat: it is possible to cheat by using the boarding / fence at the right side to slow the car down as could be done in GT3.

    LESSON 04: Knowing cornering speed limits – Driving Park I – 2002 Toyota ist 1.5S 2WD
    Gold 0.21.200 Silver 0.21.400 Bronze 0.22.000
    You can win some time at the start. The trick is to be gentle at the start with the accelerator, try to keep the RPM between 2500 and 3500 at the start. The turn should be taken this way: turn in towards the rumble strip early. Ideally you should keep two wheels on the rumble strip and control your line with the throttle so you do not drift off the curbs too soon. Steering with the directional buttons on the pad is best.

    LESSON 05: Learn the basics of steering 3 – Driving Park I – 1989 Mazda MX-5
    Gold 1.03.300 Silver 1.04.200 Bronze 1.10.000
    This is a relatively easy test, slow down before the first narrow corner till about 65 and steer through the corner at full throttle. The second wider corner you should take with an average speed of 90 km/h or more.

    Tip: use manual and start at 6500 RPM.

    LESSON 06: Basics of driving on a dirt surface – Grand Canyon North – 1997 Suzuki Alto Works Suzuki Sports Limited
    Gold 2.28.000 Silver 2.29.500 Bronze –
    This test was a shock the first time I tried. I thought I had done a pretty neat race but I found myself more than 10 seconds of the gold time! Many, many tries later I managed a gold time using automatic transmission. The trick is to drive clean laps (avoid the fences) and drift as little as possible and maintain as much speed as possible. This is very trivial but also very true in this test!

    Second gear - best time probably (mine 1.26.3)
    Some time later I returned and tried it on manual. SOOOO much easier it is unbelievable! Start in first gear at around 4500 RPM, you can gain a lot of time doing this, change to second at 47 km/h and never touch the gears again. Maybe this course can be done full throttle all the way, but it does not work for me. I only let go of the throttle in the last corner before the start/finish line.

    The trick at the first corner after start/finish is to steer in a little to aim the car towards the inside of the turn and then steer hard and at the exit of the turn try to have the car as straight as possible without letting go of the throttle. If you get this correct you will be clear of the right fence. At the next corner try to stay inside the ideal line indicator. Steer in at the right time to avoid the fence at the next corner (right but especially the fence on the left after exiting that corner), touching the fence here will cost you time and speed. The left corner you take as close to the fence as possible and on to the final corner. Steer in early (I let go of the gas here a little) and again stay close to the inside fence. If you drift here try to get the car straight as soon as possible to cross the finish line.

    Third gear - best time probably (mine 1.24.4)
    This tip came from Edmar Jager :tup:
    After the start at around 4500 RPM change to 2nd gear at around 40 km/h and into (or in) corner 1 change to third and stay in 3rd all the way. Try to keep a good speed through all the corners otherwise you will loose too much time accelerating. In the DivX replay you can see how it should be done. After my first couple of tries I ease off in the corner before and after the finish line, the DivX replay also shows that Mr P brakes before the second corner to stay close to the inside of the corners. Perfecting your lines (staying clear of all fences) will gain you a lot of time. In the Asian version of GT4P it was easier doing this (staying in third) but it can be done in the PAL version as well.

    Here you can download a DivX replay by Mr P (a replay of the Japanese version) : Mr P's amazing 2.21.627 (Japanese Version, 12 Mb)
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    Orange section

    LESSON 07: Memorising the course 1 – Tsukuba – 2000 Toyota bB Z 1.5 X Version 2WD
    Gold 2.52.000 Silver 2.55.000 Bronze –
    Getting to know the Tsubaka course is the key to a gold time here. Follow the ideal line to find your breaking points and how to steer through the corners achieving the best speed. Practice and patience will bring the gold.

    I found the key at this test to keep full throttle through the right hander after the first hairpin. You can do this by steering in at the right time (watch the ideal line to determine your turn in point). For all corners I try to find a point and speed to where I break so I can accelerate at full speed out of the corners without having to let go of the gas.

    Tip: using manual you can take the last tricky long right corner by downshifting to first gear, keep full throttle while you do this and stay to the inside. Shift up when possible to keep the highest speed through this corner.

    LESSON 08: Basic cornering – Tsukuba – 2002 Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 Sport
    Gold 0.19.800 Silver 0.20.000 Bronze 0.22.500
    Frustration, know the word? Trying gold at this one required me about 150 tries. You can gain a little bit of time when the test starts. Steer inside the ideal line with two wheels in the grass to gain a little bit. At the hairpin corner steer towards the corner before you start breaking. Break hard and try to end up on the inside rumble strip at around 50 km/h. Steer (no or just a little gas) over the strip and hit the gas full towards the finish line.

    The key is to reach the rumble strip as fast as possible and to stay on the rumble strip while you turn. Finally accelerate out full throttle without lifting (the gas).

    LESSON 09: Racing line through an S-Bend 1 – Citta di Aria – 2002 Daihatsu Copen Active Top
    Gold 0.16.500 Silver 0.17.000 Bronze 0.18.000
    This test can be done full throttle through the S–bend if you steer in at the right time, this will award you the gold cup.

    Tip: use manual and change to third gear before the first right corner at around 76 - 77 km/h. Use the shadow on the right before the s-bend to determine your turn in point. Do not let go of the gas at any point in this lesson. If you do not hit any wall a time below 16.000 is possible (thanks Mr P :tup: ).

    A DivX replay of his amazing 15.906 (PAL) : Mr P's amazing 15.906 (6 Mb)

    LESSON 10: Basics of cornering on a dirt surface – Grand Canyon – 2003 Subaru Legacy B4 2.0.GT SpecB
    Gold 0.12.000 Silver 0.12.500 Bronze 0.13.500
    This test can be done the easy way or the hard way. Using the walls will spectacularly lower your times but this is considered cheating (see the introduction).

    The hard way is going around without hitting any of the fences. This is much harder to achieve and I cannot seem to be faster than 11,577. Update: I did a 15.531 keeping the left directional button pressed when the lesson starts to steer the car towards the grass on the left. When I reach that I brake and steer in to the right corner. If you can keep a controlled drift all the way through the long right corner a better time should even be possible. Still gold is easily doable using a clean run.

    Cheat: Using the fence on the left to aim the car for the end of the right corner helps a lot. I was over 0,2 of a second faster than my clean time.

    LESSON 11: High speed braking – Fuji Speedway – 2002 Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG
    Gold 0.31.400 Silver 0.31.750 Bronze 0.32.700
    This test is the same as test 3 but the car is much faster. Getting gold is perfectly doable following the ideal line. Getting a fast time is harder.

    Tip: When using manual gearing you will not win much (if anything at all) at the start or coming up to the breaking point but when breaking change down as soon as possible to 1st gear. This way your braking distance will be reduced nicely. Also sliding sideways can really help here.

    A replay of a supersliding tommi_ruliweb : 30.346 Replay by tommi_ruliweb (CHN version, 0,8 Mb)
    Note: You need to register at first before you can download this file.

    LESSON 12: Racing line through an S-Bend 2 – Fuji Speedway – 2003 Volkswagen Lupo GTI Cup Car
    Gold 0.19.800 Silver 0.20.000 Bronze 0.21.000
    This car seems to be riding on ice. The amount of grip you have with this tiny car is amazingly low. This makes the test somewhat harder to get a gold time. Use the first rumble strip and the inside of the next left hander (including the grass) and the rumble strip of the last bend to drive the best line.
    The first (right) corner you should enter around 90 km/h. The second (left) at around 70 and be gentle on the throttle accelerating to the finish line. Be sure to stay on the right inside of the ideal line in the last right hander.
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    Blue section

    LESSON 13: Memorising the course 2 – New York – 2003 Takata Dome NSX JGTC#18
    Gold 3.14.500 Silver 3.19.000 Bronze –
    Frustration, I thought I knew it already (lesson 8) but this lesson took me days to gold and at least as many tries as lesson 8. The hard part for me was the lack of split times, so finally learning what was a quick line through the course took me a long time. To me it seemed there were many places where you can loose time but hardly any where you can gain time on the demo.

    I hope GT4 will have more split times for these kind of tests, and not only after 1 lap.

    The only place I seemed to be making up any time on the demo was the carrousel (the roundabout before the final straight towards the finish line). You can steer into this turn faster than the demo. At the “100m before the corner” sign I just tap the break and steer the car full throttle into the carrousel, than break to a speed of around 90 km/h and use gas on/off to steer around the corner as close to (on) the rumble strip as possible.

    The other corners are slow in – fast out as the demo tells you, but achieving this takes some time. It helped me to compare each run to a saved race using the replay, seeing where I gained time or lost it helped me – finally – win this lesson gold cup. The best split I achieved was on my gold run 1.39.975 and finally 3.14.407 (1.34.432 second lap). My best second lap 1.33.613 would have brought me 3.13.588. So it can be done using automatic transmission.

    Manual: start in 2nd gear and at full throttle. Take the hairpin in 2nd. After the long straight take the right corner in 3rd, the next left and right as well. The following left - left - right - left combination in 2nd and change to 3rd before the final left corner, this will give you better control through the turn. Enter the carrousel in 4th and change down to second. Change to 3rd before the final straight. I did a 3.11.656 using manual, the advantage is at the start and not having the automatic change gear if you don't want it to. My split after the 1st lap was over a second and a half faster than using automatic! So get used to changing gears manually, this will make it much easier to get the gold.

    LESSON 14: Special cornering techniques – New York – 2003 Subaru Legacy Saloon 3.0R
    Gold 0.25.700 Silver 0.26.000 Bronze 0.27.000
    Follow the ideal line, try to avoid the automatic changing to 1st gear in the corner, this will save a lot of time. For the first corner, start breaking when the shadow on the road has ended and steer into the first corner. Take the final corner as close to the inside as possible. This will also save time. Manual recommended for this test.

    Tip: Use manual and change to 3rd at around 124 km/h. Start breaking a little before the ideal line indicator tells you. Change down to 1st while braking and steer in close to the first left corner. When the car is positioned for the next corner hit the gas and steer as close as possible to the leftside of the 2nd corner. Change to 2nd gear before the rev limiter licks in. A time below 15.100 is possible this way.

    LESSON 15: Taking 90° corners on a street course – New York – 1999 Honda Spoon Civic Type R
    Gold 0.24.750 Silver 0.25.250 Bronze 0.26.750
    Try different lines here and see how the curbs affect your time. Do not take slow in – fast out too literally, try to keep a good speed around the lesson.

    LESSON 16: High speed braking and cornering – Fuji Speedway – 2003 Nissan 350Z Z-Tune
    Gold 0.48.000 Silver 0.48.500 Bronze 0.50.000
    Finding the breakpoint is the hardest part here. I use the row of billboards on the right side of the track to find a good braking point. The ideal line is a perfect start to perfect this lesson. I usually steer and break simultaneously to the inside until the car goes around 70 km/h. Than step on the gas and don’t let go until the finish line.

    LESSON 17: Mid/high speed driving on a dirt surface – Grand Canyon – 1999 Ford Focus Rally Car
    Gold 0.16.000 Silver 0.16.750 Bronze 0.18.000
    Unlike lesson 10, using the walls is not helping your time (at least for me) so try to go through this lesson clean and close to the inside of the corners. Especially a tight final corner will save a lot of time.

    After the first bump (while in the air) switch to 4th gear. If you drive a clean run you can stay in 4th all the way otherwise change down to 3rd.

    LESSON 18: Strategies for difficult corners – Citta di Aria – 1991 Honda Beat
    Gold 0.16.000 Silver 0.16.500 Bronze 0.17.400
    Maybe I had a lucky run but my final time was over 0.7 faster (using manual) than the required gold time. This is how I did it: full throttle at the rolling start, steer onto the pavement on the right corner still in 4th gear. Keep full throttle towards the second. Just before reaching the next corner (and the left wall) hit the breaks hard, shift down to 2nd gear and steer in to the right apex as close as possible to the wall (again not hitting it) and accelerate hard to the finish line while using the pavement to keep a close left turn and avoid the wall to the right on exiting.

    LESSON 19: Tackling a Beginners' course – Super Speedway – 1998 Lotus Elise Sport 190
    Gold 1.02.000 Silver 1.03.000 Bronze 1.09.000
    This lesson is similar to test number 5, except the course now has a chicane. The car is very twitchy under full power. Be gentle with the throttle and only accelerate full when the wheels of the car are in a straight line. The ideal line is a great help here.

    Tip: start between 5500 and 6500 RPM.
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    Red section

    LESSON 20: Memorising the course 3 – Citta di Aria – 2003 Honda Spoon Fit Race Car
    Gold 4.04.000 Silver 4.06.000 Bronze –
    The gold time is easy to achieve, try to do it without touching any walls. Remember lessons 9 (copen through the s-bend), 18 (beat through the first hairpin) and 22 (imprezza through the second hairpin).

    Tip 1: use manual and start in 2nd gear. Many parts can be taken in 3rd gear only change to second gear in the hairpins. Try to take the s-bend (lesson 9) in 3rd gear and not slower than 80 km/h.

    Tip 2: the final left corner up the steep hill towards the start / finish line can be taken much faster than the demo shows. Stay clear of the walls and you will gain much time here.

    Cheat: in the section between the first and second hairpin you can enter the narrow street at full speed, brake a little and use the right wall to maintain a high speed. Break for the sharp left corner till around 60 and let the car roll into the next right corner. After that you can go full throttle, not riding the walls here (after the sharp left) is faster though.

    LESSON 21: Strategies for tackling S-bends – New York – 1998 Honda Civic Type R
    Gold 0.45.500 Silver 0.46.500 Bronze 0.51.000
    Now you get to the entire midsection of 90° corners at the New York circuit. Going through the first corner at a good speed will help your final time greatly. The other key part of this test is in the final 3 corners. Go as fast as possible but at the second to last corner it might even be faster to break slightly so you can get the car in a good position for the final corner.

    LESSON 22: Strategies for tackling a street course – Citta di Aria – 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX STi
    Gold 0.22.750 Silver 0.23.250 Bronze 0.25.000
    Rolling start at full throttle. At the left side before the first gate just after a building there is a stone wall. On the road there are shadows next to this wall. Use these shadows to find your braking point. Hit the breaks hard. Steer in under the gate (no gas) and try to land on the rumble strip on the right. Hit the gas and when you steer to the left let off of the gas. Turn right to the blind corner full throttle for a very short time and than break hard (try to keep the car in the middle of the road. Let go of the gas while turning to the right and try to find the point where can hit the gas again till the finish line (just before you can see the second gate). Beware of the low obstacle just after the second gate at the right.

    Cheat: Getting gold will be easier if you ride the wall on the final turn, but a time below 22.000 can be done in a clean run.

    To see how it's done properly watch this DivX replay by Mr P (PAL) : Mr P's amazing 21.617 (5 Mb)

    LESSON 23: Accelerating with high powered cars – 1999 Dodge Viper GTS
    Gold 0.09.650 Silver 0.09.850 Bronze 0.10.000
    The tip here is to use manual gear changes. Start in second gear and gold is yours by a large margin. My fastest time was 9.264 this way.

    Tip: use manual and start in 1st gear. Do not go full throttle but about 3/4 full while in 1st gear. When you do not hear your wheels spin you have it correct. Change to 2nd and 3rd just before the rev limitter kicks in and a time below 9.200 is possible.

    LESSON 24: Vehicle control on a dirt surface – Grand Canyon – 1999 Subaru Impreza Rally Car
    Gold 0.17.600 Silver 0.18.000 Bronze 0.19.000
    Try to drive a clean run through this lesson, stay close to the inside of the corners and find the right moments to go full throttle.

    Tip: use manual and over the first bump change to 4th gear. Shortly on the gas, then brake hard. Switch to 2rd and only change to third in the final straight.

    Cheat: Again, using the fences can dramatically improve your time. I did a 15.3xx :sick: riding the walls (fences), if this can be done without wall riding I would be very surprised.

    LESSON 25: High speed cone slalom – Fuji Speedway – 1997 Honda NSX Type S Zero
    Gold 0.17.000 Silver 0.17.750 Bronze 0.20.000
    There where also slalom tests in GT2 I believe. I hated those with a vengeance. This one can be done more easily.

    Tip: use manual. Start in second gear and keep accelerating up to the forth line of cones, or third if you loose it otherwise. Now let go of the gas and steer around the next line of cones, gas, let go and steer around, gas etc. till the second to last line of cones. From there on full throttle to the finish line, still in second gear. Beware of the smaller finish area (cones again).

    Even faster tip: Starting and staying in 2nd will get you the gold time. Starting in 1st and changing to 2nd and 3rd just before the rev limiter kicks in will make it possible to get a time below 16.000.

    Bug: there is a bug in this test. The last line of cones can also be taken on the right outside. I doubt if this will save much time though.

    For a master at work check this replay by JJJ : Lesson 25 15.313 replay by JJJ (Japanese version, 6,0 Mb)
    Note: You need to register at first before you can download this file.
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    Purple section

    LESSON 26: Basics of overtaking 1 – Tsukuba – 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI
    Gold 0.16.400 Silver 0.17.000 Bronze –
    This takes place at the same corner as lesson 8. This time a car is blocking your way. Avoid the other car while overtaking. This lesson you have to steer from the outside of the other car to the inside.

    Using manual will help a lot. You do not have to change as soon as the other car to 4th gear before the corner. It will gain an extra advantage on the other car. Try to land on the rumble strip when you brake.

    LESSON 27: Basics of overtaking 2 – Tsukuba – 1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R32)
    Gold 0.23.400 Silver 0.24.000 Bronze –
    Almost the same as lesson 26. This lesson you have to steer from the inside of the other car to the outside. This lesson is partly luck.

    When the lesson starts I use the directional buttons to take the first left on the inside. I change gear (to 3rd) at around 128 km/h. Try to slip stream a little and steer to the left outside. Somewhere (on the leftside) the second left corner has a tiny angle in the white line. That is where I start braking. I brake till about 60 km/h and let go of the gas and steer in inside the other car (left analog stick). When the car reaches around 50 (or a little below that) I step up the gas and correct coming out of the corner using the directional buttons. Using the left analog stick does make the car tail happy.

    LESSON 28: Basics of overtaking 3 – Fuji Speedway – 2003 Mazda RX-8
    Gold 0.51.800 Silver 0.52.300 Bronze –
    This time it is all about slipstreaming. Using manual will make it easier to gold this lesson. After the start it will help you get into the slipstream much faster. At the start/finish line halfway through you should aim for an advantage on the other car (in my best run I had a lead of 0.213 of a second). And as in lesson 16 try to find the perfect breaking point for a really fast time. I start breaking at the first red-ish billboard on the right side of the track. You can also use the brake trails and tire marks on the track to find a good braking point.

    LESSON 29: Racing practice 1 – Tsukuba – 2003 Nissan 350Z Roadster
    Gold 1.33.000 Silver 2.00.000 Bronze –
    You have to overtake an identical car that is 10 seconds in front of you. Make sure you don’t hit that car when you are overtaking.

    LESSON 30: Racing practice 2 – Fuji Speedway – 2003 Toyota Celica SS-II Tuning Car
    Gold 1.48.000 Silver 3.20.000 Bronze –
    Same advice as lesson 29. The trick for me in this lesson was not to change to second gear in the slow corners but to stay in 3rd gear (using manual gear changes).

    LESSON 31: Racing practice 3 – New York – 2000 Honda Spoon S2000 Race Car
    Gold 3.00.000 Silver 4.20.000 Bronze –
    Tip: use manual. Take the first hairpin in second gear close to the inside and accelarate hard out of the hairpin. The right turn after the long straight in 3rd (Brake early and coast through the corner and up the gas between 80 - 90 kmh) take the next left corner in 3rd gear. The following right in third as well but do not brake too much try to get through this corner at around 100 kmh. The next left - left - right in second gear and onto the long straight in 3rd. Steer into the carrousel at the 200m mark and start braking after you passed the right entry (corner) of the carrousel and change down to 2nd gear. Before entering the final straight change to 3rd and enter the straight full throttle. If all goes well you can overtake the other car before the start finish line (don't forget to slip stream).

    If you get this right the differences should be around the following marks for a time below 2.00.000: After split 1 +8,2 seconds, after split 2 +4,5 seconds and a small advantage at the start / finish line.

    LESSON 32: Racing practice 4 – Tsukuba – 2000 Toyota Yaris 1.5 16v VVT-i
    Gold 1st place Silver 2nd place Bronze 3rd place
    Overtake the three cars in front of you. Watch the demo for the split times after each sector. This is the best way to know how you are doing.

    LESSON 33: Racing practice 5 – Fuji Speedway – 2003 Nissan Xanavi Nismo GT-R JGTC#23
    Gold 1st place Silver 2nd place Bronze 3rd place
    The same advice as lesson 32, watch the demo.

    LESSON 34: Racing practice 6 – New York – 2003 Cusco Subaru Advan Impreza JGTC#77
    Gold 1st place Silver 2nd place Bronze 3rd place
    Sweet, sweet car, getting gold is possible within a couple of tries. The same advice as lessons 32, watch the demo.

    LESSON 35: Racing practice 7 – Fuji Speedway – 1997 McLaren F1 GTR FINA (Long Version)
    Gold 1st place Silver 2nd place Bronze 3rd place
    The longest test at around 13 minutes. The hardest part is to stay on the track. This test can be done while driving conservative lines. Stay clear of the other cars while overtaking, nothing more annoying than failing the test after touching a car you are overtaking, let alone lapping.

    LESSON 36: Fuel conserving Time Trial – Tsukuba – 2003 Toyota Prius Hatchback Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive
    Gold 1.32.000 Silver 1.40.000 Bronze 1.50.000
    At first this lesson seemed really weird, but it is quite a funny lesson once you get used to it. The main trick is to make sure the liter/100 km indicator is no higher than 10.0 at the finish line. Any higher and you will fail this lesson. The DS2 buttons are pressure sensitive. So at first try to find out what different pressure on the x button does to the fuel usage meter. If you press it fully the fuel usage meter will increase rapidly. Try to find the pressure where your speed will increase slowly but the meter will start decreasing. This (half throttle?) is what you will need to get this gold cup. Also notice the way the fuel usage meter drops when you coast through the final left hander. So being over 10.0 on the meter before this corner is not a problem.

    There are many strategies that will get you the gold. What I did was start full throttle till about 70 km/h then ease of the gas a little, let go of the x button before the corner, brake and roll through it at around 60 km/h. On the gas till about 95 km/h ease off and let go after the right swing of the s bend. Steer into the hairpin, brake and roll through, back at the gas at 53 km/h till about 70, ease off. Steer through the right corner at half throttle and maintain this till before the last hairpin. Brake and on the gas till 110, half throttle and let go before the corner. Steer into the left corner and feather through this corner to the finish.

    To see a master at work download this DivX replay by Mr P (PAL): Mr P's amazing 1.26.696 (12 Mb)

    LESSON 37: Tsukuba Circuit Time Trial – Tsukuba – 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII MR
    Gold 1.07.000 Silver 1.07.800 Bronze 1.09.600
    This car understeers like crazy. Attacking every corner (steer in while braking) will help a lot. The way to go through a corner is to let go of the gas completely while you turn. Try to like this test, it will help to improve your time fast.

    LESSON 38: Fuji International Speedway Time Trial – Fuji Speedway – 2003 Toyota Woodone Tom's Supra JGTC#36
    Gold 1.24.000 Silver 1.26.000 Bronze 1.28.000
    This time attack can be done quite easily. Finally a time trial with a good, neutral steering car.

    LESSON 39: New York Street Course Time Trial – New York – 2002 Ford GT
    Gold 1.31.000 Silver 1.33.000 Bronze 1.40.000
    This seemed a little easier after doing lesson 13 so many times. So after you completed lesson 13 try this at once. After trying to get a better time I changed my opinion on this lesson.

    The way to go is to use manual. The first hairpin approach at full speed break hard to the inside of the first left turn till about 80. Use the shadows and pedestrian crossings on the road to find your braking point. Coast from the first left a little wide so you will not touch the inside curbs on the next left with more than two wheels, otherwise you will slide and loose time. On the straight steer as little as possible and do not change gears too late (avoid over-revving).

    The right corner after this straight is crucial, brake early so you can coast a little (no gas) and turn the car into this corner free of the wall. I take it in 3rd gear and try to accelerate again at a speed between 90 - 100 km/h to the next left corner.

    Again brake hard and turn into the corner, again coast a little to turn and try to just hit the inner curb with the inside wheels. Again accelerate out between 90 - 100 km/h. I take this corner in 3rd as well.

    The next right corner can be taken faster. I brake just a little before turning in. Depending on where I end up I step up the gas earlier or later. If you can hit the inside of the turn you can start accelerating at 110 km/h. If you get this right you can change to 4th gear a little before the next left. Otherwise stay in 3rd.

    The next left - left - right - left combination is one of the key sectors. Turn into the first left corner really close between 70 - 90 km/h. If you seem to overshoot the next corner: brake ! The same for the other corners. Usually I try to use the gas on/off (x button) to get through the left - left combination. Before the right corner I break a little to stay as close as possible to the inside to get a nice line to the next left before the straight. If you go through the right corner here too fast you just break before the important left corner. Whatever you do try to fly into the straight as fast as possible.

    Gears in the left - left - right - left section: I change down to 2nd gear as I enter this section and stay in 2nd most of the corners. Getting in 3rd before the last corner will give you better control of the car and exit speed entering the straight.

    At the straight into the carrousel: change to 4th gear. After you hit the brakes. Aim for the middle of the opening into the carrousel at full throttle. Brake hard to about 90 km/h.

    Option 1: If you can try to end up on the rumble strip. Change to 1st gear and floor it, your speed will be limited at around 97 km/h so you can stay on the rumble strip all through the corner. Try to exit on the inside of the right corner onto the straight without hitting any of the walls. Full throttle to the finish line.

    Option 2 (probably faster): break hard and run a little wide (away from the rumble strip) and change to 1st gear. Aim for the open inner part of the carrousel, change to 2nd and if you know you can get to the last part of the rumble strip in the carrousel, change to 3rd. Now aim for the inside of the corner onto the straight (let go of the gas shortly if you need to steer some extra). If you do this right you can get through - at high speed - without touching the walls. Full throttle to the finish line.

    I did a time under 1.30.500 this way. But it took me many tries and having a run without touching any of the walls will greatly help, finding the perfect brake points is the hard part in this test. Also letting go of the gas to steer through a corner helps a lot.

    LESSON 40: Grand Canyon Rally Time Trial – Grand Canyon – 2003 Subaru Impreza Rally Car
    Gold 2.30.000 Silver 2.34.000 Bronze 2.45.000
    First drive around slowly, just get to know the course. Try to drive as if you were on asphalt, drift as little as possible to reach a fast time. Compare to your saved runs to see where you win or loose time.

    Tip: use manual, start in third (yes 3rd !) gear and stay the rest of the course in 3rd, only shift up to 4th on the bumpy straight. In the next left corner switch back to 3rd and stay in 3rd untill just before the finish line shift up to 4th there as well. If you do not hit too many fences gold will be yours quite easily.

    LESSON 41: Italian street course Time Trial – Citta di Aria – 1992 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Rally Car
    Gold 1.38.000 Silver 1.40.000 Bronze 1.50.000
    This was the easiest time trial for me, but I love this course. The key is in the final section. So try to be as fast as possible after T2. The final left corner before you go up the steep slope can be done around 90km/h if you steer through cleanly. This will gain you much time.
  7. CooperS


    Coffee breaks

    CB 1: Knock over all cones in a figure-of-eight pattern – Gymkhana – 1997 Daihatsu Mira TR-XX Avanzato R
    Gold 0.24.000 Silver 0.27.000 Bronze –
    Follow the line, remember that you do not need to hit each cone with the middle of the car. If you hit the cones with the left or right side of the car your distance will be reduced and the time will improve.

    CB 2: Knock over all cones in a random pattern – Gymkhana – 2003 Subaru Legacy Sports Tourer 3.0R
    Gold 0.52.000 Silver 1.00.000 Bronze –
    [See thumnail below]
    Source Arwin van Aarum. First learn this line, look at the map in the top left corner of your screen to see where you are. Drive slow until you get this line. Then try again faster and faster. This will bring you gold in a number of runs (Arwin even did a 41.400 !).

    CB 3: Knock over all cones aligned to the marked course – Gymkhana – 2002 Mazda RX-7
    Gold 0.57.000 Silver 1.00.000 Bronze –
    This coffee break seemed hard. What helped me was letting this coffee break rest after I got annoyed and return the next day. Every time it seemed easier. Running a wide out – close in line at the first slow corner helps to hit the cones easier without coming to a stop. You probably will have to run this test many times to get to know the course, just don’t give up.

    Tip: drive manual. Start in second gear and don’t change after that.

    CB 4: Knock over all cones whilst following the racing line – Driving Park II – 1992 Suzuki Cappuchino
    Gold 0.41.000 Silver 0.45.000 Bronze –
    The same as coffee break 3, let it rest when it annoys you. Another thing that helped me was trying to run as fast as possible without paying attention to the cones. The cones are placed on the ideal line and once you get to know the line, getting gold will follow.

    CB 5: Carefully manoeuvre your car through the cones – Gymkhana – 2003 Honda S2000
    Gold 0.40.000 Silver 0.50.000 Bronze –
    The demo shows a run in 36.6 seconds so getting below 40.0 seconds is doable. The key is in the very slow zig–zag corners. Go through there slow at first and try to increase your speed when you know where to start turning the car. When you approach the part where you have to reverse the car don’t drive up all the way to the cones. If you make sure the car is straight you don’t have to fumble getting the behind the car view, just press the triangle button to reverse the car.

    Attached Files:

  8. Tacet_Blue


    Good job CooperS :tup:

    There are some other threads with tips, it'd be nice to link them to here as this seems the most comprehensive :)
  9. CooperS


    Thanks Tacet_Blue !

    I have seen some loose tips around but not a complete list and don't mind sharing mine. If anybody has some extra tips or pointers just send them in so we can all get 10.000 points :)
  10. Venom77


    Little tip for lesson 28 :tup:

    Use the black tyre marks on the road for your braking points :)
    Also get into slip stream straight away from when you start i get to the end of the first bend and in the cars slip stream for the start of the straight

    My time on that test is a 0.51.149
    If you want time's or replays give me a shout

    Give it your best shot :tup:

  11. CooperS


    Hi Venom77

    Good tips! How far are you ahead at the first (and only) split time? Using manual I seem to be able to just inch ahead of the other car. Using automatic it is quite hard getting ahead.
  12. Venom77


    As i pass the main finish line im about 2 tenths sometimes 150 tenths or sometimes 250-tenths up depends on if i get in to the slip stream early :tup:

    Manual gears is the answer to better time's :)

  13. ixnay


    I am too uncoordinated to use manual :S
    BUT, I use automatic and shift up manually with R2. I just don't shift down because that's too much for my brain. But then again, I an only shift up in sequence based on revs. When I get to acceleration with a high powered car, I will start trying manual.

    Does anyone have some tips for Lesson 20? I have only tried it twice, and the two times were days apart. But I am getting 10 seconds off gold.

    I'd also like to say thanks heaps for this guide. My main use for it is to see what the names of the higher lessons are and a good route for the coffee breaks :)
  14. Tacet_Blue


    I'd urge you to learn to use manual at every oppertunity. Use Prologue to learn so when GT4 comes out you'll be a master :)

    You will improve on all your times using manual. Memorise the track using AT , watch for the gear changes, and remember the timing. You'll soon get into a rythm and be anticipating shift downs in no time.

    Lesson 20 in Citta di Aria.
    As it says above, avoid the walls they will take kph off you every time. The first blind hairpin and a good exit it from it is one key area. Stay close to the inside wall and gently break all the way round to keep tight. If you go wide on the hairpin, exit speed will be low, and you can loose seconds on the long straight.

    Practice the lines from the other Citta di Aria lessons 9 and 18 and you'll bring down that gap from gold. :tup:

    You'll need to do this one pretty well to get gold in the Lancia Delata ;)
  15. ixnay


    hehe. Thanks. Looks like a renault.
  16. CooperS


    Deleted by CooperS
  17. CooperS


    Hi Venom77, glad to hear I am not messing up on the first part of lesson 28. My final corner needs some serious improving :) How do you avoid the kamikaze driver in the other car? I had it break into me numerous times. And I am trying not to let the other car back in my slip stream. :crazy:

    PS do you have some other tips on 29/30 and 31? The times you have seem way out of my reach.
  18. Venom77


    Ok cooper s
    When approaching the last bend brake at the first dark patch before the last bend
    Dont worry about the car behind you it will not go into you :tup:
    Just stay left or right when you are infront of the car. I stay more central

    I will get back to you with the rest of what you want later :)
  19. Venom77


    Cooper s
    Are you running on pal or ntsc and do you have replay device i will send you replays i've got x-port :)
  20. CooperS


    Hi Venom, I spend some two hours on this test: 51.144 :dunce:
    I did break at the first red-ish billboard on the right side and my final run I had a nice drift into the corner just clipping the right curb and 2 wheels in the grass. I could go from braking directly to accelerating towards the finish line. At the mid section I was 0.213 ahead of the other car.

    I managed a much better time than I had at lesson 30, the trick for me was not to change down to second but stay in 3rd gear even in / through the slow corners. This saved me a lot of time.

    PS I do not have X-port and am running PAL
    PPS can you tell what gave you the super time :tup: in lesson 9 in the copen at Citta di Aria, I do not even have a clue how to gain almost 0.3 in this lesson (my best is 16.216)
  21. Venom77


    Glad to see you up in top ten cooper s :tup:
    That lesson is all about the braking and that last bend :yuck:
    Looks like i have got to get a better time in now :ouch:
    All i can say about 29/31 is to give it all you've i've got no tips for them one's but im damn sure somebody will have one
    Tip for
    Coffee break 5 start in second gear for the start 1st gear is just to much torc but i think everyone knows that but hey you never know :tup:
  22. CooperS


    Thanks for the :tup: I edited my last post because I am curious about lesson 9. How did you manage 15.9 there? My measly time of 16.216 seems all I can get :dunce:
  23. Venom77


    Lesson 9 is very hard :grumpy:
    When i did that time i was chasing mr P's time it is one of those test that you have to get close to every wall on every bend and scoop every rumble
    Even the first bend rumble :tup:
    The line for that bend is fernominal but it is there :sly:

    Update on lesson 28 /51.141 still see a load there :tup: :sly:
  24. Tomski


    Hey Venom77, I'm just .001 behind you on lesson 9. :irked: You're doing great with the lessons man! :tup:

    Just got my Logitech DFP wheel yesterday, and shaved off almost 4 seconds of my old lesson 20 time! :mischievous:
    I love the new wheel. :D
  25. Venom77


    Might try the wheel myself :tup:
    Guess this is tommy or tommi ruliweb your not doing bad yourself matey :)
    4 seconds off lesson 9 not bad :tup: Guess that you found the line then how many attempts did you take to do your time at lesson 9:)
    It took me age's :grumpy:

    Lets see if the wingman can cut some time's for me :mischievous: :sly:

    Tip for lesson 21 try to take the first bend in 3rd gear at speed you get this right your speed will be amense for the rest of the course :tup:
  26. Tomski


    The 2 laps with the Spoon @ Citta (lesson 20) is way better with a wheel than with a DS2, I can still see a second improvement on that one! Oh, and with that one, start in 2nd gear..

    That lesson 9 also took me a lot of time.. :grumpy:

    Greetz Tommy
  27. Venom77


    I will give lesson 20 a go tonight on the wheel 3 seconds behind you :yuck:
  28. vrmx


    I'd like to have, if possible, all your replays on X-Port format :).
  29. Mr P

    Mr P

    Hey Guys :)

    Venom77 was at my house last night and mentioned this thread and suggested that I post an mpeg replay or 2 :D
    Problem I have is finding a host for my files :yuck: I tried most of the free sites but they all seem to disallow AVI's :ouch:
    Anyway If someone will host then I can send my Test 9 for starters which has already been shrunk and converted with Dr Divx and total size is 4.95mb ... currently it is at 1st place on the database with a time of 15.907 .
    I can post more If I can find a host :tup:

    Laters and Good Luck Racing :)
  30. Mr P

    Mr P

    Ok a kind member has agreed to host my Test 9 replay and the replay should be posted later today :tup:

    Thanks to Daan :cheers:

    Nice one mate :)