Gran Turismo 7 Confirmed to also launch on PlayStation 4, is a cross-gen title

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Are you disappointed GT7 is also on PS4 with gameplay & graphic assets held back by PS4 limitations?

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How Gran Turismo 7 Could be Compromised by PlayStation 4
This article was published by Andrew Evans (@Famine) on June 8th, 2021 in the Gran Turismo 7 category.


See you guys in another 4-5 years when we finally get a true next-gen Gran Turismo. :( Since GT7 is e-sport focus for online, expect the same limited physics and game experience between PS4 and PS5 version, both held back by the crappy PS4 laptop CPUs.

EDIT- now confirmed to be cross-gen and coming also to PS4.

Confirmed in an update, apparently:

"We've had word back from PlayStation PR, and it's official: God of War Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7 are cross-gen games, meaning that they'll release on both PS5 and PS4.

This update was pretty much expected, but it's always good to receive confirmation from the source."
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Stupid move - even more so considering the game was marketed as a PS5 exclusive up to this point.

Was really looking forward to what a true next gen racing experience would look like from PD, but now we’re being held back by what will be 9 year old hardware when the game releases.

But hey, at least Forza have a next gen exclusive racing game coming.
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It's even more stupid considering how late it's coming to the console generation. This was likely going to be the main thing pulling me towards a PS5, but if it's going to be held back by previous generations I can likely wait till the PS5 price drops significantly. As a racing fan, there really isn't a reason to go for PS5 anytime soon it seems.

Also not willing to completely jump to Forza yet either considering the series has been getting extremely stale. Will just have to wait for more info on that first.
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I'm expecting static time-of-day again with no time progression for GT7 now. :banghead: Forza 8 is also coming next year but is next-gen only, confirmed to have dynamic weather and time of day progression, highly improved tire physics. It's pretty much confirmed to blow GT7 out of the water in graphics, features, and physics so the comparison are going to be hilarious.

This mean Polyphony isn't anywhere near close to upgrading their engine to fully take advantage of the PS5 hardware. We'll be near the end of the generation by the time a true next-gen Gran Turismo comes out given how slow Polyphony works. :lol:
Honestly, I feel kinda scammed. I bought a PS5 in December to experience the "cutting-edge games that can only be experienced on the PS5". So far I haven't played anything particularly "cutting-edge". Ratchet & clank rift apart looks good though
Reposting from the other thread that's also up in flames:
I don't think this was a "gotcha" marketing swindle from the beginning. Not sure if this has been explained/speculated before, but I do believe that Sony hit the panic button at the last moment because:
  • Sony does see PS5 shortage will continue for quite a while (as they've admitted)
  • Sony does see the mountain of scalped units as a real threat because there's no actual owner who will purchase games, accessories, gift cards, and subscriptions where they make their money, they've already hemorrhaged money on the manufacturing of the system itself
  • Sony does see games sales at risk of tanking because of all this
  • Sony doesn't want to release these AAA games that have been in development for years only to come out to terrible day 1 and week 1 and month 1 sales which also doubles as terrible PR in this heated console war
  • Sony also needs to make as much money back as much as possible because of the huge development costs this generation, which means they have to pimp out their games to PC as they have been doing
That’s immensely disappointing to put it mildly. Don’t even want to start to think about the implications.

What does this mean for dynamic time of day and dynamic weather?

What does this mean for the PSVR2 implementation?

Just extremely bummed about this announcement.
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To make matters worse, don't forget that Sport mode will very likey have cross-play enabled with PS4 and PS5 users. They aren't going to host two separate championships for two consoles. The drawbacks of the PS4 will directly effect the PS5 version as well.

If the PS4 version can't achieve dynamic weather, neither will the PS5.
Well, I'm not rich, and I'm Brazilian. This means I could not afford a PS5 even if there were no shortages at all. So that's a sigh of relief for me and my bank account.

But I'm also wondering which stuff they'll cut from the PS4 version, because now it seems pretty obvious that the PS4 version won't be identical to the PS5 one.