Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.07 Now Available: Tire and Progression Bugs Addressed

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GT7 v1.07 Patch Notes
GT7 v1.07 Patch Notes
Main Features Implemented

1. Options
- Added a [Broadcast Mode] option to the 'Sound Volume' settings within the 'Global' tab of the Options menu. For details, please refer to the 'Broadcast Mode' Added to the 'Sound Volume' Settings' article.

Other Improvements and Adjustments
1. Car Settings
  • Fixed an issue wherein an application error would occur when selecting a Setting Sheet from the Quick Menu > [Car Settings] > [Detailed Settings] screen within 'World Circuits' while being in Offline Mode;
  • Fixed an issue wherein copied Setting Sheets would disappear when the Car Settings were opened and closed;
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Ford GT Race Car '18 would only go into 1st gear when a 'Fully Customisable Manual Transmission' or a ’Fully Customisable Sequential Transmission' were installed;
  • Fixed an issue wherein cars would be considered 'within regulation' even though they did not meet the Balance of Performance (BoP) regulation.

2. Lobby
- Fixed an issue wherein some Assist Settings, such as Auto-Drive, were able to be changed or saved even when 'Limit Driving Options' was set to 'Prohibited.'

3. Missions & Licences
- Fixed an issue wherein the modified Assist Settings in some events would be saved and would not go back to the default value even after leaving the event.

4. Missions
- Fixed an issue wherein for some events the wind direction and speed display were set to 0.

5. Licences / Missions / Circuit Experiences
- Fixed an issue wherein the specified tyres would not be equipped on the vehicle for the following events:

■ Licences
[A-8] Dirt Driving: Beginner ('Dirt' Tyres)
[IB-5] Dirt Driving: Intermediate ('Dirt' Tyres)
[IA-3] Dirt Driving: Expert ('Dirt' Tyres)
[S-5] One Lap Time Attack ('Dirt' Tyres)

■ Missions
The Magic Mountain・Jeep Night Safari ('Dirt' Tyres)
Beyond the Horizon・Beginner Drifting 1
Beyond the Horizon・American Wilderness ('Dirt' Tyres)
Rolling Stone・Beginner Drifting 2 ('Comfort: Medium' Tyres)
Gone with the Wind・Divine moves on the Spa
Gone with the Wind・Intermediate Drifting 2 ('Racing: Heavy Wet' Tyres)
The Sun Also Rises・The White Winged Beast ('Racing: Soft' Tyres)

■ Circuit Experiences
Colorado Springs ('Dirt' Tyres)
Fishermans Ranch ('Dirt' Tyres)
Sardegna - Windmills ('Dirt' Tyres)

6. World Circuits
- Adjusted the rewards for events inside 'World Circuits' according to driving time and difficulty. The adjusted events are as follows:

World Touring Car 800・24 Heures du Mans Racing Circuit
World Touring Car 800・Monza Circuit
World Rally Challenge・Alsace Village

Dirt Champions・Fisherman’s Ranch
Dirt Champions・Sardegna Windmills
Dirt Champions・Colorado Springs Lake

GT Cup Gr.4・High Speed Ring
GT Cup Gr.4・Brands Hatch GP Circuit

GT Cup Gr.3・Spa Francorchamps
GT Cup Gr.3・Suzuka Circuit
GT Cup Gr.3・Autodrome Lago Maggiore. Full

Clubman Cup Plus・High Speed Ring
Clubman Cup Plus・Tsukuba Circuit
Clubman Cup Plus・Goodwood

American Clubman Cup 700・Special Stage Route X

American FR Challenge 550・Blue Moon Bay Speedway
American FR Challenge 550・Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca
American FR Challenge 550・Willow Springs Raceway

7. GT Auto
  • Fixed an issue wherein opening the Livery data from [Open Design] > [Design List] of the Livery Editor would make all the applied decals disappear;
  • Fixed an issue wherein the 'Open Designs' and ‘Styles’ of the Livery Editor could not be opened until the game was rebooted if the temporary data were deleted.

8. Garage
- Fixed an issue wherein on rare occasions an application error would occur when purchasing cars from 'Brand Central', 'Used Cars', and ‘Legendary Cars', or when receiving a car as a prize.

9. Physics Simulation Model
- Adjusted the model to reduce the grip lost when cars with high downforce are passing over a kerbstone while cornering at its limit.

10. Other
- Fixed several issues that would occur when there was not enough free space available for temporary data downloaded from the network:
・The 'Used Cars' lineup would not be displayed;
・The 'News' on the Title Screen would not be displayed;
・The 'Styles' could not be applied;

- Various other issues have been addressed.
Broadcast Mode notes:
Broadcast Mode
Update 1.07 released on Thursday, 17 March introduced the ability to select a 'Broadcast Mode' for the game.

When streaming gameplay footage of 'Gran Turismo 7' on YouTube, enabling Broadcast Mode will remove all music tracks that could potentially trigger a copyrights infringement notice from the game’s BGM playlist.

Please note that while Broadcast Mode is enabled, some of the Music Rally or Music Replay tracks will not be available.

'Broadcast Mode' can be enabled from [GT Menu] > [Options] > [Global] > [Sound Volume] and setting [Broadcast Mode] to 'On.'

Players who still receive copyrights infringement notices from YouTube after enabling 'Broadcast Mode' are encouraged to report it to us by using the following form:

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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Ah. So they're literally doing a GTA V and patching legit money-making methods. As if there was any doubt before, PD are literally just treating us like cash-fisted idiots now. I've always loved the GT series and I haven't ever been put off by some of the more questionable decisions made by PD, but this is blatantly anti-consumer and there's no other way to spin it. All the people saying PD will add seasonal events with better payouts will be damn scared now.
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I can. The goal is not to sell you a game, is to sell you a service where you have to buy credits with real money.
Yeeeep. Here's what the new payouts apparently look like:

View attachment 1125353

Here's a chart showing all the events and the change in payouts from pre-1.07 to post-1.07.

It goes well more than just being a "nerfing Fisherman's Ranch" situation. Its a pretty dire situation altogether.

Not a good look.
As people can see, only two events got a substantial increase in payout. The rest, including Fisherman's Ranch, have anywhere from a 30% to (if my math is correct) 65% decrease in money earned.

This was my biggest concern when PD announced the dynamic pricing in the Hagerty dealer, because it was basically PD saying that they would be adjusting the economy over time, in a game that already had an economy geared towards MTX purchases as if it was a free-to-play game.

PD once again showing that they are totally out-of-touch with their community. The cynic in me is expecting some of the upcoming LCD cars to be among the most expensive cars in the game after the update.
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I'm going back to GT Sport. Better career mode, better availability of cars, practically the same tracks. It just sucks I have to redownload all the patches, but even that will be better to sit through than repeating the same events over and over, earning absolutely nothing, trying to save up for cars that aren't even that expensive at all.
At this point, even though I would rather not have spent any money at all on this game, I'm glad I bought the cheapest possible version.

Was also planning on double-dipping, should a PC port arrive later. Now, it's out of the question.

First the always-online requirement being extended to the point where you can't even continue playing, should your connection drop, and now this.

It's clear where their priorities lie, and I'm done. I'm off to PC and I hope the Forza Motorsport reboot is amazing, and rips this game a new one.
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I don't mind a Pay2Win game as long as it's Free2Play. Sadly in this case it's not... :(
It heavely try to make you buy currency but it's TOTALLY false to call it a pay2win game. You dont need to pay to win, you need skill. If you do all single content now you sit on enough money (around 4-5 million) to tune 3 cars for all 3 sports mode race and win with it if you are good enough. You dont need any money to finish any mission, challenge or licence either. So again, not pay2win.

Pay to collect if you want, but def. not pay2win.

I dont discuss it's scummy act from PD, especially since this still feel like a reskin gts with less content rather than anyhting new. Sometimes when I'm in some menu I even wonder if I'm still in GTS or if I'm really playing a new game. And it shouldnt happen. GT7 feels like GT6 felt to GT5 to me, which is a downgrade of the same game with slightly modified stuff.
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" Please note that while Broadcast Mode is enabled, some of the Music Rally or Music Replay tracks will not be available."

What's the point of broadcasting music rally if you can't watch it with its background music on? And I don't get this copyright issue, if PD secured license for the music, and you paid for the game that contains the music and stream it online (to people who didn't pay for any of that), how come only music is problematic, not the game as well? By some logic, none of that should be a problem or both.

And this prize cut move is atrocious, won't even comment on that.
Hi guys!! Im new here... Lobby stills trash??? Without way to save a configuration for easy montage of race later?? And the qualify, any news, when they will be able to be configured in a lobby??
When people mention boycotting I usually roll my eyes but something absolutely needs to be done about this. They cannot be allowed to get away with it.
It's barely even boycotting at this point, the game is genuinely not worth playing. If you want to earn any credits at all (to buy cars, which has explicitly been called an important thing to do in the game) the best strategy is to not play the game and instead earn money in real life.

It's a game that's best played by not playing it at all.


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Doesn't GTA Online - one of the most meme'd-on grind fests of all time - give you a free $1,000,000 per month for logging in? How have we gotten worse than that?!

I wanted to give PD the benefit of the doubt here since I am swooned by that classic GT allure, but this is just gross.