Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.07 Now Available: Tire and Progression Bugs Addressed

A new update has arrived for Gran Turismo 7, largely aimed at addressing a number of early bugs and glitches as well as adding a broadcast mode.

Update (1230UTC): Official Gran Turismo channels report that “an issue” has been found in the 1.07 update, resulting in prolonged server maintenance. That means that, other than Music Rally and custom races in whatever World Circuits you have already unlocked, GT7 is currently inaccessible — and no progress can be saved.

While content updates will be coming to GT7, today’s v1.07 patch doesn’t bring any new cars, tracks, or races. It comes in at 385MB on PlayStation 5 and fixes several issues to do with game progression, including a glitch introduced in v1.06 which saw players given the wrong tires for certain single-player challenges.

That will come as good news to players who were struggling through some of the licences, missions, and circuit experience tests, particularly those on dirt surfaces with cars using road tires. Drifting and wet weather events were also affected, but this should now be remedied.

Other bugs addressed include an issue where vehicle settings would not save, and a game crash that could occur whenever the player bought or won a car.

Slightly less welcome news is an adjustment to race prize values in World Circuit events. While this does change a couple of the events for the better — the clearly incorrect 5,000cr first-place prizes in a couple of the WTC800 events have been brought in line with more reasonable rewards for sibling events — it also dramatically blunts some of the most effective money-making methods in the game.

Front and center of this is the top-earner, the Dirt Champions race at Fishermans Ranch, which sees payouts cut by more than half. That still makes it the quickest method in the game, but at close to 850,000cr per hour it’s now far less efficient than before.

Other top earners have also seen the rewards cut too, with High Speed Ring, Special Stage Route X, Goodwood, and even Alsace Village races less effective than pre-patch.

One boost for streamers is the addition of “Broadcast Mode”. This mode, which can be enabled through the sound settings, removes all music tracks which could trigger automated copyright claims from services like YouTube. With Broadcast Mode on, players can stream gameplay without having their videos taken offline due to background music.

You can read the full patch notes for v1.07 in the comments thread for this article.

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