Gran Turismo 7 Was Revealed One Year Ago Today

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Is anybody really suprised by this? a quick glance at the history of the franchise should be enough to predict how this launch trajectory will go.
So i'll just be patient and have my ps5+gt7 money stored away for when the day comes. By the time GT7 actually launches chances are you can get a gen2 ps5 of the shelves in the shop.
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1 year, plus there's E3 coming up. In the next few days they SHOULD release a new trailer and give some info.
You know....there's something called "youtube". Just drop something there, it's not difficult...
They did it with GT5. First trailer in june 2009 -> 1 year of silence -> new trailer in june 2010

If they don' disappointment, as usual.
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How quickly time passes, eh?
A year ago, we knew that GT7 exist. But now, we know that GT7 exist.

I totally forgot E3 starts tomorrow. In the next few days they SHOULD release a new trailer and give some info.
>> EVEN IF SONY WON'T PARTICIPATE <<. You know....there's something called "youtube". Just drop something there, it's not difficult...
(They did it with GT5. First trailer at E3 2009 -> 1 year of silence -> new trailer and release date at E3 2010)

If they don' disappointment, as usual.
PD will show a new trailer... COMING SOON
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It’s fair to say that the last 12 months have been a lot quieter than we were expecting after that front-and-center presentation.

Is it? This is exactly what I expected, PD either hasn't got a clue what it means to be a game developer in the '20s or they believe they're above the need to engage with their audience - I would argue that if that's the case they're wrong, they definitely need to prove that they're still worth caring about because their last three games haven't held a candle to the fun we had in GT2 a couple of decades back or GT4, what, 17 years ago?

Just hire a social media manager! Let some details slip to keep people interested! It's really not that hard. If I didn't come around here to (very infrequently) talk about Forza I probably wouldn't even know that GT7 is a thing. I'm sure it'll release just in time for there to be an improved version of the PS5 to play it on, and quite frankly that's why I'm not even trying to get my hands on one right now. I learned my lesson when I bought a PS3 at launch for GT5 and ended up replacing it with a slim model because it died two hours into installing GT5 like three or four years later. Fool me once, etc.!
wow 1 year and still nothing about it, i smell a 2024 game :P

Crossing fingers for something new next month in the apparently non confirmed new PS showcase
I honestly don't want any more news until days before release.

The Ford GT interior in the intro (GT4 reference - the Ford GT was on the box art and in the intro, y'all already know this), the GT4-esque menu, the heavy focus on the Porsche 917K, a Le Mans i.e. endurance racing icon... That's enough.

That's enough to look forward to.

If you show snippets of content every once in a while, it just keeps building the hype up, and then, if it's not as amazing as advertised, you won't be as happy with it in the end...

Too much hype is bad.

I dunno what's wrong with me but I'm kinda struggling to put sentences together...I hope you know what I'm trying to say.


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As some have speculated the reason for there silence, sometime after the release of the trailer, maybe months after, PD was informed by Sony of the move to cross-platform play. With that abrupt change in direction PD probably been set back months, thus no new trailers, if the game was still going in the original direction with the PS5 in mind, I think we would have seen some additional trailers by now.
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If the next Forza is announced to release this year (maybe it will be at E3, an event Sony doesn't seem to care about now), then I will probably buy a new XBOX. I will still play GT7 when it comes out on PS5 but the only news in a year being delays and a PS4 release gives me no hope that GT7 will even have a PS5 demo or beta by even two years from now.
To me, there's no surer sign that a game is in development hell than infrequent, inconsistent advertising, and the developers staying quiet about it. I'm expecting GT7 to be yet another GT2 or GT5 in terms of shoddiness. At this point, I'm not even sure if I'm going to continue supporting the franchise, especially with the rumours about GT7 being crossgen.

I know it's not PD's M.O. to talk about what goes on behind their doors, but in cases like this, their silence speaks worse than anything they could directly say.


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They might release PS4 version 2022 then PS5 version 2023 with real enhancements?

Environments are still gonna look like there from ps2 era flat static and dull rendering ssd useless in terms of level design.

Physics and AI held back for ps4 CPU.

It's so off putting thinking about how it might turn out :guilty:
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...well, as usual, PD is silent, I just hope they won't dissapoint us.

BTW, we heard first time for GT7 officially 1 year ago, but, Kaz himself confirmed this like few months after GTS was released, so probably GT7 is in development for quite some time, and as we know how slow PD is, recent change for GT7 possibly comming to PS4 probably affected GT7 release.

And this is not the only game, look at how many PS5 exclusive games are now PS games...

I just hope PD will pull this one, and bring us a lot of content to the game, with improved physics, and hopefully day time transitions, with dynamic weather...

Now before you say not gonna happen, think of this, AMD just released FSR to the public (and yes, PS4 has capability to run it) bumping performance for about 20-40% is huge deal...

Just saying... Hoping...
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