Gran Turismo Graphics Used in Nurburgring 24H Broadcast

Not just that it was a beta build but we watched Kevin Estre playing and he set the AI to 90% or so...

Off topic, for me, Kevin Estre is the best driver in the grid. It’s a great pleasure, too see him attack, but fair. Porsche Factory drivers like him or Timo Bernhard definitely can make the difference, why not using their knowing for Gran Tueismo development, too. Hamilton of course is there, but he’s Formulara one driver, and there are big differences between formular sport and gt Sport. So why not.
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Gave seaside a whirl. I am crossing the second sector line pretty regularly at 1.03.6 with the ft1, I think that is competitive, but I lose a ton of time through COD and cannot beat a 37.5. You needbto be in 36s to run with the top split.

Said top split just too fast for me but got one race mostly A and some B guys, was much better, finished 4th.