Gran Turismo Sport

Subaru WRX Gr.B Road Car Returns in This Week's GT Sport Mileage Exchange Update

Polyphony Digital has again stuck to its two-week schedule, updating the GT Sport Mileage Exchange with vehicles. As expected, the Mercedes-AMG GT Safety car has switched places with its BMW… Read More »

GTPlanet's Weekly Race Series Celebrates 15 Years with a Nürburgring Special Event

GTPlanet’s Weekly Race Series Time Trials are celebrating our 15 year anniversary! On this date in 2003, the first Weekly Race Series Time Trial was posted on the GTPlanet forums.… Read More »

Buying All of GT Sport's Latest Cars Requires (at Least) 25 Hours of Racing

Planning on owning all of the cars that came with GT Sport’s 1.11 update late last month? You’re going to want to start saving credits. We’re a numbers-loving bunch here at… Read More »

More New Paint Colors in This Week's GT Sport Mileage Exchange

It’s that time of week again when Polyphony Digital updates the GT Sport Mileage Exchange. This week is a minor update, with a refresh of the wheel, paint, sticker, pose and… Read More »

GTPlanet GT Sport Photo Mode Competition 10 Now Open

We’re starting the weekend a little early with our latest edition of the Gran Turismo Sport Photo Mode Competition. This latest theme focuses on one of the most visible brands in… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport 1.12 Update Now Available

After a surprise announcement yesterday, Polyphony Digital has pushed out the latest update for Gran Turismo Sport. Hello, version 1.12. In the world of GT Sport, this ranks as one of the… Read More »

Another Update for GT Sport is On Its Way This Week

Polyphony Digital is keeping the updates coming thick and fast, with another new version of GT Sport due this week. This latest update — presumably v1.12 — comes at us… Read More »

MG's Mysterious Vision GT Car Isn't Quite The Real Deal

Eagle-eyed forum users noticed a potential newcomer to the Vision GT stable last week. An image showing a scale model concept car with a prominent Gran Turismo logo appeared on… Read More »

New Mileage Exchange Update Sees the Return of the Lancer Gr.B Road Car

In keeping with its established two-week schedule, Polyphony Digital has updated the Mileage Exchange in Gran Turismo Sport. It’s a major update this week, refreshing the available cars. This brings… Read More »

GT Sport vs GT6 Comparison: The Super Premium Supra

If you’ve been living under a particularly large rock lately, you may have missed Polyphony Digital adding 10 new cars to GT Sport last week. They’re all familiar cars from the… Read More »

New Blue Moon Bay Speedway Track Layouts Found in GT Sport

Since GT Sport‘s release, various configurations of existing tracks have been added to the game. It started with a supersized Kyoto layout and then the latest v1.11 update added three… Read More »

GT Sport 1.11 Test Drives Part III: Viper GTS and Ford GT

We’ve got another batch of Gran Turismo Sport test drives for you, care of last week’s 1.11 update. For this duo, we look to the United States, with the Viper GTS… Read More »

GTPlanet GT Sport Photo Mode Competition 09 Now Open

Last week was a busy week for GT Sport players, with the 1.11 update bringing a variety of new toys. Polyphony Digital added 10 cars to the game’s roster, including two… Read More »

More GT Sport 1.11 Test Drives: McLaren F1 and Diablo GT

We’re back with another round of test drives from the latest update for GT Sport. The 1.11 refresh brought ten new cars, and we’ve got a pair of mid-engined wonders at… Read More »

More New Paints and Wheels in This Week's GT Sport Mileage Exchange Update

Players logging into GT Sport today will find the usual weekly refresh of the Mileage Exchange. It’s a minor update this week, as expected, so the vehicles remain the same… Read More »

Tourist Trophy Sequel on Yamauchi's Mind, Bikes Could End Up in GT Game

Back in November, we made our case for a follow up to Tourist Trophy. It was all a bit of wishful thinking, but still something we really wanted. In a… Read More »