Gran Turismo on PS Vita Pic

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by BWX, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. BWX


    from PS Home E3 level
    Having issues with uploading pic from PS3.. Will upload in a bit.





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  2. TenEightyOne


    Is this via remote play?

    Surely they're not going to keep the RYVita name and logo... it would be one of the greatest naming fails since the Pajero!
  3. sems4arsenal

    Egypt Cairo, Egypt

    Doesn't it allow for PSP GAmes to work on it.Because that is GTPSP
  4. That's just Gran Turismo PSP...
  5. JamboGT

    United Kingdom Gateshead

    GT PSP will work on Vita. Should be good with the analog sticks.
  6. BWX


    LOL, oh, well that is the one GT I never played. Never had a PSP. Anyway it was in PS Home on a demo of that handheld. Yeah, Vita is a horrible name.
  7. Halvstein420


    Why do you guys think PS Vita is such a horrible name?

    You do know that Vita i latin for Life, right?
  8. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    It will work for those who had it as digital download in their Store Download History.

    For all us UMD owners, we're screwed with our physical library for good (as long as some solution will be offered and I do not see which one could it be without serious compromise of overall monetary system of PSNStore).
  9. daus26

    United States WA

    Yeah, I was hoping there would be some announcement from PD that was related to Kaz's mysterious new project. I thought it would have a chance at being a new GT for the Vita, but I guess not.
  10. TenEightyOne


    I think we all went to school at some point or other, thank you :D

    It's probably because of the similarly sized RYVita health-food biscuits... and the PSVita logo even looks a little like it says RYVita. If you squint.
  11. Halvstein420


    Not all country's teach Latin at school...

    So, it's basically because you associate the vita-ending with another product already.
  12. seanchump


    I bet GT-PSP will look much better on the Vita.

    No one says "Playstation Portable", they say PSP. If you don't like "Vita" then just say PSV.

    Problem solved :)
  13. Spagetti69


    What if you support AJAX?
  14. BWX


    PS Vitamin, that's why.
  15. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    Locking as this has nothing to do with GT5.
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