Gran Turismo Open World Game?

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  1. DC2_Evan


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    Nah, that sounds ****ing awesome, I won't even lie. Euro Truck Simulator is one of my favorite games to just mess around in. 11/10 would be down for that in GT lol
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  2. 05XR8


    Man I swear. The past GT Menus where they "connected" the dealerships, map of Gran Turismo "city", were so close to giving us an open world.

    All of this stopped with GT5P.

    Come now, who wouldn't want to drive around in those environments?
  3. Auditore


    Kaz said once he wanted to make a RPG someday,so i had this idea that could take that and Gran Turismo and mesh them together.

    A Gran Turismo Anime Style Game,imagine Initial D with Gran Turismo with Persona games:

    • You have your character with a crappy car and you have to win street races and circuit races
    • It's set in Japan,you can race in Kyoto Driving Park,Suzuka,Tsukuba,city courses and other GT original tracks
    • You have a apartment with a garage
    • You can choose your job,a race track rookie mechanic,a delivery guy(Initial D vibes) or a taxi driver.
    • The story is not linear
    • You can climb your way through the street racing scene getting involved with the Yakuza or you can start a racing carrer on circuit races from the bottom(similar to old GT campaigns but here you have to pay to enter racing divisions)
  4. CLowndes888


    I would've paid money for an open world Driveclub. It would've worked so well with the physics.
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  5. Rinsky

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    An addition or spin-off is the right approach so I agree with you on that and the reason for my whole participation in this thread. There is no denying that the majority of people want a traditional GT as the core of the game play. Adding other features in the game as an Esports or an open world to appeal two other players would be the better way to go then to change a game completely to only please a small group of players. Just like they did with GTS that turned out not to be the best move.

    The fact people played the cops and robber kinda thing in GT6 is another reason why a traditional GT works so well because people found all kinds of different ways to play that game and I've always supported that.

    But most people posting here were not talking about about an addition or spin-off. They were taking about changing GT completely to an open world game. That's is the part I can't understand because don't they realise it would kill off GT for good in making such a radical change.

    I guess I should have said it's pointless to me. I couldn't get into it when it first appeared in GTA. After an hour of it I'm bored senseless.
  6. _ApexPredator


    Tell you what I'd like to see; A Gran Turismo FIA Rallycross spin-off series. Now that would be a seriously fun game!
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  7. Funktipus


    Randomly stumbled upon this topic, and I find it quite stimulating.

    An open world Gran Turismo (likely a spin-off?) game is a pretty thrilling perspective, but that would be hard to achieve, but definitely not impossible, though.

    From a marketing/sales standpoint, that would be a proper opportunity for Sony to have a Forza Horizon-like exclusive on their consoles.

    The thing is I highly doubt Gran Turismo's current engine could handle open world so well, so PD (or the studio developing the project) probably would have to switch to another engine; which would be a difficult trade as they probably would have to redo a lot of the physics, which would be a challenge on its own.

    Engine-wise, I can easily see Sony providing a "race-ready" refurbished version of the Decima engine, but that'd definitely take some R&D time as well.

    As for the game itself, it would have to stand out a great deal to become a best seller. If they manage to keep the car porn/enthusiasm to the current level, with the incredible handling, an interesting setting (why not Japan?), a nice and quirky car roster, the same "motorsports/road cars" balance (with actual race tracks and roads to race), that could be enough to make it a viable prospect.

    RPG mechanics/storytelling could actually make it work and make it somehow unique - it's been ages since a racing game didn't have a proper storyline, but I'm convinced it's not a lost cause, it was done well before and could be even better now.

    I've never discussed the subject with my coworkers at Codies who play GT, but I'd love to know their views on the matter :)
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  8. VBR

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    PD are far too stuck in their ways to do something like this. Turn 10 are way ahead of PD when it comes to fun & getting the most out of their brand. But, it would be good.
  9. TonyJZX


    You can sort of see how Microsoft are going... its amazing to me and its pretty much unprecedented that you get Forza Horizon 2, 3 & 4 on this one generation of console.

    You will get Forza 5, 6 & 7 as well.

    FM8 maybe not.

    I see that as amazing value out of a $250usd console. If you like motor racing and gaming then you really got no choice.

    I also see it as Microsoft doubling down on what they think works (remember how XBox was the Gears Forza Halo box?)

    Sony on the other hand really just have GT Sport and maybe DriveClub.

    However look at the Sony exclusive hits that Microsoft just cant match... God of War Death Stranding Yakuza Naughty Dog series Ghosts Tsushima Days Gone David Cage crap Fumito Ueda Yu Suzuki... the hits just keep coming.

    So as I see it, Sony doesnt need too many driving games as their catalog seems to be enough, Microsoft need driving games.

    I'm not really interested in Sony's catalog but even at work, People go on about Sony's stuff so obviously people love it.

    Part of me wishes Sony werent so prolific so they could concentrate on more driving games.
  10. chzsln485


    Remember that white city menu background that appeared in GT5? I thought that was a nice throwback to GT4. I always thought that might have gone somewhere or get developed into a feature... and it never did. I feel like that Grand Tour special event was also a way of framing closed circuit events in a sort of "open world".
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  11. vvise


    I would really like a Tokyo Xtreme Racer style highway system to cruise around on in multiplayer. The Tokyo tracks already scratch that itch a little bit, but it could be so much more.

    I think I just want another TXR game :(
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  12. chzsln485


    Yes please! A shame that mobile game recently was a bit of a dud. Not because I was particularly interested in playing it (forced portrait perspective? weird neon all over the game environment?), but more because I was hoping it might revive the series.

    It would be nice if Polyphony expanded the Expressway tracks out with less barriers - that would do for me!
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  13. 05XR8


    PD were so wrong for doing that. When I first played the game, I thought I'd be able to drive that Ferrari to all those different places after each race. Such a tease!
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  14. Tristan H

    Tristan H

    I was just thinking about this. I would love the original 11 tracks of GT1 connected by roads with dealers and garages in between.

    I wonder if you could make this with a mod of some sort?
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  15. Shingo_civic


    Maybe with the new procedural engine they are working on they can make an open world in relatively short time.An open world made by PD with japanese scenary it would sell like bread
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  16. 05XR8


    Culled my garage and tried to replicate that car list, best I could.

    If GT Sport only had 10 cars and 10 tracks:

    In lieu of the Testarossa '57, the DB3S '53
    Countach 25th Anniversary
    MP4-12C replaces the Lotus Esprit
    Sauber C9 replaces the C11
    Mitsushi Lancer Evo IV replaces Eagle Talon
    Only AWD "Turbo" Porsche, is electric. Selected the 993 CS tuned to 443BHP/1444kg.
    Shelby Cobra
    MR2 GT-S

    Track list:

    Laguna Seca
    Northern Isle
    BMB Speedway
    La Sarthe
    Nurburgring 24H
    Nurburgring Nordschleife
    Mount Panorama
    Sardegna Road Track - A
    St. Croix - C

    Should be a bit of fun.
  17. Leggacy


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    It would be nice to have a city to drive around and maybe visit the dealerships.
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  18. CLowndes888


    They should revive the scrapped plans for a Special Stage City. Some fact finding a few years ago seemed to suggest that PD were working on it for GT5, but such idea never eventuated. When you look around Route 5 in GT5, you'll find a lot of roads around the track extensively modeled.
  19. NosOsH


    If they did do a city connected by highways to drive and courses dispersed around, how cool would it be if the the edges of the map were littered with real and contrived(original) japanese mountain passes.
    Thats the one thing I've always wished GranTurismo would include. Or make a course generator powerful enough for the community to do so instead
  20. Ddkklop


    It would be nice, if it was set in Japan with expressways, but also mountain passes. Combined with GTS driving psychics and nice car liss, why not? However, I don't think PD is the kind of company to do a street racing open world game. It doesn't seem like a thing they would do.
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