Gran Turismo PSP is 10 Years Old Today

For a long time I was on the fence about getting a PSP. I still remember wandering around a gamestop with some friends one day when I came across the PSP GT bundle, with the fancy box and the added extras. Having not known it existed beforehand, I instantly grabbed it on an impulse buy. Kept me well-entertained for many dead hours during my school days. Good times.
Game was so much better than it every got credit for, obviously had it's faults like the way you bought cars or the fact only 4 cars on track at a time lack of career ect.. but the fact they put 900 cars with all the tracks and the feeling of gt on the PSP was incredible
GT PSP could have been the only game which make me buy a PSP. It always appears to me like a portable GT4.

However, it went out the same month I started working and not taking the public transport anymore...

If only they had respected their schedule!

Edit : at this point, this is also the only GT game that I don’t own.
I still have my collectors edition for the PSP. But there is also a digital version that is also compatible with the PS Vita.
I have it for both my old PSP and Vuta, was even paying it a few weeks ago while on holiday.
Good game. Got it with the PSP Go later that month, or maybe it was release day? So long ago I can't remember exactly. I do remember it getting me to sign up for some GT site 3 months later.
I remember having a hell of a time trying to get all those free Pre-Order cars because, at the time, there was no Canadian PS Store. I finally got them, with an account that was classified as American, but only just was able to access it again when I dug up the PSP in prep for this article. I had to fiddle with our modem to even make it possible for the PSP to connect to the internet. I don't consider 2009 all that long ago, but apparently tech has really advanced since.

It's a solid pick-up-and-play title, but I still believe GT1 through GT3 would arguably be better suited to a mobile experience...
Whatever anyone says about GT PSP I had so much hype for It. I bought a PSP GO Just for the GT-PSP Theme & The Game, (Which I later found out could be brought across to my normal PSP-2000 I had at the time). I got all the Pre Order Cars somehow too which I found awesome at the time.

I also found the ability to use a Dual Shock 3 on My PSP GO on GT PSP Brilliant as It gave you that extra bit of precision when you were in a stable place to use It in this way. At the time blew my mind.

Present Day GT PSP Still lives on My OLED Vita & I Now and again bring It out on plane journey's Just for a joyride on the old school tracks. It holds up to this day and remains one of my favourite GT Titles in the series!
The only actual game I play on my Vita, there is no better race games on this platform than this one. Though endurance races is very hard for me to play, both hands start to hurt. If only R2 and L2 triggers would be available here in stores.

And still can't complete some challenges on gold, from what I currently remember Nürburgring's Schwedenkreuz to Poststraße and Alfa Romeo on Citta di Aria - hell of the task.
GT PSP was my introduction to the Gran Turismo series. I had played GT4 a couple times at a friend's house before this one, but it was the first game I properly owned. I remember getting this game for a birthday a couple years after my PSP and my mind being blown on how they managed to fit so many detailed cars onto a portable system. It looks rough nowadays, especially when we now have a full Grid game in our back pockets on the Switch, but back then this was cutting-edge stuff. It's still one of the best ways to just go back and revisit old GT tracks without hooking up the whole PS2 to the TV.
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I still play this sometimes, a very impressive game content-wise (almost as impressive as Test Drive Unlimited on the PSP...), although I always wanted a proper career mode. In Britain we didn't have Jay Leno for the voice-over. I think he did the countdown but the narration was done by a woman, possible Vicki Butler-Henderson, but I might be thinking of GT4P. Still the best mobile racing game by a long way. No DLC, no ads, just 800 cars and Trial Mountain. Bliss.
This the best mobil sim period.

Now the nintendo switch is out that title may go to grid autosport but with the joy con ghosting I'll b pissed off.

Still I felt if the vita sold more we would of had a updated psvita gt game of some sort
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As much as I was impressed with and enjoyed playing Gran Turismo PSP, I had a hard time forgiving Polyphony for setting my expectations ridiculously high...

"The product quality is not at all inferior to its PS2 counterpart"...riiiiiight.

4 car races never felt or looked as good as the 6 from the PS2 GT games. Head-to-head races were fun, but would have been better if the wireless multiplayer extended to those 4 cars, not just 2. And I was *really* hoping we'd be able to play head-to-head PSP vs PS2. Oh well.

My best memory was using it to practice the Nurburgring Nordschleife on a flight to Germany...a trip where I did actually make it to the 'Ring (sadly closed to driving due to recent snowfall).


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This was the first Gran Turismo I played. I got a PSP just for it as well. It was also thanks to this that I later got a PS3 to play GT5 and GT6. Its too bad I sold my PSP long ago. I've been trying to get a PSP Go since its a lot more convenient than the regular so I can play the game again, but their prices have skyrocketed.
I bought the Gran Turismo PSP in 2009 and my first impression about it is that the Gran Turismo PSP seemed to me a new GT game, although most of cars were imported from GT4.

I used to spend several hours playing Gran Turismo PSP and I also remember of drifting around Cathedral Rocks Trail III to grind money, so I could buy new cars. However, when Gran Turismo 5 came, I started to play more PS3 with Gran Turismo 5 and then Gran Turismo 6.

I don't play the game that much like I used to, as I'm much more focused on PS4 and GTSPORT right now, however, I still have both PSP console and Gran Turismo PSP game.

Great times! :cheers:
I remember back then being the first person ever to upload its intro (before its release), thus giving people also a current sneak-peek at GT5 (was also featured at the end of the intro). I recorded it on one of the Gamescoms back then and uploaded it in potato quality. People were so hungry for GT5 news, that it really didn't matter though haha! Other than that, I did play the game a little, it got repetetive quickly though.
I'd have a question to the experts here. I have a Vita that I bought back in 2012 for a single game: NFS: Most Wanted as it was basically 1:1 the same as the PS360 version. I got my time out of it, got Platinum and 100% after that and definitely enjoyed it. I did play a few other games after that but nothing was close to it in terms of experience.

Coming to GT, I played a little bit (maybe around 25-40 hours combined) GT5 and GT6 but as I never owned a PSP, I haven't played GT PSP. I heard that it can be played on Vita, so I got it. Question is, how can I put it on there? I admit, I haven't turned on my Vita in a little while but from memory I couldn't download it. I think I did download it to my PS3 but it's currently offline as we moved and it wasn't a priority to pack it out for various reasons. Is the PS3->Vita transfer via USB the only way to put it on the handheld?


Also: I agree with a previous comment, the Vita would have needed a GT release, it's a really nice little device. Too bad Sony didn't push it hard enough.
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A disappointing game that probably doesn't come close to matching any of the best racing games on the PSP, and also represented an era of GT where Polyphony was obviously biting off more then they could chew considering it was in development hell (or rather, effectively cancelled considering they shelved it early and didn't work on it until GT5 was more or less done and dusted) and an over reliance on the base set up by GT4.