Gran Turismo PSP

Gran Turismo PSP is 10 Years Old Today

"Ultimate Gran Turismo Fans" Win Awesome Gear

Remember the “Ultimate Gran Turismo Fan” contest Sony held back in November? They set out out to find the most dedicated fans of the series, and this past Friday, the… Read More »

Free Gran Turismo PSP Exotic Car Pack

Our forum user John Parry just picked up on a small update in the US PSN Store – there’s now a free “car pack” available for Gran Turismo PSP that… Read More »

Gran Turismo PSP Free for PSP Go Owners (Again)

If you missed out on the free Gran Turismo PSP promotion when the PSP Go was released earlier this year, you’ve got another shot. Sony is once again making the… Read More »

Another Strange Gran Turismo PSP Commercial

Remember that heart-wrenching sacrifice of a 1988 Lamborghini Countach and 1969 Corvette Stingray in the first Japanese Gran Turismo PSP commercial? Well, the marketing team isn’t done yet – here’s… Read More »

Are You the "Ultimate" Gran Turismo Fan?

Sony is out to find the “ultimate” Gran Turismo fan with their latest contest, and two winners will be walking away with the driving suit, helmet, and gloves worn by… Read More »

Gran Turismo PSP Online: Ad-Hoc Party Now Available

After a few weeks of waiting, Ad-Hoc Party is finally available, for free, to everyone around the world! Watch the video after the jump to see a quick demonstration with… Read More »

"Akiba Grand Prix" Gets Your Name in GT5 Credits

Here’s a look at the Akiba Grand Prix, held the Akihabara district of Tokyo last weekend. Making excellent use of GT PSP‘s multiplayer functionality, the Akiba GP led a group… Read More »

Ad-Hoc Party Coming to North America and Europe

Since GTPlanet users first picked up on the fact that you’d be able to play Gran Turismo PSP online with Ad-Hoc party, one tiny little thing has been holding people… Read More »

GT PSP's Laguna Seca Commercial: Behind the Scenes

Remember that Gran Turismo PSP commercial, featuring a Corvette ZR-1 with Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust? (No, not that terrible Japanese spot!) While we wait for the next round of… Read More »

Why Gran Turismo PSP Looks So Good

Although many people debate the exclusion of “career mode” in Gran Turismo PSP, it’s generally considered one of the best-looking games on the portable console to date. When you look at… Read More »

Cringe-Worthy Japanese Gran Turismo PSP Commercial

It’s always interesting to see how marketing teams approach international audiences differently, and it looks like Sony’s campaign for Gran Turismo PSP is no exception. Here’s the Japanese Gran Turismo… Read More »

Yamauchi Interview Reveals More on GT5 Development

Unfortunately, most “journalists” who get the chance to interview Kazunori Yamauchi are largely clueless about the current state of the franchise. As a result, they ask the same questions to… Read More »

Play Gran Turismo PSP with a Steering Wheel

If you’ve played Gran Turismo PSP, the thought of hooking up a steering wheel to the little handheld console has probably crossed your mind. The only problem, of course, is… Read More »

Sony Apologizes For GT PSP Car Download Issues

Gran Turismo PSP launched with an interesting and new incentive: a free, bonus car depending on where you pre-ordered the game or if you download it via the PSN Store.… Read More »

Gran Turismo PSP Car List Revealed

Finally, we get to see the full car list for Gran Turismo PSP.  This doesn’t have all 850 vehicles- some of which will remain Polyphony Digital’s surprise – but at least… Read More »

Gran Turismo PSP: Download or UMD?

If you didn’t pre-order your copy of Gran Turismo PSP and you just can’t wait until your local retailer opens up, you can fire up your PSP and start downloading from… Read More »