Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125cc Shifter (Tuning and Strategy Guide - International A)

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  1. ThaSyn

    Belgium Antwerp

    Seriously, this is driving me nuts and it just shows how bad/unfair PD's computer opponents are. First they're way faster (which they shouldn't be) and in the end they all brake to let me win (which hasn't worked out so far).
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  2. ThaSyn

    Belgium Antwerp

  3. TenEightyOne


    The story of my last two weeks... going to try @AUAxton 's advice tomorrow! :)
  4. Yes, I've done that :)

    I find the ballast and ballast position.

    But I don't find this

    (Front/Rear Weight Distribution - 49:51)
  5. Outeke


    When moving ballast position/add ballast, you see the distribution change (left upper screen)

    I found it most easy to drive using 0 ballast at position -50 (which gives a 46/54 balance) at GT-Arena
  6. ThaSyn

    Belgium Antwerp

    pff,managed to get 2nd in the arena. No win yet though...
  7. ThaSyn

    Belgium Antwerp

    It took me two entire evenings but I finally managed to gold all 3 races and win the championship. With a DS3 for those who wonder if it's do-able.
  8. AUAxton

    Australia Adelaide, SA

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm very glad to see that I've been able to help out so many people with this info so far! A lot of great tips as well for drivers that have different styles as well! (Moving Ballast to the Rear to Assist with the Wheel Spin!)

    Congratulations to you all that have been able to Gold this Event!

    For those that may be losing heart and seeing constant second / third places, my race played out as catching First Place in Corner 1 on the last lap. Many a time before that, I was catching First Place half way into the last lap before switching to Automatic Transmission (I've always played Manual). Go for consistent laps and don't rush your corners or get over excited trying to push past, keep calm and first place will come! :tup:

    And for those that are still pushing for the Gold on GT Arena, Keep at it! You can do it!
  9. AUAxton

    Australia Adelaide, SA

    Hey Monatsende,

    I messed around using the DS3 and found something that may be helpful. (Using DS3 with Right Stick as "Up - Throttle" and "Down - Brake")

    It may sound strange, but I was able to make more precise adjustments to the throttle if I placed my Thumb at the bottom edge of the controller stick and pushed the right analogue stick up instead of my thumb on top of the stick as I normally would which helped greatly in holding throttle at 70% or so around the final sweeping corner.

    The plastic helped in holding my thumb back to make slight adjustments instead of flicking it to full throttle.

    (Looking at the picture below, imagine placing your thumb sideways between the plastic and the rubber of the Stick)
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  10. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    I already thought about the "stick solution". I`m not used to it because I am an X/▢ DS3 driver since GT1. :lol:
    But I guess I will give it a try.
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  11. ThaSyn

    Belgium Antwerp

    I used X/▢ as well and it worked!
  12. shardlojik

    United Kingdom London

    The GT Arena race is driving me ******* crazy. :banghead: I dusted my wheel off, and it didn't really help me. I still fail to get enough power down on the final bend without wheelspin (even get the damn AI driving round me sometimes). :mad: I guess I could try the stick method.

    Meanwhile since I got my wheel out I've managed to gold that X1 up Goodwood and golded the IA licences (and below). I still can't drift though.
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  13. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    I.Have.It. I.Cannot.Believe.It.

    Overhauled engine with 586PP. 5kg on the rear end. And 140km/h top speed set. Still pushing buttons...

    So :censored: you, karts. I`ll never gonna use you. :lol:
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  14. AUAxton

    Australia Adelaide, SA

    GREAT WORK Monatsende! :tup:

    I'm still yet to start the Red Bull Karts because of this feeling! :lol:
  15. 86Debris86

    England East Sussex

    The Red Bull karting is alot easier than the 125 shifter chamionship. I do that and the junior x car series all the time to grind a bit of cash. It's not easy, but it is easier.
  16. KonaC0ffee

    United States Boise Idaho

    Thanks for the second place...and just 1.5 seconds from Gold. Way better than getting lapped.

  17. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    That`s the way to go. I got third place when I tried to gold this event the first time. After a short break of 10 days or so (:lol:) I managed to get second place with 1-2 secs behind the leader. Now it`s only a question of having a few good "momentums" when overtaking them basterdz and you will take the lead in the middle of the last lap (so did I) and keep praying for the rest of the lap.
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  18. bwanabud

    United States BROOKS

    First a big THANK YOU to all--been trying the final race for going on to two weeks--finally got first tonight. been going thru forums trying different setups. I know it depends on driving style-what worked for me was 99mph/5lbs/+50. It can be done.
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  19. Nate2712


    Thanks for the guidance and tune!

    Got it within three tries and got my Ferrari Enzo!!
  20. Still trying.. *sigh* :(
  21. AUAxton

    Australia Adelaide, SA

    Haha Debris, you were entirely right! The Red Bull Karts are the same as the 125cc (non-shifters) and didn't pose an issue for me at all. :tup:

    On behalf of everyone, you are very welcome and a Big THANK YOU! for posting the setting that helped you the most! I'm sure it will help others out where my setting doesn't feel as comfortable to use for their race style! :gtpflag:

    Well Done Nate! You are more than welcome! :)
    Enjoy the Enzo!

    Don't Give Up Mate! It takes some time to get used to it!

    Play around with some tunes to find a comfortable setting and when in doubt, take the kart into a Free Run on the track you are having difficulty with. Have a frustration free session with the kart and see how fast you can take corners... or how far it can slide on the grass / gravel or bounce off the wall of the corner that's getting the better of you! :)

    Post back soon and let us all know how you've gone with it! :tup:
  22. I finally got first in the GT Arena race, and got my Enzo. Thanks to all whose tunes I tried (all of them!). I got it my wheel, 30kg at the back, and max speed at 93mph, but what did it in the end was learning to drive the thing and where to go slower.

    Proves you're not too old at 71! My cart has 278 miles on the clock and I'm starting to quite like it.

    I'm a GT fan since GT3, and this was one of the the hardest for me.

    If you haven't got it yet, don't give up, keep trying...
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  23. WJHMH

    United States PANTHER CITY,TX

    I was about to give up on the 125cc karts all together until I found this thread, thanks for the info.
  24. KonaC0ffee

    United States Boise Idaho

  25. KonaC0ffee

    United States Boise Idaho

  26. KonaC0ffee

    United States Boise Idaho

    Greetings AUAxton,
    Finally got the GOLD on all the Karts. Thanks for the tips. The bonus for me is that it has made me a much better driver. Again...YOU DA MAN

    I used 4 kg at -50% and speed set to 150 kph (93 mph).

    Steering controller set to 5
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  27. Zsadist33


    Finally....tnx for guide ...only change for me is 3rd race no balast...with 5kg as you say 2nd place is best i get ..karts go to storage ..
  28. JonPurpleHaze


    Thanks very much for the tips in this thread and a bunch of others, I'm a DS3 d-pad, x and square user and have struggled mightily at the arena until now! Probably got 2nd place 40 times, what finally worked for me was max speed at 124mph, 10kg. @ +50 and my key to victory was changing steering sensitivity from +3 to +5, special thanks to KonaCoffee!

    Only have the rebull Goodwood left to Gold but the arena shifter was by far the hardest for me to complete.
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  30. Akvarius

    Norway Stavanger

    I think I'm gonna have the guys have a go when it's my time to be host in the monthly get together.
    Technically cheating, yes, but I do hate those Kart races.
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