Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125cc Shifter (Tuning and Strategy Guide - International A)

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    I also finally got gold in GT Arena last week with a DS3 using the buttons after about 300 tries, very frustrated, tired, angry and almost giving up! I drove like mad, drifting, braking late, running wide, over curbs and bumping, without any patches cause I can't connect my PS to the internet. I was so relieved when I won, took 1st place 3rd last turn on the last lap, the settings I did it on was: speed set to 150 km/h, 9 KG at the rear and engine overhauled using X to accelerate and Square to brake since I started playing GT 2, I pushed very hard but stayed calm and focused until the end, you guys can do it, get used to the track and the kart, I also got platinum!
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    I have just started this race but my PS3 fat shutted down due to overheating and put an unexpected end to the race! It blows cold air so it need to renew the thermal paste under and over RSX heatsink! Anyway the race seemed interesting! These karts are fast! Like others said if you put some weight on front and be careful on your steering they handle far better!
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    Still working great the tutorial... :tup:

    All gold and 3rd race done 1st on second attempt...

    Great job sir!

    EDIT: also a mention thanks to @Monatsende for the "save" tip... :)
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    Do you have a Gear box tune for Suzuka east
    thx in advance
    no need to say it's for Kart Shifter 125 lolll
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    I created this account just to thank you! Thank you so much, man!
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    Thread creator wasn`t here since March 2014. :(
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    That's a shame! But it was my obligation to at least post here... so much time wasted on those damn races. Wherever you are, thread creator, cheers! :cheers:
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    There is an easy way to win the 125 Shifter Kart race at the GT arena. I can't see my original post so I'm posting this again to be on the safe side. If you prefer to win by fair means,then read no further as my way of winning is by a simple cheat. I am only giving this cheat for those who don't like the Karts and who just want this race over and done quickly. Try it on Free run first. As you come round the long right hand bend on to the Start/Finish straight,you will see blue and white barriers on the right hand edge of the track. Where the barriers come to an end, a grey wall topped by wire fencing begins. Look between the blue and white barrier and the grey wall and you will see a gap that the kart can drive through. You drive through this gap from the OPPOSITE side. This ensures that you then drive over the Start/Finish line a few seconds later and you will have completed a lap which omits 2 left handers,2 right handers and a long right bend. The blue and white barrier should be on your left and the grey wall on the right with the gap in between. The barriers and wall are slightly staggered so you need to approach the gap at an angle and slowly ease through.Do not rush. I did it this way and won by 20 seconds. Practice on free run to be sure you've got it right. As I say this is for those who have no scruples about cheating and I'm sure those who want to win by good driving alone,won't have read this far. Now go and get your Golden Trophy. Regards. D.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I apologise for my very long absence in the Forums, I was waiting for GT6 to finish downloading and installing updates. :lol:

    @RgomesT - You are very welcome, I am so glad that the Tuning is still working well and Thank You for all the kind words! It means a lot to get good feedback!

    @Monatsende - I also apologise for the long absence my friend, I packed away the Helmet and Gloves for quite some time but picked them back up recently for Project Cars. (There are quite a few record laps on my YouTube channel of these if there is any interest, but now wiped from the leader boards with the recent version 3 update)

    If there is some interest, I was thinking of expanding into Track Analysis and Tuning Videos at request for Project Cars like I have done here with the Karts.

    More than welcome to recommend for a particular Car, Track or Combination of Both and I will see what I can do.

    If it is for GT6, I am more than happy to make one up, but it would be a Typed Thread Response as I sadly don't have the equipment to record from a console as yet.

    Take Care and Happy Racing! :cheers:
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    Hi. Further to my post on 19th August on the short cut at GT arena to easily win the 125 Kart Shifter race, I'd just like to say that I think GT5 and GT6 are brilliant. It was when I dug out the GT1,2,3 and 4 games to give them a go I was able to put in perspective how much GT has advanced. For the elderly,there are vehicles that were hot in their younger days and I think it's great that GT have included those. Keep up the good work GT.


    I don't know if certain posts I've read on threads are light hearted and intended in jest,but at the end of the day it's only a game ,a superb game at that.,so that's something to keep in perspective. With many posts on the frustration of trying to win the 125 Shifter Kart at the GT arena, I don't believe it does any harm to mention the short cut. As I said in my earlier post, if you want to win fair and square , then fine. You don't need the short cut. It's for duffers like me who can't win it with even the best settings and technique despite trying their hardest for weeks on end.
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    AUAxton, I can't thank you enough for your kart set-up for the third race...I was so lost on the third race after winning the first two with very few problems. The AT was the trick along with your tune...:cheers:
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    I confirmed this glitch works on the Racing Kart 125 Shifter, however the oil cannot be changed in this vehicle. Sorry for replying to an old post. Another tip too would be to improve body rigidity.
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    Maybe need more practice
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    The short kart tracks have been brutal for me using a controller. For those who are really stuck, and tired of banging your head against a wall, this method will certainly work. First step is to perform the engine rebuild, as mentioned earlier in this thread (wish I knew about this trick before...thanks!!), to get a slight bump in hp and torque. The next step is to possibly tweak your transmission slightly, depending on the track you're running. I found a slight boost in top speed helps me for the long tracks, but dont go overboard, as you still need to accelerate out of the corners. Keeping the default top speed and gearing may work best on the short track or even shorten the gears/top speed just a tad, to get out of corners quickly. Remember, you have a boost in hp already compared to the other AI competitors. Also, I would not recommend any added balast, as this will negate your torque boost. All that being said, if only your "Bob" was as smart as you, but he's not, sooooooo, set him to push the pace hard, and use your override ability to get him to accelerate a bit longer going into the corners (often just a tap of acceleration to nudge past another kart) and coming out of the corners (often just a tap to get him accelerating just a bit earlier), and also use the ability to slipstream and change lanes. Basically, you have to micromanage him quite a bit, and use the other karts to bump off through the corners, and push him just a tad where he might normally brake or push him hard to get through a wall of karts. I also suggest the game saving option, previously mentioned (great tip...thanks!), so that you can ensure a gold championship victory, even if your last race is not a gold finish. Then go back to race three and get your gold using b-spec at your leisure. Granted, using b-spec isn't as gratifying as running the race yourself, but you do have to micromanage, so there is some work involved. It still took me a few tries, but at least I wasn't scaring the neighbors with sudden bursts of cursing. :-) Best of luck and thank you all for the great information!
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