Gran Turismo Sport Coming to PS4 in Fall 2017

Also what Mazda is this I cant tell

Looks like a Gr.3 version of the Mazda 6, and from general consensus, that'd seem to be the case.

Edit: in appearance it looks to somewhat resemble the USCC spec Mazda 6

Mazda 6 Skyactiv USCC.jpg
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New things I saw:
  • AMG SLS pace car (forget if that's new or not)
  • Viper GT3 super confirmed (sorry if I'm late on that)
  • Honda NSX Gr.3 confirmed, I'm assuming it's the GT3 car
  • VW Beetle Gr.3. Sure, why not...
  • Lamborghini Hurican GT3 complete Grasser Racing livery :D:D:D
  • Mazda 6 Gr.3. Looks to be MARC Cars Australia inspired. Which is pretty sweet 👍
  • Noticed a different Gr.3 Peugeot. Looks to be an RCZ (I think. I'm from America and we don't have those...). Interested to see if this is a total model switch, or if the VGT will still be in the game. My bet is the former.
  • Mount Panorama is in :D
  • I think we have 2 new tracks. One at 1:30 (which everyone in this thread is already trying to figure out), and what looks like a second Tokyo freeway - style circuit...? Looks different to the one we know about.
  • Some kind of gymkhana/autocross mode, which is a nice surprise. Should be fun.
  • Lastly, holy 🤬, the game looks gorgeous :drool::drool::drool:
  • Edit -- Someone else picked this up in another thread, but I noticed it, too, and didn't mention it. I think there's a Gr.4 Aston Martin Vantage that sort of snuck under the radar
Overall, very nice. There was just one glaring omission... Still have no idea when it's coming out.
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@Famine apparently knows the circuit in that image but I am having difficulty lining up the track map (in the link he provided) with the image below.
Looking at it again, the sign is definitely spelt with a double g, so I think you could be right with it being a fantasy circuit. Maggiore maybe?? As in Lake Maggiore near Milan??? sorry I can't give you a decent picture.


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Sorry to say i think the trailer looks like old times exaggerating CG especially made for promotional purpose. doesnt resemblance the real gameplay in game.

Yeah, this reminded me of the GT1 intro for some reason, which was way better looking than GT1 was.

We've seen the show, now it's time to finally see how it goes. Being pretty only gets you so far, it's being good that's important.
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Yeah it looks like it isn't Magione. Whatever it is, it looks like a very well detailed and immersive race track. 👍

I beleive it is time to start getting my finances together so I can purchase a PS4 in anticipation for GT Sport, as well as the other racing games available on the platform.
Yeah, this reminded me of the GT1 intro for some reason, which was way better looking than GT1 was.

We've seen the show, now it's time to finally see how it goes. Being pretty only gets you so far, it's being good that's important.

I believe it wont be too far off from the beta which we are testing now. probably more tracks and cars. weather condition to pick. night or dawn. and thats it.

Just my assumption :)
It looks soooo freaking good.... *drooling* Gotta say my jaw dropped. I want this game NOW! Tokyo isn't sterile anymore.. the fog looks amazing.. the trackside full of life.. Gymkhana? GoPro Drones as replay camera? Finally a tourist version of Nordschleife? Amazing. I loved every bit of that trailer. Can't wait. Hope we get some new and fresh information too!

I guess you didnt see the Forza 7 yet? The effects on it are stunning.. Im a bit worried now that Forza 7 will destroy GT Sport. GTS is clearly behind at the moment.


Best I could find is a place in Italy named Lago Maggiore (Great Lake in italian)


Magione is flat and has barely any notable scenery around it. Its not Magione

Exactly. Add to that it's in Assetto Corsa and doesn't look anything like that image.

People mixing Magione and Maggiore.. Like Autralia vs Austria..
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Man, this fall is going to be a busy time for me. GT Sport, Forza 7 and Project Cars 2, not to mention all the other non-racing games coming out. I think I may purchase an Xbox One X to go along with my PS4 Pro too. And when the Fanatec CSL Elite or Thrustmaster T-GT releases I'm going to upgrade my wheel too, it is going to be an expensive year. :lol:
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Very interesting choice of music. I would've tear up a bit back in the good-old GT days. As always, GT is on top when it comes to trailers, intros and graphics. It will certainly will be a top-tier racing title. Won't be on top of the competition, but it is a good start for a freshly rebooted Gran Turismo series.

Unfortunately I cannot get it even if I wanted to. All my gaming is done on PC. I have one of the old PS4's and no wheel for it.