Gran Turismo Sport is Now Twice the Game it Was at Launch

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  1. RichiPuppy


    I have played all versions of GT available to me, and this one is still a beta compared to others. Best one on PS4 is why I play it still, but no where near the best one.
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  2. Whistle Snap

    Whistle Snap

    I wonder what's holding up the Senna stuff.

    There's Senna and Hamilton game modes in the ancient 1.14 update, but only Hammy's made it in the later 1.50 update.

    PD couldn't secure the McLaren MP4/4 license? :confused:
  3. RichiPuppy


    You just added to the whining, congrats.
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  4. CLowndes888


    If it wasn't for the content updates, I would've left this game ages ago. It doesn't matter if you have a small amount of content to start off with - if you keep adding new things, people will stick around for longer.
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  5. Betty blue

    Betty blue

    Saudi Arabia
    An example.....

    If a game is released with 1 car, it will be twice as big when an extra 2 cars are added.

    The point....

    GTS was short an unfinished game upon release. It current status isn't an achievement, but rather what should started with. A " waste of generation " as I read in the comments.
  6. anthonyfa18


    well said but where did u see snow tires in game
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  7. ShiftingGears


    I feel like it would be twice the game with the content they've added had they kept the same focus they had at launch.

    But unfortunately, a lot of the great cars they've added are just wasted because there's nowhere to race them besides the outdated slop that is GT League
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  8. 05XR8


    Yep. Straight to the epic crying and whining thread. ;)
  9. Racer93


    Next to the dirt tyres, there are snow tyres. But if I remember correctly, that option only appears when you choose to race on a dirt/rally track.
  10. redhed17


    United Kingdom
    While technically GT Sport may be twice the game it was at launch, that isn't saying much if this GT game was a fraction (maybe 1/5 imho) of what a GT game should have been on the PS4, especially if it was planned to be the only GT game on that console. :mad: :banghead:

    The added offline races seem to be a half hearted response to the shock, and large negative reaction, to the size and depth of the game on release. What has been added seemed to be confused and haphazard. :confused: Imho of course. ;)

    Also, when a lot of the content has been added, mainly the cars, there have been a lot of baffling choices, so confusion and disappointment ensues. For me at least, though I suspect some others too. If they were going to put a niche cars in, at least give two cars that can be classed as similar to at least have the possibility of a meaningful race. :rolleyes: If a track is seemingly not good enough to be used in daily races, and/or live events, is it a good enough track to include! :confused:

    The fact that this game may have double the tracks and cars, and some offline races, doesn't make up for the fact that there is virtually nothing there without an internet connection. Have no connection, or PD/Sony turn of their servers for the game at some point in the future, and unless they give the option to save data to the console at some point, which I doubt they will do, then there will be the same amount tracks and cars, but no way to save anything, or access to any content you may have created. Fingers crossed they don't do the same thing for the next game, but I think they will do. They have got away with it once, why give up that control. :( :rolleyes:
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  11. evldave333


    The main issue for me is the drip feed, having played GTS to death when the new game drops why buy it early? The game badly needs fresh tarmac. I hope the emphasis on the next game is less online orientated with at least 50% of the focus on some good offline content. I understand some folks love online racing, but I have zero interest in it, I like to relax while gaming. There is a lot more to car culture than competition I would like to buy a junked up 2nd hand car and progressively improve it with upgrades. What we are likely to get is the same thing again though, GTS at higher res and frame rate, but with very little to offer initially in terms of new content. Like a sucker I would normally buy the new title anyway, however you're now talking £1000+ for new console and TV setup...
  12. JTB10000


    United States
    I follow GTPlanet on Twitter and there you guys said there's been a jump from 39 to 83 tracks, not specifying variants or anything. I think that's where he got his numbers from.
  13. Ande3200


    The game is about starting dying out, most likely to make room for a new gt soon, i hope we get a proper gran turismo, with all features from previous games like gt5 and gt6,
    Of course not 1000 cars or standard cars, but i was thinking more of the
    Gt auto
    Upgrade/custom parts
  14. TypeOne


    I agree, and turn it into GT7 Prologue instead of focusing on a “new era of racing”. This could’ve been an epic online racer that grew with up to date cars whilst hinting at a new development that catered for the car enthusiast.
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  15. petey2007


    I remember when they were promoting GT Sport before it came out. There were lots of hype about the Virtual Reality experience and how good it was. Yes, it probably was good, however I think they only did a few updates on it to increase the experience.

    I maybe wrong about that, but I didn't think they did much to the VR side.
  16. larrybr07n


    United Kingdom
    From a business point of view, the 8 million copies sold say otherwise. I'm pretty sure Sony is pretty happy with it.
  17. eran0004


    Well it will be three times as big.

    And your point doesn’t make sense. GT6 came with 130 new cars and another 40 were added in its lifetime.

    GT Sport came with 168 new cars and another 168 have been added so far.

    GT Sport had 30% more new cars than GT6 at launch, and added 320% more cars (to this point).

    GT6 was a bigger game in total, because a vast majority of cars and tracks came from older games. That’s about a decade of development going into one game.

    For GT Sport they chose not to include legacy content, so the only way you can argue that the game should have been the same size as GT4, GT5 or GT6 at launch is to effectively say that there should have been legacy content in the game: standard cars and standard tracks.

    And fine, you may have been happy with standard cars on the PS4, but it wouldn’t necessarily have made the game a better product.
  18. JacoJa

    JacoJa Premium

    United Kingdom
    Initially VR mode was restricted to just a handful of cars, and they could only be driven a few laps at a time. Now I think we have access to all cars, with unlimited laps for time trails. I’m sure they made a number of performance and visual tweaks too. The quality of the VR in GT Sport is the best I’ve come across on PS4 Pro. If PD will allow for full career mode in VR on PS5, that would be out-of-this-word epic.
  19. Brzlav


    Same here. I got way more than my money's worth especially since I bought the game for 30€ about 2 months after release. There are just some things where you are baffled that the game doesn't change some maybe minor things to make it way better. It seems the designers aren't always going for the low hanging fruit.

    Beautiful, detailed cockpits, so much effort went into them. But then it's hard to use them, especially in competition, because of the lack of FoV settings. Which, considering you can drive any car with a cockpit in VR, seems like a very minor change.

    1 on 1 races in VR (the PS4 standard probably cannot handle more and it's not PD's fault that they can't include PS4 pro exclusive content), but the opponent is so slow that you only see him at the start line.

    4 different classes that, as a whole, have BoPs that work ok, but multiclass doesn't work. No reason at all for that.

    Beautiful Le Mans track - that you can't drive at night.

    But then you get a huge, fictional location (St. Croix), that no one asked for and no one really uses. How much effort went into that?

    Another thing: I'm not happy that the daily races became weekly races and people can moan about the penalty system all they want but PD established a rating system that before, you could only get in a very pricey, subscription based PC game. And this made online racing (outside leagues and stuff like that which I never had time for) this much better. If people claim ACC is the better sport game, fine, but I'm not even sure it would exist this way if PD hadn't gone ahead implementing a rating system in mainstream racing game. It will be pretty much standard from now on, Forza also followed in GTS tracks afaik.
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  20. danimac


    Ok so just 164 more cars to go for that 500 mark hey PD :D

    I’ll be a bit sad when the GTS servers shut off permanently. I keep thinking of all the amazing things people have done with this game and you won’t be able to view them. The crazy fast lap times, the leaderboards, the replays, the decals, all the uploaded stuff basically. All that content that was created, those amazing liveries :(
  21. Stephan

    Stephan Premium

    It's nice to see the game reaching that amount of cars over its course and there's still three more cars left to be added (Lambo VGT, Porsche 917 LL, and Porsche VGT).

    I always find a way to use all of the cars given to us via those updates whether it would be a race car, road car, or a Gr.X car.

    And I didn't mind the amount of cars for this game when they're aiming for a quality over quantity approach (which is something I've been looking forward to after the two games where they went for the quantity over quality approach which was bad).

    Overall, I'm happy that they managed to double the car count.
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  22. TonyJZX


    If you were being snarky...

    Its twice the game at launch but it was like 1/4 of the game that GT5/6 was.

    Seriously the worst thing is how PD wasted this generation. The PS4 is probably one of the most influential and successful consoles of any generation and the sole entrant this time round is "GT Sport" - it sounds ridiculous when you put it like that.

    Even the clownshoes that was Katuragi's PS3 Cell nonsense had two entrants.... and GT5 was a disaster at the start and GT6 was just a way to capitalise on the cell engine before the PS4 took over.

    While just about every genre flourished under the PS4, the GT banner was weakly upheld by Sport.
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  23. SimTourist


    Yeah it's at least decent, still a pitiful selection of cars and tracks compared to it's main competitors, but it's not terrible. Hope all of this carries over to GT7.
  24. Brzlav


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  25. GT Sport

    GT Sport

    I might be from that small minority of those who aren't going to complain about anything, but instead say only a thank you, be grateful and respectful for every content update we got for free and we didn't have to pay for EAch addition like in other games.
    Do you just forget your comments in threads and social media like "787B PLEASE", "SpA pLeAsE", "OMG WHERE IS SARTHE"?
    Everyone of us wants to see that one specific model. Either if that's our childhood family car, our dream car or whatever. But I didn't go there complaining that the game is bad just because they don't add my dad's grey Toyota Avensis full extra 1800cc model.
    They're working on something upcoming, new, better. And I'm sure it will please more than you think.
  26. IXON009


    Fair point that they've added so many street cars but its because all the cries they've received. Plus this won't fix the sad feelings after you bought the game at start and found out they've advertised this whole thing badly from the start. They should've been straight and tell us that this game will be so much less and tiny then the previous ones, so everyone waited for a GT7 wouldn't buy it and wouldn't be upset. But no, day 1 sales are too important, and it worth to play with the fans' feelings.
    And before someone comes here telling me I was a day 1 buyer, wrong. I participated in both betas (closed and public), and I really liked them. I've never thought about how little the offline part of the game will be, because we only could try the sport mode as part of the beta. Now I know why.
    Later I've bought the game on a sale at 2017's winter and surprisingly received a Day1 Edition from the retailer. I was like "Wow, day one 2 months after the release, awesome!". After the install I wasn't surprised anymore why did I get one.
  27. danh25


    Perhaps many do not grasp a point, which in my opinion is very evident, namely that GTsport has served PDs to develop an online mode in step with the times (because today virtual eSports are important) and also served to make up for time which they lost to develop on a console with too complex architecture that would be born and died with ps3.
    With ps4, in my opinion, they voluntarily made a single smaller and more polished chapter with a focus on eSports to prepare well for the next real GT on ps5 using the GTS as a development bench for their engine and for their new online infrastructure beyond to establish new partnerships for francise.

    For me GT7 will be the true sequel to GT4.
  28. DriveSpark


    I'm just still a bit bemused by the comments along the lines of "only half what it should have been" and comparisions to previous GT games. Surely its not that hard to understand that it wasn't mean to be a replacement for the numbered series, can it ?

    The fact that the game didn't fulfill the expectations of those who just made up or assumed what it'd include instead of actually checking isn't a fault of the game. Pretty sure that all the information was out there - its not like they said it'd have car modding / career mode etc before release and then it was found missing.. ok so we didn't get 273 versions of a skyline or MX-5, how is that PDs fault ?

    Maybe they should have called it Online Racer or anything that wasn't Gran Turismo, might have kept people's fantasies in touch. Then again, I suppose people would just bitch and moan that they made that game and not a new GT...

    No doubt when GT7 turns up there will be complaints and moaning about that too, but just like GT Sport it won't mean its a bad game, just that people impose what they think it should be, rather than appreciating what it actually is.
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  29. d25bev


    United Kingdom
    Different title. 'GT Sport takes 2.5yrs to deliver less content of a full game'.

    I used to love Gran Turismo but i don't think i ever properly enjoyed this one. From the lackluster content, million & one concept cars & lack of depth. I just found it way less fun then it's competitors & i definitely wouldn't class it's handling model as 'simulator'.
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  30. Famine

    Famine Administrator

    United Kingdom
    That's rather subjective - what is "a full game", and how is 336 cars and 83 tracks/29 locations* "less content" than one? It's twice as much content as GT3 in terms of cars, and double and triple the content of GT1 in terms of cars and tracks. Were they not "a full game"? What about Assetto Corsa Competizione, which has about a tenth of the number of cars and half the tracks?

    Hopefully you can see the issue with using highly subjective terms like that in news headlines. Facts are better.

    *For those who classify a location as a track, the three completely different Willow Springs tracks, the two completely different Dragon Trail tracks, the two different (road course, rally stage) tracks at Sardegna, and the two different circuits at the Nurburgring - which can also combine into a third layout - are not tracks. It's a weird distinction to make.