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  1. Turbo

    Turbo (Banned)

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    Seeing the success of the unpopular opinions threads in the Rumble Strip and Cars in General Forum, I'd figure its time to make an unpopular opinions thread strictly for Gran Turismo. Basically, you share your opinions about all things Gran Turismo that you think are alternative, obscure, or lesser known in this thread. Remember, you can discuss ALL GT GAMES, not GTS only.

    Here are my unpopular opinions for the GT franchise:
    • Cape Ring isn't that bad of a track.
    • GT5 wasn't the worst game of the series, GT6 was.
    • The Used Car Dealership featured in every GT game except for 1, 6 and Sport, was a great feature that I miss greatly. It gives rarity to cars, and there's the joy of never knowing what cars are there once you enter the showroom.
    • Lenny Ibizzare's music in GTS is mostly bad.
    • GT5 had by far the best menu music of the game. GT4 had the best race BGM.
    • GT2's rubberbanding, aggressive AI was actually very enjoyable and made the races funner.
    • High Speed Ring is the best original track of the GT franchise.
    • In terms of quality and refinement, GT5 Prologue was the best game.
    • GT2 had the best car list.
    • Standard and duplicate cars in GT5/6 never bothered me much.
    • A bloated, complicated GT like GT4/5/6 worked better than a more simple GT like GT3 or GTS.
    • GT PSP was a good concept but was just executed wrongly.
    • Gr. 4 racing is just as fun as Gr. 3
    • GT4's Mission 34 wan't the hardest in the game; the very last International A license, a time trial of the tail-happy 190E Evo around the Nurburging was harder.
    • If it wasn't for GT, kei cars wouldn't be as known as they are today in markets outside Japan
    Let's get the ball rolling! Share your unpopular opinions here.
  2. Alpha Cipher

    Alpha Cipher

    You said almost all of my unpopular opinions already :lol:

    Hmm, I think the penalty system is okay as it stands now

    Gr. 2 is the worst when it comes to racing. The dirty air really hinders you from catching up to the cars in front. Gr. 1 mitigates this to some extent with cornering vs. acceleration vs. top speed, but since Gr. 2 cars are almost the same in this regard it can make for some boring F1-esque races
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  3. BigJimmy


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    Drifting shouldnt be in GT games. Its a glorified circus skill.
  4. TheGeologist


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    1. I hate all of the old street cars. No, I am not excited to see a 1996 Honda Civic or what ever the :censored:. It might be exciting for you but I really couldn't give less of a :censored:

    I want race cars from all disciplines. I am very happy with Gr1, 2, 3, and 4 but I wish we had more. Give me NASCAR, IndyCar, BTCC, FiA European Truck Racing, give me more fantasy GT cars such as a Challenger Gr4 or a Civic Type R Gr4.

    2. I'd rather any real track over PDs fantasy tracks.

    I love some of the fantasy tracks in this game (Yamagawa, Dragon Trail, Blue Moon Bay Infield A) but all too often do I not feel this way. I'm not a huge fan of the "holy trinity" and would rather see real world tracks added instead. While the "Holy Trinity" isn't the worst set of tracks, I do find some PD fantasy tracks to be absolutely horrid. (I'm looking at you BB Raceway, Tokyo Expressway, Alsace Village and every rally track in GTS).

    I despise these tracks with all my heart and would give them all up for a single real world track.

    Now I'm worried about the new track. What if it's the same way?
  5. Krypton78


    I hate Alsace and Tokyo tracks. I don't now why. But even I have enough from the other tracks, I rather race them again and again before I race at the mentioned tracks.

    I don't know why there are rally tracks

    I don't know why there isn't an endurance race daylie race D once an hour. More DR mixed rooms like now couldn't be generated, if the argument is that there are not enough players for this.

    I don't know why is it not possible to fix after 8 month the blue screen problem.

    Wait. Maybe I missed the thread intention, because not all of what I wrote is perhaps that unpopular...
  6. Alpha Cipher

    Alpha Cipher

    They're popular normie opinions :p :lol:

    For good reason though :)
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  7. YoshiMaster2


    New Zealand
    I think that the fantasy tracks were one of the things that really seperated GT from it's rivals as most of the classic tracks are really fun to drive and I'd rather classic tracks such as High Speed Ring or Grand Valley come back than a lot of real tracks like Spa.

    Except SSR11. That track is godawful.
  8. TheGeologist


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    Random stat: In 609 sport mode races only 11 of them are from...

    BB Raceway - 1
    BB Raceway II - 0
    Alsace Village - 8
    Alsace Village II - 1
    Tokyo Expressway Central Outer Loop - 1
    Tokyo Expressway – Central Inner Loop - 0
    Tokyo Expressway – East Inner Loop - 0
    Tokyo Expressway – East Outer Loop - 0
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  9. Vader86


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    Rally tracks and drifting should be banished from all GT games.

    I want real tracks over all PD fictional tracks.
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  10. sturk0167


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    GT4 definitely had the best music. Van Halen, Papa Roach, Judas Priest, Queens of the Stoneage, James Brown... The music in GTS is total garbage.
  11. I-Runner


    And Joe Satriani too ..

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  12. sturk0167


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    Summer Song. Hell yeah!
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  13. Darla Starch

    Darla Starch Premium

    1. Fictional tracks over real ones. Anyone with sufficient time, labor, and equipment can recreate a real circuit. Fictional ones allow the game's soul to shine through and stand out....even if they're not always hits.
    2. I was never too bothered with the lack of damage in earlier games in the series, which ties into...
    3. appreciating the clinical nature of the PS2-era games.
    4. GT6's track editor was the right way to go with that feature. Just some more wiggle room would've been nice.
    5. My preferred member of the GT Fantasy Track Trinity is Trial Mountain.
    6. A simple free-roam area akin to the PS1 port of NFS Porsche Unleashed would be nice.
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  14. Lukanyon


    Although the driving physics on dirt are not realistic, I have always enjoyed driving GT's dirt tracks, especially in GT3. I miss Tahiti Road, Tahiti Maze and Smokey Mountain :(
  15. Guffaluff


    I don't mind the VGTs, actually I like them. I like seeing those fruits of brainstorming by actual prestigious car developers.
  16. ARTAsean

    ARTAsean (Banned)

    I was never big on GT forums, so only recently did I see that GT5 gets a LOT of hate.. what's the deal with this? For me, it's the best GT we have ever had. I can't believe it.
  17. SMinded31


    Seattle and Tokyo R246 are some of the best tracks ever. Deep forest is THE best.

    Lobbies with the stock motul civics were the best racing.

    Gr1 sucks. Lol
  18. Turbo

    Turbo (Banned)

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    In essence, it is critiqued heavily for it being buggy, unpolished, and bloated. GT6 is similar to that, except it gets favored more because of its higher car content, more online functionality, better customization, more detailed course maker, etc.
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  19. Alpha Cipher

    Alpha Cipher

    Honda Civic at 500pp in GT6 was the best car to beat people in
  20. RA1784


    GT Sport for cars.
    Project Cars for sport.
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  21. MOPARbarrett5


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    The Tokyo Expressway tracks are really fun to drive. Yes it can be a wall riding fest if you want it to be, but taking time to learn the tracks properly is really rewarding because with there not being any grass or dirt, there is a definite limit to how much track can be used before bad things happen so therefore it is easier to learn how to run the tracks almost perfectly, thus making for closer and more competitive racing.
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  22. Lebowski


    I hope to never see original circuits from previous titles ever appear again

    The used car dealership was always a stupid feature. Good riddance.

    F1 is boring, I don't like the tie-ins the games have been slowly pushing. Give more exposure to GT series and endurance drivers.

    All the race BGM has been utter rubbish after GT4.

    The first half of the game intro films are a bore fest. Don't even get me started on the closing films post GT3

    The average gamer shouldn't be allowed access to online functions as they have the manners of a rabid baboon.

    I hope to never see car customisation make a return unless it is fully sanctioned official manufacturer bodykits such as MazdaSpeed.
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  23. MikeV27

    MikeV27 Premium

    The usage of csa should be banned from wheel users.
  24. Crazy Taylor

    Crazy Taylor

    I hate all the 'extra' cars we are getting that are just recycled from the other games.

    Gr.2 is :censored: as well.

    Hate the Nordschleife and Le Sarthe circuits as well, only good for People who are 'romantics'.
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  25. CLowndes888


    Same! I drove on it regularly in GT5 and GT6 and I liked it a lot. A are some of my unpopular opinions:
    GT3 looks horribly outdated.
    GT5 was my least favourite Gran Turismo game.
    I dislike the Super GT RCF.
    Alsace isn't as bad as everyone makes out.
    The GT Sport menu music is the best out of any GT game.
    The course maker in GT6 is better than GT5.
    I think Sport Mode is better for online racing overall. Far fewer shenanigans than lobbies.
    I can live without the classic original circuits.
    Having Kei cars in GT Sport is not worth crying about.
    GT4 is better than GT3.
    GT Sport is better than GT5.
    Having over 1000 scapes is better than half a dozen fully modeled photomode locations.
    Screw Mission 34, the Speedster Trophy was far more difficult; and I think the hardest championship in GT history.
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  26. JR98

    JR98 Premium

    United Kingdom
    The most fun cars to drive are the regular little city cars and Kei cars. Sure they may be slow but that just means it’s way easier to push them to their limits and have some really fun racing with them.

    Road cars are awful in GTS

    GT5 is one of the best GT games
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  27. JakeMR2


    1. ) I want Special Stage Route 11, Seattle Circuit, Complex String, and Deep forest to appear in GT: Sport. Fictional game tracks like these make things a bit more interesting and makes it have a certain flair. Because, the lack of track variety is terrible in GT: Sport.
    2. ) I'd say GT1 or GT3 is by far the most enjoyable game to me, sure GFX look outdated, but remember for what it did. It did pretty well on most other things, sure limited car list like GT: Sport, but it had variety in events, not as grindy, most of all the AI were fun to race with.

    That's all that I have to pretty much say.
  28. BLiTZ


    United Kingdom
    - GT4 Prologue had better physics than GT4
    - GT5 Prologue was better than GT5 and GT6 (ran way smoother on the PS3)
    - There's nothing wrong with multiple cars (To some owners the specific difference between model years is important)
    - The music post-GT3/4 sucks (bring back Feeder!)
    - The Nurburgring, Willow Springs and NASCAR are the three worst things to have happened to the GT series (They show pandering to the masses rather than sticking to their own identity)
    - Why does no grip = realistic handling to most people on GTPlanet? You have to use Comfort Soft as Sports Softs have too much grip, we demand a new tyre model etc etc! The reality is, even Sports Softs grip nothing like real tyres!
    - I don't care for formula cars in GT (sure the Polophony 001 was a novelty in GT3 but only cos it stuck like glue and made endurance races faster)
    - I don't care for exotic cars in GT (I'd have a boat load of 90's JDM cars over any Ferrari or Porsche any day)
    - GT2 had the best car list

    I could go on, but that's what springs to mind so far.
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  29. Greycap

    Greycap Premium

    Dragon Trail Seaside sucks. Full throttle through the gears, a chicane of some kind, a right hand hairpin, and repeat. Just about anything is more enjoyable.
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  30. IronVortex75


    My opinions....

    All those crappy normal street cars are totally redundant in a 'sport' game.

    VR is the future and needs more support. Time trials was a good start.

    The stuff you can buy with MPs is junk.

    No wet weather is a big miss.

    Gran Turismo Sport is still my favourite driving sim :-)
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