GT: HD Concept Impressions

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo HD' started by Jeremy Ricci, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. Raitziger


    Physics feel better than in gt4 but oversteer is much more snappy than in Live for speed. I feel there is not enough information coming to hands unlike in live for speed(especially in oversteer). My racing cockpit is not with me at the moment so can not give full verdict. With "ironing-board+bed+g25" combo i managed ~8700 with mx5 and elise.
  2. shabaaz


    I just got GTHD today. We bought a whole home theater system, 46" Sony Bravia LCD TV, 5.1 surround sound and 80 gig PS3 came as a package deal (including 3 blue ray movies and 2 PS3 games, Lair and motorstorm). We don't get the HDTV and surround sound delivered till this Thursday but I brought the PS3 home today. I didn't even care about the other games I got. I hooked up the system and immediately downloaded GTHD.

    I must say, I feel kind of weird playing GT"HD" on a non-HDTV. I can't wait till thursday and the full system is hooked up. Finally I get to experience Gran Turismo in 1080p and surround sound. I'll get out the GT force Pro and get busy. It has been collecting dust for some time now. It still works though, i recently tried it with BMW M3 challenge. I can sense my pedals are going bad. They've been doing weird things for some time but they still work so I'm happy. If they die then it's G25 time...

    My impressions of GTHD with the controller so far is a slight improvement in the car physics but I have to wait till I play with the wheel for a better judgement. Thank god they resolved the force feedback lawsuit thing. Now I'm all set for GT5 prologue. Lets just hope the release doesn't get pushed back any further.
  3. speedyK



    :D Exactly what I just did. Ordered the Full HD TV (1080p Philips LCD with 3msec reaction time) for my cockpit with G25 that I am building. Took the new PS3 home (bundled with F1 and MotorStorm). Started up the PS3 and downloaded GTHD.

    Downside with the controller is the lack of rumble, but the physics seem OK.

    Hooked up the PS3 to my nearly finished cockpit – have fitted a real Lotus wheel to the G25 (about an inch bigger) – not impressed that Sony don't have the G25 in the wheel list. Why can't they update for this? Have to use as DFP. Seemed a bit "loose". Tried GTHD on my old cockpit with the DFP – the brake pedal broke after half lap, but it felt more positive than the G25...