GT Sport Champion Igor Fraga Steps Up to FIA Formula 3 This Summer

That's wonderful honestly, the jump from the formula regional to the formula 3 is quite a big one. Really hope he will do well, he could set a significant milestone on blurring the lines between real life driving and the simulation, but mostly for Gran Turismo which may not be the most accurate simulation, but this shows it's enough preciseto be able to transfer your abilities between virtual and real.

Good luck Igor, will be cheering for you!!

Congrats and good luck at the rest of the TRS season Igor!
I've been trying my best to keep up and watch the FRC and TRS events live or same day on, and will keep doing so. Watching a GTSport champion compete in the real world is very exciting and keeps me interested and coming back.
Its like cheering for the home team!
Think he'll make an appearance at the Australian GP? It's just next door. Plus, it's the 25th Anniversary in Melbourne.
It is a shame, really. All of motorsport - or sport as a whole for that matter - is very strongly affected by this. We propably won't be able to visit or watch any race for quite some time now. I'm affraid the situation won't settle down before June, but that is optimistic. I excpect that the first F1 race of 2020 will happen around that time - or even later. Nürburgring 24 H will be canceld most likely, Le Mans will propably be canceld too. They can't find replacement dates for all these events either. I guess september, october, november could be fully packed with events. Lets hope the best.