F1 Trademarks Daniel Ricciardo's Signature Podium Celebration, The Shoey

F1 has trademarked Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo’s Shoey podium celebration. According to the Independent, Formula One Licensing trademarked the term “Shoey” last August. Registered in 25 countries, including the… Read More »

Formula One Proposes Miami Grand Prix for 2019 Season

The 2019 season of F1 continues to surprise with potential changes to the sport. Already confirmed is a fuel increase, allowing the cars to race harder. Simpler aero aimed at… Read More »

F1 Approves Aero Changes Targeted at Improving Overtaking for 2019

This is it. Beginning in 2019, F1 aerodynamics look to become a lot simpler. The reasoning is simple: to encourage closer racing and make overtaking easier. Talks of the matter… Read More »

Red Bull and Honda Discuss Engine Deal for 2019 F1 Season

If this season weren’t enough already, Red Bull has begun talks with Honda for an engine deal in 2019. The move is likely to come as a surprise to many,… Read More »

Was McLaren Right to Ditch Honda? (Spoiler: Yes, Yes It Was)

It was one of the biggest stories of the 2017 Formula One season: McLaren and Honda split after three years. That said, it wasn’t exactly a shock. In their seasons… Read More »

2018 Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix: A Race Full of Surprises

As of late, the Azerbaijan Grand Prix has garnered a reputation for being a spectacle. Following yesterday’s qualifying results, it set the stage for an interesting race. Sure enough, today’s… Read More »

2018 Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix — Qualifying Results

The story so far in the 2018 Formula One season has been all about the Prancing Horse. Since the opening race in Australia, Ferrari has been a force to be… Read More »

2019 F1 Season Rules Target Harder Racing with Fuel Increase

Following this past weekend’s chaotic Chinese GP, F1 has revealed its plans for next year. This isn’t the first we’ve heard of a change to the 2019 season. Proposed earlier… Read More »

Live Subscription Service F1 TV to Launch Alongside Spanish Grand Prix in May

Formula One has confirmed its live subscription service, F1 TV, will launch ahead of the Spanish GP in May. Announced in February, the over the top (OTT) service is an… Read More »

2018 Formula One Heineken Chinese Grand Prix: A Series of Amazing Overtakes

Heading into today’s Formula One race, we’d forgive fans for assuming the final finishing order. The first half of the race even played into these expectations — but the second… Read More »

2018 Formula One Heineken Chinese Grand Prix — Qualifying Results

So far, the 2018 Formula One season has featured its fair share of surprises. Qualifying for tomorrow’s Chinese Grand Prix did not present many, however. For the third time this… Read More »

Formula One Wants to Increase Overtaking Opportunities for 2019 Season

F1 returns this weekend for the Bahrain Grand Prix, the second race of the season. The events of Australia have already caused a stir, as both Haas and Mercedes have… Read More »

Red Bull Racing Wants F1 to Ban Mercedes' 'Party Mode' Engine Mapping

Only a week after the inaugural race of the 2018 F1 season, controversial topics are in full swing. Following the first race of 2018, we learned Haas’ relationship with Ferrari… Read More »

Formula One 2018: Rivals Want "Magic" Haas-Ferrari Relationship Investigated

This past weekend saw the return of Formula 1 for the 2018 season. The season-opening race in Australia kicked things off to the usual fare, down to the almost identical… Read More »

Meet the British Touring Car Championship's New Safety... Truck?

Safety cars are an amazing bit of kit. They’re sleek, powerful and fast enough to keep the race cars behind them to negotiate obstacles safely. Well, usually. For British Touring… Read More »

Formula One Partners With Netflix for Original Series in 2019

F1 and Netflix have partnered to develop a documentary based on the 2018 season, set to air in early 2019. This will come as good news to fans of the… Read More »