GT Sport Mode need a Penalty fix asap, please Polyphony Digital...

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Should the penalty system Get a fix

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  1. Mirror_man


    Competitively includes an existing but controlled agressivety, within sportive/competition limits... (not Death Race or Carmageddon way of playing...) and also means that you don´t simply go and pick your car for a nice Sunday Drive enjoying the vue and the sun... and also pump a bit your adrenaline and raise your testosterone levels... (not in excess)...

    And I´m sure that the most of us are looking forward something like that when playing online... And I could bet (and win) that not many are getting that without a huge load of mental harness and frustration... taking in consideration what we were expecting and what we are getting... from this game... What worsen things is . that even with so many bad experiences and frustration we are getting "hooked" by the game... because mainly.. we hate quitting before a hard Challenge, and we love to fight against injustice (and is there more injustice in this game then in the remaining ones on PS4?? Maybe... yes!!!! ) and we are mostly the unjusted ones... unjusted by the game, unjusted by other racers that think this games is just a fight they have to win at all cost and with no respect for any other but their.. bellys... and mainly.. unjusted by PD that promised us in big letters the ever best racing online game in history!!!!

    This game is like Life!!!! .... It´s a B.... and it sucks!!! And we pay for it... and we like it!!! (or think we do...)

    If at least this all Penalty thing would nos suck so much... it would help to smile a bit more and say a lot less of bad things about GTS... I m so sure of that. that it hurts... :(
  2. bmxmitch


    Brace yourself, when you reach DR A :lol:
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  3. tommy_aw11


    I have all but given up on online races. I just ran 5 races today and every one of them was a game of bumper cars. Someone hit me with a pit maneuver at the first lap each time. I watched a guy that was purposefully wrecking people take second place with a 7 second penalty in a 15 minute race. In my opinion, drivers like that should not have an opportunity to place at all.

    I take a lot of pride in keeping a tight line, not spinning out, not taking out other cars, and in treating the game like an actual simulation. Too many other drivers treat it like need for speed and there are no repercussions. It makes the online experience pretty terrible.
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  4. fordlaser

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    Welcome to :gtpflag: .
    PD needs a serious look at these Sports Mode races, the only way to stop the contact with other cars, is to bring in Ghosting so there will be no collision with other cars, and there is no other way to solve this.